Marriage Fund?

6 Dec, '03

Now it’s the Shura Council’s turn to have a brain-fart.

Some bright spark looked at the marriage statistics in Bahrain in 2001 and decided that not enough Bahrainis are marrying each other with most men opting to have foreign wives, so what does he propose? Throw money at the problem and it’ll go away!

He’s proposing setting up a “marriage fund” where it will provide between BD 1,000 (US$3,770) to BD 2,000 to “help with the marriage expenses”. The enlightened rules he’s proposing putting in place are:

The marriage fund will be over-seen by the Ministry of Justice, and create (another) committee whose membership includes the Minister of Islamic Affairs (president) and 5 officials from various other ministries: Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Economy, Information, Labour and Social Affairs, Transparency office and one person from the Women’s council. Another five each from one of the municipal areas in the country representing the “people”. All of these officials are to be appointed by an order from the Prime Minister’s office after consultation from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. And yes, we do need yet another committee. Gotta keep them in jobs right?

The fund is going to be stoked by – yes you guessed it – the budget, aka, you and me.

So who’s going to benefit? The applicant has to be:

1. Bahraini
2. Shouldn’t be less than 18 years old
3. Wife should be Bahraini
4. classified as “low income”
5. this “help” is only given once
6. shouldn’t be already married

So a Bahraini woman can’t apply to get married, only men need apply. Women? Hah! not so important.

These people have nothing better to do with their time other than increase the number of inbred morons we have in this country. What will this fund do other than encourage people to forget their schools and universities and get married as early as possible, of course have kids as soon as they get married, increase their responsibilities, leave school to provide for the family and generally increase the lines of unemployed and entrenching poverty.

Don’t even think that marriage is a very personal decision and the government and the various do-gooders like Islamic societies have nothing to do with it. Forget about scientifically analyzing why Bahraini men choose to marry foreigners in the first place. Let’s just take the fast road to (1) bankrupt this country with the various harebrained ideas like this, and (2) increase poverty by encouraging people at the very start of their lives to not think of their higher education to get better jobs. Just let’s get them screwed (literally in this case) and they’ll forget about us.

Well done McDuff. Rock on!

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  1. mahmood says:

    Marriage Fund?

    Well this brilliant idea has been shot down by the Shura Councel last week. Thank goodness some of them are awake to the dangers of such a scheme. Of course they didn’t say that, just that the decision has been “delayed” in order to ascertain issues surrounding this idea. Meaning that it’s dead and burried.


  2. anonymous says:


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  3. 7alaylia says:

    Marriage Fund?


    You know my situation and how I feel about this. Next thing you know they will make a law against marrying foreigners. A few questions you or someone else might be able to answer. Do you have to gain permission in Bahrain to marry a foreigner? Is there a legal cap on the dowry one can ask for? If so, what is it and is it abided by, or like in Saudia, is it generally ignored? What are the amounts of Bahraini women marrying foreigners? I know this is what drove the Saudis to do what they did. It is common for Saudi men to marry foreigners, but when more Saudi women did it, then it became an issue.

    This is a trend in the Gulf. UAE had been considering passing Saudia like laws to make it much harder for their citizens to marry foreigners. It sounds like it will be like it is in Saudia, the laws apply to men more than women. And I like your comment about finding out why people marry foreigners. That would be a great study, the answers might surprise some people.

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