I’ll %#*(#! torch the pound

12 May, '03

when I have a minute. Bastards.

We went and rescued Phoebe from that decrepit place thinking that we’re doing something good. Well we are, but had we known any better we wouldn’t have risked Gnasher’s life.

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  1. anonymous says:

    I’ll %#*(#! torch the pound

    If you did more to help and donate goods, maybe these animals would be in a better state. They are doing the best they can with little or no help from the people of your own country. Your attitude and language only goes to prove my point more as to what sort of person you are. By the way, if you knew so much about animals, which you should if you intend to adopt one, then you should have checked the dog out before accepting it.

  2. ramon says:

    helloo, do you think you can help us find a chihuahua here at bahrain. My daughter sure love to have one. thanks

  3. mahmood says:

    check with the BSPCA

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