Eid tomorrow

31 Jan, '04

and we’re off today too, Day or Arafah being declared as another national holiday starting this year. But there’s no rest for the wicked… Apart from dad being in hospital for more than a week, I had to go to the office to finish a multi-million dollar proposal at the same time! Guess where my mind was.

The proposal included 21 pages of prices, a rather heavy dose of technical evaluation, coordination with suppliers, double checking pricing quotes from suppliers who have lost faith that this particular customer will buy anything during this lifetime. And I had effectively just 4 days to get it done!

Add to all of this that dad has had enough of the hospital, and there is no way come hell or high water that he’s staying in there for another single day. Thankfully he’s feeling much better and his doctor was happy enough to let him have his way. He’s at home now, relaxing.

I suggested that we cancel or at least limit the Eid festivities to just a quick visit to wish mum and dad an Eid Mubarak and leave them be to relax and recuperate. So it won’t be a regular Eid, but the real one for us anyway is having him home in good condition. He’s just got to learn to take good care of himself from now on. As in the previous stay in the hospital, he came out with a bag of medicines, all different from last time of course!

The very first thing he did when he got to his room at home? Light up and have a smoke! Wonderful thing for the heart that. Wholeheartedly recommended! Followed by a tantrum because he didn’t like lunch that was prepared. You can’t really blame him though, he cannot swallow very well because the muscles in his throat are relaxed that makes swallowing very difficult if the food is not just right. Change texture or consistency (or his mood) and he won’t be able to eat.

We have a German hospital in Bremen to thank for all of these weird and wonderful things as they insisted 14 years ago that he’s got a virulent form of cancer in his brain which dictated bombarding him with cobalt radiation. A few months after receiving that “treatment” he lost his sight completely and suffered the rest of the ills. The list is far too long to go into here, but if you were given a choice of any form of radiation, I’d advise you seriously to get second and third opinions before you acquiesce.

This time they also did an MRI scan on his brain in order to check for any changes which might have happened in the last 14 years, compare them with an MRI done at that time and also find out why his electrolytes were all shot. What they found is that he has had a brain stroke recently! This was why he lost consciousness a few months ago. At the time we immediately took him to “specialists” who diagnosed that condition as a sudden drop in blood pressure because he got off the toilet too fast! We don’t have doctors in Bahrain, just criminals on the take who call themselves healers.

I’m looking into what sort of checks the ministry of health does on these private hospitals and clinics all over the island in order to authorise them to butcher people. That will be my task and journey for the next few months. If there is even a slight chance that I can take some of these quacks to court, I’ll do it. I’ll blog my progress here.

We’re all very tired to care about Eid this time. We’re however very happy that dad’s back at home again.

Eid Mubarak everyone.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Eid tomorrow

    i think eid is tommarow

  2. harisck says:

    Eid tomorrow

    “”””wish u all a happy and prosperous eid””””

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