A 14 year old film-maker

23 Jul, '03

Hana grew up around film sets. Photo: Makhmalbaf Film HouseA young girl, Iranian girl, has made a movie that is now up for one of the top awards in the Venice Film Festival.

It is a documentary about her sister, Samira Makhmalbaf, making her latest film in Afghanistan, and has been chosen for the festival’s critics’ week.

bbc – 23/7/03

This makes me very proud of Hana – although i have never met her and may never do, and very pissed off at the same time that a 14 year old girl from one of the most restrictive societies around not only makes a movie, but have that put up for one of the top awards at an important international film festival too!

Good on ya Hana, you’re a better man than I am!

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  1. anonymous says:

    A 14 year old film-maker

    Mikhastam bebinam ke emkanesh hast ya az tarighe shoma ya shayad kasiro shoma beshnasid ke betoonam az dastane zendegim film besazam. Man dar inja (Holland) 4 dafe dar Tv inja ba man Live program dashtand ve delam mikhad be onwaneh ye Irani dar Tv ya filmi dastanamo begam, emkanesh wojood dareh?

    Montazereh jawabetoon hastam,
    Merci, zeshghiali@yahoo.com

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