Foulath on a roll.. get out of the way!

7 Dec, '03

The right honourable gentleman Mr. Faisal Foulath [FF – let’s see if you can coin an appropriate phrase with his initials – I propose the first initial should be descriptive: fat – I leave the other to your imagination] of the Shoura Council is not resting on his laurels. Oh no, not at all, he’s now proposing a direct tax by way of a 50 Fils stamp the proceeds of which would go in part to finance his proposed Marriage Fund.

Brilliant! So he does have a plan! Phew, and here is little me thinking that he didn’t give his proposal serious thought. Silly me.

Let me give you my opinion Mr. Foulath and please take it to heart:

1] You’re not an elected official, so I don’t give a flying fuck what you propose.

2] Talk to people, oh sorry, you don’t have a constituency… so maybe you can read a few Bahraini sites/blogs for your edification.

3] copy and paste the following phrases in your word processor, increase the font size to 500 points, print it out, frame it, and hang it in a prominent place just to remind you of a few home truths:


4] lose some weight

5] crawl back where you came from, you don’t need to mouth off in the local press so that you too can get noticed.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Foulath on a roll.. get out of the way!

    You ar ethe first to pull up ranting respondents on your site, so it was disappointing to see you adopt this tone of voice on what is a credible response to a ridiculous proposal. Surely our Mo is not an exponenet of do as i say, not as i do?

  2. mahmood says:

    Re: Foulath on a roll.. get out of the way!

    I’ve got nothing against Bahraini ladies. Never have. Never will.

    However, the point of my discussion here has nothing to do with what you imply. It is up to the individual, or rather in this case the couple to whether to get married, and if they do, then all power to them and like you, I wish everyone a very happy and fulfilling life.

    My argument is that there are many other causes that should be adopted. For instance, I would not have objected one bit had this “fund” been created for Bahraini divorced women. And in my opinion this is in dire need of creation.

    There is no “personal law” in Bahrain, everything to do with the family life is haphazardly interpreted by (sometimes) incompetent and uneducated judges using their personal interpretation and understanding of Shari’a law to pass judgment.

    Even when they are within an accepted norm of Shari’a law, the divorced woman gets pittance to support herself and her family – sometimes as little as BD 30 per month (just over $100) and no one knows how that stipend is calculated.

    You will have to agree that BD 30 per month would not suffice for any of the family’s needs. That’s not enough to feed the family, let alone clothe, educate and house the poor distraught family.

    And when you consider according to the 2002 statistics that up to 3 in 4 marriages fail, then you would come to understand the problem at hand. True, that in our culture some of the consummation of marriage never happened as the dissolution was in the “engagement” period and the engagement period in Islamic Shari’a law is counted as full marriage, but society normally delay consummation until the “official” wedding, but the statistics are certainly sobering.

    So why would anyone actively encourage young people who in most cases have not even finished high-school (the proposal is for 18s or ever remember) to start the onerous life of marriage where it is again demanded by society that the union produces a child within 9 months of the ceremony?

    Wouldn’t Foulath be better off employing his abilities in raising money for the divorced, furthering women and young men’s education, providing foster homes for the many children suffering from the breakup of their young parents’ marriage and the many other things that this country needs?

    As you have gathered, I am against anyone touching freedoms of choice. If we are to join the rest of the civilised world that particular freedom should be protected at all cost as without it we should not expect creativity, endurance, responsibility and yes even team-work. If we abrogate that freedom for a chosen few who will determine our lives, then we will never have the ability to rise and will continue to just toe the line.

    Therefore, I object to some official dictating that one can only marry a Bahraini. If the law is fair, then it should be universal, it is for helping young ladies and men to get married, regardless of the nationality of their chosen partner.

  3. anonymous says:

    Foulath on a roll.. get out of the way!

    Why you not like bahraini lady mr Mo? All bahraini marry philipino girl bahraini end up like dodo

  4. anonymous says:

    Foulath on a roll.. get out of the way!

    I do not know what you want to prove by attacking such person and such topic. But I am sure you have nothing of usefulness to this society nor to this life! Looking at your pic I think you ought to work on your weight too because it started to effect on your brain…..that is if you got one!

  5. mahmood says:

    Re: Foulath on a roll.. get out of the way!

    Thank you for your suggestions. As you didn’t sign your name to your comment, I won’t be able to thank you personally for pointing out my inadequacies. Thank you anyway.

    But remind me again, you have issues with what exactly?

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