The negative image of Islam

25 May, '03

from The Washington Times
Robert Crane, a former U.S. ambassador to Bahrain who converted to Shi’ite Islam and leads the Center for Understanding Islam in Somerset, N.J., said Shi’ites should lobby in Congress, found a top-notch Islamic university in North America and take part in Washington think tanks that help draft legislation.

The above passage appeared in a report by the Washington Times of a gathering of Shi’a Muslims in Washington to address the negative image held in Western minds on the Shi’a Muslims.

I think that not just Shi’a Muslims have to correct the image they are labeled with outside of the Muslim world and even within it, but all Muslims should endeavor to remove that cloud that is perpetually hanging over them as far as all the world is concerned.

Muslims have to work diligently now more than ever to show how just, temperate and forgiving Islam really is and that most of what is happening now is cultural rather than true Islam.

Islam has always equated between men and women, set just rules for everything in daily life to inheritance. Unfortunately what is portrayed about it is just extremism, terrorism and jihad.

I hope that what the Shi’as are doing in America now will succeed and become a template for others to follow.

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  1. anonymous says:

    The negative image of Islam

    It’s nice to hear a calm voice after the recent ‘cartoons’ fiasco, but I fear the hooligan types will ruin it for everyone… :S

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