The need for weed

27 Jan, '04

My dad is much better today, even when compared with last night. Thank you to everyone who expressed sympathy by commenting here or sending an email. Your emotional support is invaluable.

Not only is he back to him mild complaining ways, but he’s gone one better today:

Dad: so doctor when do you think I can go home this time?
Me semi-whispering: you know why he’s asking that question doctor don’t you?
Doctor: listen (to dad) if I find out that anyone gave you a cigarette while you’re here I’m personally going to shoot him!
Dad: well that’s your problem and I won’t stop you, but he’s got to give me a cigarette first!

Doctor laughs and leaves

Dad – to mum: you can get me a cigarette right?
Mum: no, I don’t want to be shot!
Dad: now explain to me, how is this MY concern?
Us: laughing

They’ve removed 5 IV drips from him yesterday, he’s on only a couple now and they’re weaning him off those too. All things being equal, the doctor said that he’ll move him out of ICU tonight and he’ll then have to start walking. He’s anxious to do that… yeah sure! We’ll watch him run to the car park to scrounge a cigarette most probably!

This time, they’ll leave him with them for another 3 days to ensure that he’s responding properly to the medicines which he’s got to live on for the rest of his natural. Pity that this year we’ll be missing the Eid Al-Adha celebrations, but dad’s health is much more important.

Happy Eid everyone!

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