33,000 petition King Hamad

26 May, '03

A petition signed by 33,000 Bahrainis was delivered today to the Royal Court in an attempt to repeal Law by Decree number 56 which had granted impunity from prosecution to a former security officer, accused of abusing human rights.

As far as I know, this petition is not just to try to bring just one person to justice, but I know that there are several others who have taken advantage of their various positions in government previously by abusing people, toruture, killings, embezzlement and blackmail.

I know that “56” also exonerates the opposition as well from their actions during the disturbances that plagued Bahrain in the ’90s, but what is buring rubber tires to having your whole fortune forcebly removed from you on pain of death to you and your family, what is it to using electric drills to puncture holes in a person’s kneecaps and other parts of the body, what is it to a policeman (okay he was high up in the infrastructure) who is around 40 years old owning variuos prime property in Australia among other places, and collecting a fortune estimated at more than BD 60 million (~$160m)?

I personally don’t care about these people’s wealth, what I want to see is them brought to justise as part of the community’s reconciliation. Only after this happens to all who violated the trust of the people, will we be able to live in a new era without fear of persecution, and trust the system that our rights are inviolate protected by law that covers every member of the society equally.

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  1. anonymous says:

    story on reuters now

    this story just came up on Reuters about the petition.

  2. anonymous says:

    33,000 petition King Hamad

    Sometimes I think it’s hard to charge a guy that has tortured many many Bahrainis, especially after such a long time, which also means it’s harder to prove that he did such criminal acts (from a technical point of view). In no way, I’m defending any of these criminals, who have bought fear and anger among many Bahrainis.

    However, you have a good point; bringing bringing him to justice (and hopefully many others who have violated the law) will make Bahrainis
    [quote]trust the system that our rights are inviolate protected by law that covers every member of the society equally.

    I would like to add to that; no one should be above the law.

  3. anonymous says:

    33,000 petition King Hamad

    Bismillah Alrahaman Alrahiem Dated: 11-05-2004
    Assalam-o-Alikum To Respected Mr.Mahmood Al-Yousif
    I admire this subject of 33,000 Petition King Hamad presented by Public-Cry to Notice of His Royal Highness.
    In Holland The Dutch-Western-Democracy is No-Different than that of such ISSUES Alikeness especially on Police be in Bahrain or in Holland, because the INTERROGATION METHODS are TAUGHT by The Westerners to the Easterners, thus blame goes to the Westerners{The Europeans}
    From Holland My Indications Chairperson & Founder of The Islamitische Partij Nederland Feel-Free To Write To The Postal Address via Postbox Your Arab-World Pro & Con on This Subject of Petition in Bahrain is a Blame on West !
    Postbus: 5857, 3008 AW Rotterdam-Holland.
    Thanking you Sincerely,
    Al-Haj.Faridullah.Koch {Chairperson & Founder of IPN}

  4. anonymous says:

    Re: 33,000 petition King Hamad

    Dear Respected Honorable Al Haj Faridullah Koch,

    Al Salam Alayakum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh.

    With all due respect sire, we already have enough problems in this part of the world than to have someone else come in and tell us that the problem with policy brutality is a West vs East problem.

    Interrogation methods are NOT taught by ‘the West’. Interrogation is something that, unforutnately, ALL of humanity have a capacity for. The Arabs, the US, the British, the Dutch, the Japanese. There is no difference.

    The difference comes in the legal context where people have recourse to the Law in the event of abuse of police privelages. Assuming they are defined to begin with.

    One more point, I am sure that you probably have much more freedom to speak you mind in the Holland that you would have in most of the countries in this part of the world. Don’t take that freedom for granted, and dont bite the hand that feeds you.

    Thanking you sincerely,

    A Bahraini Moslem

  5. anonymous says:

    33,000 petition King Hamad

    heh heh ..

    Double Dutch does not have a dating agency online … or does he?!

  6. anonymous says:

    Re: 33,000 petition King Hamad

    ooh yes he does! seach for it on bahraini.tv where all of this started!!

  7. anonymous says:

    Re(1): 33,000 petition King Hamad

    just searched – cant find it. what key words would you suggest i use? i tried islamic dating agency, i tried ipn (the full name) .. nothing came up. will try moron .. but just in case that doesnt work .. what next?!

  8. anonymous says:

    Re(2): 33,000 petition King Hamad

    can’t find it either, much have deleted that comment!

  9. anonymous says:

    Double Dutch resurfaces!

    Fantastic – the return of Double Dutch. I hadn’t heard from him for so long I thought he’d probably been deported from Holland under the EU’s emergency anti-terror legislation. Welcome back oh master of incoherence.

    I see your Islamitische Partij Nederland is backing the petition, but also blaming the West in someway for it. Wonderful. You’re immediately back in your stride.

    How is your Islamist dating agency doing, with the promised million plus single Saudi girls online? Where can I sign up?

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