Self-destructing DVDs on the way!

18 May, '03

Disney is supposed to release DVDs for the rental market which are chemically treated to render the disks unreadable after 48 hours from opening the DVD package. The chemically coated DVD surface is red initially but changes colour to black after 48 hours. Aparently no laser can penetrate that layer, hence it will become unusable (other than a coaster) at the end of that period.

As the process is chemical, it has nothing to do with computer technology, hence is “unhackable” or “un-piratable”.

observation 1: most people who put their mind to it will copy the disk in the first hour
observation 2: this will start a new market that sells chemicals to stop or reverse the original chemical process
observation 3: in a couple of years scientists will suddently discover that the chemical is a carcinogenic
observation 4: people will sue Disney for ridiculous amounts
observation 5: it will go bankrupt because of class actions
observation 6: some other people will discover that the chemical is harmful to the environment
observation 7: they’ll sue
observation 8: more companies go broke
observation 9: the US President will declare that Bahrain is a “clear and present danger”
observation 10: “war on terrorism on Bahrain” will start
observation 11: lots of companies will start recouping the money lost in 8 above, the economy becomes okay again
observation 12: US military sources will declare that Bahrain is now free of terrorism. but they cannot produce one who was
observation 13: back to 1 with another idea!

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