It’s been that sort of week…

14 Nov, '03

where I didn’t feel like doing much. Just laze around, watch TV, cruise the sites, read the blogs, and wait for effing Ramadhan to finish. Just 10 more days to go… not that I’m fasting, but hey, the whole country (read the Muslim world) goes weird during this month.. screw everything in sight for 11 months, and then turn pious for this particular month.. and that, as well, is done in varying degrees. First 3 days, very, next 20 days just enough to be recognized as “good” and the last 3 is eying the bar and booze waiting for the bell to ring!

My contribution to Ramadhan this year? no booze.. and I’ve lost weight!

So, nothing much happened, I tried to run the business as normal as possible and we have been busier than past Ramadhans, but it is and has been so static and mundane to say the least.

Yesterday I was looking over at my Computer Point site and was amazed at the various old and outdated junk it had.. links which have expired, wrong email contact addresses (we changed domain names a few years ago) and the theme was a mess, forget about getting it to validate! So I spent most of yesterday going through it with a coarse-comb and hopefully tomorrow I will get the fine-tooth-comb out. I changed a bit of the theme and I like what I see now, but it still needs more work. This CSS business is pissing me off. I’ll get there… just another learning experience.

What else?

Oh, one of my favourate places on the internet is without a doubt the Guardian newspaper site. That requires quite a bit of time to drill in it, I normally look at any articles I want to peruse on the front page, then scoot over to the Arts sections. Quite interesting and you should bookmark it.

One horrific report they have is Facility 1391. No it’s not a post-production house, but a secret Israeli prison where inmates are psychologically and physically tortured. Most in the Israeli government don’t know (or don’t want to know) about it:

But it is not just human rights lawyers and leftwing MPs who have a problem. Ami Ayalon is a former head of Israel’s intelligence service, the Shin Bet. He was told about 1391 but says he refused to have anything to do with it. “I knew there was a facility not under the responsibility of the Shin Bet, but under the responsibility of the military. I didn’t think then, and I don’t think today, that such an institution should exist in a democracy,” he says.

source: Guardian Unlimited Special Report: Facility 1391

That got me depressed even more. The house is so quiet this morning. I was up until 4am today pottering around the internet and fixing stuff on my sites. I woke up about 10 or so and thought I had died. No sound, just the wind outside and the rustle of leaves, so serene, so beautiful, so quiet. So it’s either I kicked the bucket and reached heaven (don’t know if I’m allowed in there) or Frances has taken the kids out. It turned out that she took them out shopping for the forthcoming Eid!

Trying to lift myself up after reading the report on 1391, I went over to the Art pages, and man am I glad that I have. I like almost all kinds of music, especially Jazz, Classic Rock, some classical symphonic and operas, you can have a look at my collection here.

I came across this new “thing” from the Guardian pages that if you like soul, you have to get it. Joss Stone at 16 with a very soulful voice that sends shivers down your spine. Sure the album she’s getting out on Nov 24th is cover songs, but her own debut album next year should be worth reserving even now!

Joss Stone, the new Soul Diva at 16
I for one was pretty certain that Joss Stone was some forgotten singer from the late-‘60s or ‘70s, unearthed by some canny exec.

source: ChartAttack

She has a startling voice, a throaty roar somewhere between Janis Joplin and Mavis Staples. The kind of names that give soul fans palpitations have been queuing up to work with her. Her debut album was co-produced by Betty Wright, the veteran Miami singer best known for her 1971 hit Clean Up Woman. Lamont Dozier, one-third of the famous Motown songwriting team Holland/Dozier/Holland, wants to write with her. In England, she has collaborated on a song with Paul Weller.

source: Guardian Unlimited

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  1. anonymous says:

    It’s been that sort of week…

    You’re 100% right about the Guardian – its the best newspaper about and its really poor they don’t distribute it in Bahrain.

  2. mahmood says:

    Re: It’s been that sort of week…

    I find that more and more I get my news from the net rather than printed pages. An astute newspaper now ensures that there is no disparity between printed and electronic news and in fact treats the online version with much more respect than the obselescence of the printed magazine and newspapers. Eleconic delivery and publishing means immediacy and currency of news.

    This is the case with the Guardian, however it is not with our local rags. You have to go through hoops to get a link that will not change tomorrow in the GDN and Akhbar Al-Khalieej, Al-Wasat sometimes publishes and sometimes it doesn’t while the Tribune and Al-Ayam go out of their way to hide their article URLs! You have to force opening an article in a new frame in order to get the link.

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