Off to Greece

28 Jun, '03

Yep, going tomorrow night, this is the first trip I’ve had for months! At the moment I feel quite land-locked, you get like that if you live on a very small island. You get to meet the same people over and over and you get stuck in a rutt. I know that my wife feels even more land-locked than I am. At least I get to go on business trips at least one or twice every couple of months or less. I think I have to let the wife and kids go back to Scotland for a few weeks just to “breath” some fine Highlands air. Will have to sort that on my return from Athens.

I’m off this time to attend a reseller conference with Avid and experience the “DNA Tour” where we will be shown the bevvy of very sexy new Avid equipment. I’m really looking forward to that. We have been selling almost the same equipment for the last 5 years and competitors are getting quite close to what we have to offer, and in some cases have almost exceeded us. This is all changed now since the release of the new products. Being a self-confessed geek, I can’t wait to get my mitts on the new stuff. More than that, I can’t wait for FreeDV to be released! They say that it’s going to be available for free download next quarter and I hope that is the begining rather than the end of the quarter. That’s going to absolutely kill Adobe Premiere, FinalCut and thier ilk. A complete, workable, compatible video editing system that is completely free. What else do you want? Coffee with that?

FreeDV will hopefully put the breaks on those people who crack Xpress|DV, get them to use a freely available editing system with exactly the same interface as the “big guns” like Symphony. It will be great as I can just burn CDs and give them to all of our customers and prospects. I am sure that once they get hooked on the Avid fantastic interface they will never look at FinalCut or Premiere again… maybe then we can get them to upgrade to Xpress Pro! 😉

I’m sure I will be able to connect to the net from Greece (I’ll make sure that I post at least one entry from there!) but not sure if I’ll have time to do that. We will be busy from 7am through to 7am! Business conferences typically run like that. I hope to dedicate the last day of the trip to go and see what Greece has to offer from ruins, culture, sounds and sights. Although I won’t be able to visit one of the millions of islands they have there, at least I’ll get as much as I can in one day in Athens, so if you have any tips, please let me know…

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