26 Feb, '04

In the morons of the week department, have a gander at these beauties:

Indians cought running whorehouses and illegal bars in Muharraq

These Indian men were caught running brothels and illegal bars in Muharraq. The island where the airport is situated at, and of course the bastion of our Asala friends.

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  1. yousifnet says:


    I’v not only heard of people selling alcohol illegally, i’v seen them with my own eyes near bab al bahrain, but i don’t see a point in doing something like that. Alcohol is available in bars and even served in some resturants in Manama. Cheaper? well if someone wants to buy cheap s/he can buy it from the distributer just like they have probably did (unless you’re a muslim). Stupidity in its purist form.

  2. anonymous says:


    Could these Barkeeps and “Madams” possibly be nominated for “The Wheel Is Turning But the Hampster is F’Ng Dead Society”?


  3. mahmood says:


    joins the ranks of TWITBTHIFD Society. Welcome morons! 🙂

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