6 Dec, '03

We’ve had a really good shower last night, accompanied with a huge lightening show and its accompanying sound effects. The dogs were cowering! It’s the first time for Pheobe, but Gnasher is an old hand at this now. Still, the thunder was so loud that it woke us all up to enjoy the spectacle.

These are the first real rains of the year The rains we had between yesterday and today account for about 70% of the average rainfall for December. (if you’re really interested, the Dec average rainfall is 13.8mm, annual average is 88mm and last night was 9.6mm – all this according to the National Weather Service in Bahrain)

The smell of rain – or it mixing with the ever present dust is the most wonderful smell you can come across! This morning all the trees are CLEAN! The main roads are CLEAN and everything is wonderful.

That is, until you get to one of the villages and find the various puddles, houses which are about to fall, and the leeking roofs.

Rain is wonderful for some people, others in Bahrain live in dread of whenever the rains start…

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  1. mahmood says:

    Rain! and moron drivers

    can someone please tell those morons who switch on their hazard lights whenever a single drop of rain happens that hazard lights are not there for expressing immense joy for rain but really are a provision to alert others of a hazardous situation, and no, rain does not constitute a hazard. same goes for the (same) morons who blind everyone around them in fog by switching on these lights (and full beam doesn’t make the fog dissapear either!)

  2. samer says:


    Using your hazard lights, is potentialy a hazard in itself if they are switched on for the wrong reasons. Hazard lights are to be used ONLY by stationary cars which are likely to be a hazard to other persons using the road. Break-down, accident, flat tyre etc.

    Driving with your hazard lights on disable your car’s indication lights from working, which isnt an issue really. Its not like anyone idicates in Bahrain anywayz!

    This mistake of using hazard lights is practiced by Public security vehicles, Ambulances, and Fire Engines responding to 999 calls all the time. All these emergency vehicles are equipted with Emergency (Red/Blue) lighting. There is no need for them to use their hazard lights. They should still indicate when responding to a call out, especially when entering juctions, and red traffic lights. It will give the cars in that vacinity some idication of the ambulance’s intention.

    xox Aaron. xox

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