23 Feb, '04

Birthday celebrations should cease to exist after 40.

Ugh, I’m 42 today and hope that no one is planning anything for me. A TV dinner would be fine tonight if I can keep my eyes open.

I need that to nurse my sun-burnt scalp! It burns like a bitch. I had to go walk about 3 kilometers in the sun yesterday morning in the Bahrain International Circuit – the venue of the forthcoming F1 race looking into every single man-hole which will be used to lay our fibre cables, and that is not an exercise I want to repeat too often, especially when the sun is beating down on you and you’re (1) bald, and (2) choose this particular day to shed you Arab clothes for more practical suit. Had I donned my thobe and ghutra, I would have been much better off, and won’t resemble a lit match-stick (fat one mind you) this morning!

All of this happened on Feb 23rd if you’re interested.

Happy birthday me… now get back to work!

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  1. anonymous says:


    Happy Birthday My Sweet Brother
    Mahooya : )

  2. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    Thank you very much little sister! We sound like Little House on the Prairie going on like this, fuzzy, cuddly family!

    Thanks for the pens as well, now at last I can give away presents to my customers!! πŸ˜‰

  3. yousifnet says:


    Ceased to exist after 40. You’re lucky!! I haven’t had a birthday celeb since my 16th! Anyways, Happy Birthday. 3uqbal 120 and a half hehehe

  4. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    aaaahhhh! thank you for your wishes however, much appreciated. And for the record, I STARTED having birthday celebrations only when I hit University! πŸ™‚

  5. Sast says:


    Happy Birthday..! 3oqbaal 100 sanah insha’Allah!!

    You’re upset because of 42 imagine what happened when we celebrated my mother’s “turning 25 AGAIN”!!! We threw a nice big birthday which made a lot of the women wonder “why would you celebrate your 50th?” But it’s something my mother always wanted to it was our birthday present to her.

    But hey… who knows you might get a suprise from your family afterwards!!

  6. anonymous says:



    I logged in this morning (as usual) and was about to type out a message to wish you happy b’day and in walked six clients… half an hour early!

    Sorry I didn’t do this earlier.. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mahmood!


  7. anonymous says:


    The best is yet to come. You are at your peek.
    — ihath

  8. anonymous says:


    Happy Birthday:) I am always happy to hear when others are older than I;)


  9. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    that’s not fair Mr. Cox, now YOU get back to work and let’s have 0.9.9 (with uploads module fixed!) out!!!

    thanks for the wishes though.

  10. anonymous says:


    Happy Birthday Mahmood.

    How I wish I could have a burnt scalp, today I am sitting in the middle of the hostile north sea on an oil rig. It is snowing and we have force 8 winds (which is pretty windy) Oh to be 42 in Bahrain.

    Steve C.

  11. mahmood says:


    Woa horsey, that IS cold! Thank you very much for your wishes and keep warm and away from the edge of your platform in that kind of wind!

  12. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    thank you Sast, I’ve only got 8 years to the big 5 and O! I hope I’ll live that long to enjoy it, with the pressure over the last 6 weeks I think my blood pressure and all other vitals are through the roof!

    We had Indian food last night, my favourites!

  13. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    Ach no problem Hani… thanks though!

  14. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    Elen, hold on so I can put you on a conference call with my wife for you to tell her that!

    Thank you VERY much for your wishes and God bless.

  15. anonymous says:



    Nothing in my email here yet. I just BLASTED AOL on the phone over this also. This was the one time I was happy that AOL Tech Support is based in India. At least the guy I talked was aware of a country called Bahrain and was aware of Batelco as an ISP. I can imagine trying to explain this to some AOL tech rep based in Scotsdale Arizona or OKC Oklahoma. “Now what does the .bh stand for..?”

    Glad you met my brother. O and we will PARTY when I arrive!! I can taste the ale now and Grill Land better get ready for I may eat them out of Shawarma so fair warning to Grill Land if you are reading this: BE PREPARED for the shawarma eating American monster is coming.

  16. anonymous says:


    Happy Birthday, Mahmood!
    Just a heads-up also to tell you that a TV show is filming somewhere near you on an island belonging to Bahrain. I blogged it twice with a link to the BBC Newsnight Program which has info and a video clip for it. Then, when I surfed over to Salam Pax, I noticed that he has an Arabic link to the show which is called Big Brother.

    Thought you might find it entertaining. Maybe Bahrain is catching up with the rest of the Media World. That should make you techie geeks happy. πŸ™‚ Best wishes!

    button from:
    The Eclectic Chapbook

    [Modified by: Mahmood Al-Yousif (mahmood) on February 25, 2004 09:18 AM]

  17. anonymous says:


    Hahah, well i turn 33 in like 2 1/2 weeks….I’ll buy you a drink and we can co missirate.


  18. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    Hey Mark, how are YOU? I hope you’re recovering okay from your surgery. I emailed you a couple of times on your aol account and on was rejected, the other I’m not sure if it reached you. The rejection was due to our IP (DHCPed from Batelco of course) was marked as an open relay before it was our turn to use it, hence it was black listed by a number of ISPs. I manually changed it before sending it to you again so I hope you got my email in the end…

    Thanks for the wishes Mark and hope to see you here soon!

  19. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    thanks very much!

    we’ve been discussing Big Brother (Al-Rais) here since Dec 13th, so we pulled an exclusive on the Beeb!! If you hadn’t read or joined the discussion yet, walk over here please!

  20. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    Good idea Rob, the amber nectar is waiting!!

  21. anonymous says:


    I feel like a MILLION BUCKS. The pain is gone!!(so far) FYI I haven’t had an email from you in a while. So I don’t think I received those. So perhaps it is Batelco. Who knows! Not a big deal. A couple of weeks ago I was getting some spam that was being run through Batelco. At least that is what SPAMCOP told me. Nearly fell over seeing Batelco as the source of the spam. Never had I seen that before!!

  22. mahmood says:

    Re: 42

    Bloody Batelco. I should let Tony know about this and I will. I got the emails I sent to you immediately after your surgery bounced back due to our ADSL DHCPd IP being blocked by a dozen block-lists because it was used for spam and I did tell Batelco about it, but they never even acknowledged!

    I sent it to you again a few minutes ago using your other email so I hope this time it will reach you.

    Your brother is visiting with some pressies! yippee! Thanks for those Mark and you just concentrate on getting well so we can party when you come over!

  23. anonymous says:


    Happy Belated BIRTDAY!!!!!! Hope the F1 stuff is going smooth for you.

    Hope to see you soon!

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