Tina Arena

26 May, '03

is one artist I really enjoy listening to. Ask to my daughters and they’ll categorically tell you that I’m an “old fogey” when it comes to music. But Tina is one “modern” talent that I really enjoy being with. Her music and voice has a presence that is completely lacking in the likes of Brittney Spears. None of that grating screaming or overdone mixing that is used to cover flawed performance, just pure, strong and ethereal sounds that goes directly to your soul.

To me, the “brat pack” is just a flash in the pan. But Tina on the other hand will continue mesmerize her listeners for a long time to come.

I just had a chance to listen to one of her latest singles on the radio and I must say that she continues to evolve. “In Deep” is the only album I have by her at the moment, I think I’ll go to the music store in the weekend and grab the latest one.

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  1. msandersen says:

    Tina Arena

    Tina Arena is a very talented singer. She started out on an 80s TV show here
    in Australia called “Young Talent Time”, I think the hosts name was Paul
    Young, hence the name. He was a singer himself, and choreographed these kids
    in all sorts of amazing performances. A few have gone on to greater fame,
    none more so than Tina. Mostly it was before my time in Austrlai, at least
    I didn’t watch the show, didn’t interest me as a kid. She’s about my age,
    I believe (Hmm, I wonder…)
    Like so many expatriate Aussie artists like Kylie Minogue and many other
    actors, musicians, singers, and various Oscar-winning film crew and cinematographers,
    they came to seek their fortune in England and mae a name for themselves.
    Tina Arena has been popular down here for some time. She was back here recently
    to great acclaim. Also think she did the Olympics opening ceremony, one of
    our few international singing stars, around the time she ahd her hit in America.
    Great voice.


  2. mahmood says:

    Re: Tina Arena

    Yes she did sing at the Australian Olympics. Riviting.

    I remember Paul Young and liked his songs… that shows how old we are, although in my case it doesn’t take that much imagination to find my age as my mug is on every page!

    Back to Ms. Arena, it’s Thursday so it’s the start of our weekend here, I’m going to the record shop tomorrow to grab some of her albums.

    Kylie is good to look at, but kill the volume!

  3. msandersen says:


    As it happens, “Put the Needle On It” is playing on the radio now.
    Heh, since Kylie went away from Stock, Aiken and Waterman as her producers
    (I don’t know why she always get all the credit, she’s a singer and performer.
    She turns up at the studio, is given the music, performs, and leaves) I kind
    of like ‘her’ music. I admit it. The first song I ever liked of hers and
    bought a single of was also her first song with her new producers. As for
    sexy as many people seem to think, maybe it’s because I think of her as the
    kid on the “Neighbours” TV show that I find her so un-sexy. I see her more
    like how you’d look at you sister (sorry, didn’t mean to put unpleasant images
    in your head). She’s Kylie. She seems immature, which is not necessarily
    true, but how I perceive her. She’s probably very naughty.
    Strange, I only talked about Kylie, not Tina. Well, I don’t know much about
    Tina, really, except she sings well. She left our shores a long time ago.

    Say, how do you know Paul Young, assuming there aren’t another one?


  4. msandersen says:

    ##@$$ comment system

    thing that annoys me at the moment with Xaraya’s comment system is that it
    doesn’t put in a default title, and if I submit, it throws an exception,
    and using the back arrow doesn’t get me my carefully-crafted comments back
    like on some systems. That’s why I try and make it a habit from bitter experience
    elsewhere (not Xaraya) losing lengthy replies to an error to select all and
    copy before submit. Provided I remember.

    Just thought I’d throw in a bit of a rant 🙂

  5. mahmood says:

    Paul Young

    Hey, you forgot that I was paaartaaaying in the early 80’s in college! That’s how I got to know Paul Young, still have his tape(s) somewhere… enjoyed his music, quite different even for the early 80s!

  6. mahmood says:

    Re: ##@$$ comment system

    I know… work in progress and all that.. you need to enter a bug report so they don’t miss it before releasing 1.0.

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