Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

27 Feb, '04

A Bahraini boy holds a banner saying Several hundred Islamists have held a rally in Bahrain to protest against the television reality show Big Brother produced in the Gulf Arab state, complaining that the programme was un-Islamic.

“Stop Sin Brother! No to indecency!” chanted the protesters on Friday. The Arabic version of the show has drawn large audiences internationally.

Police blocked a road leading to the house where the show is staged on the small Amwaj island, near the capital Manama.

The programme, broadcast across the Arab world by MBC satellite channel, has raised eyebrows despite efforts to take into account Muslim sensitivities. Separate living and sleeping quarters for male and female participants have been introduced, as well as a prayer room.

MP Mohammed Khalid leading the demonstration demanding the shutting down of the Big Brother productionParliament Deputy Chairman Adel al-Moawada, who has led a campaign to cross-examine Information Minister Nabeel al-Hamer about Big Brother in the assembly, attended the peaceful rally.

“We don’t want such programmes because our families will be influenced. Our children would think that living together without being married is acceptable in Islam,” one protester said.

Pro-Western Bahrain, headquarters of the U.S. Fifth Fleet, has often seen demonstrations against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and Washington’s perceived pro-Israeli policies.

There have also been protests against Western-style performers deemed immoral by Islamists.

source: Reuters

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  1. anonymous says:

    No booze, no bathroom cameras, and absolutely no sex. Welcome to Bahrain’s Big Brother house

    Article in today’s Independent:


    regards. bahrainia

  2. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Hey Guantanamo Bay breath, let’s see if you and your mates in Esalah can protest in a peaceful manner this time without immediately descending in to rioting and the tactics of terror. I give you at best 50/50.

  3. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Trying reading the article. There wasnt any rioting.

  4. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    “The program of the greatest sin” , hehe wat a joke, grow up people, there are faaaar more important things to protest against in bahrain than a tv program. Don’t be soo narrow minded!

  5. anonymous says:

    Early days

    Its early days yet. Plenty of time for your mate Adel Mouwadah or Al Wefaq to send their thugs on the rampage.

    You don’t think the Islamists will resort to the tactics of terror if they don’t get their way through peaceful means?

  6. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Where’s Adel Al Moawdah to protest against political naturalization, sectarianism, and bringing Adel Flaifil to justice?? All he’s good for is Nancy Ajram and BB. Its like someone whose house is completely burgled but all he cares about is his shoe collection.

  7. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    And you can watch Big Brother Arabia on the TXT channel (nilesat) 24/7! Have fun people!

  8. anonymous says:

    shoes? what shoes?

    shoes might be a “bid’a” as there weren’t invented during the Prophet’s time… so maybe it should be his sandle collection! Complete with that monobrow retard shown in the picture!

  9. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Am I the only one that is thoroughly alarmed with the way we are regressing, socially, as a nation? As if the banning of champagne at the grand prix was not crazy enough… the objections over big brother are an insult to the democratic and political developments that we are striving for as a nation When are the Islamic fanatics going to get the idea that it is not their responsibility to screen what we view on TV or to cover all the women on the island? Your paternalism, gentlemen, is not needed and certainly not appreciated!

    There was a time when investment came to Bahrain because it was a moderate nation with a tolerant people. It saddens me to realize that the Bahrain I refer to is long gone….. It has been an excruciating battle to bring new investment into Bahrain over the last few years. Big Brother and the F1 Grand Prix are major milestones….. Unfortunately, The short-sightedness of our bearded-friends could potentially bury us under a ton of negative P.R. Given all the trouble big brother has encountered… do u really think anyone else would consider us as a location for a future show?

    I have my fingers crossed for the Grand Prix. It scares me to think what crazy notions people are going to dream up that will inevitably make us look like extremist, xenophobic fools. I wish they would realize that their 15 minutes of fame are causing devastating damage to Bahrain’s image in international media.

    So I ask again….. Am I the only one that is alarmed by the way we are regressing?

  10. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Everyone has a right to protest in a peaceful way, even if you dont agree with their views. To protest is a good democratic sign.

    Often, it is the police at fault. Lack of training in riot control and controlling large crowds can lead some police to provoke highly sparked emotional protestors. This is what some say caused previous riots. The situation is not helped by the fact that many of the police are imported mercenaries- pakistanis, belushis, yemenis and syrians (im not being racist here), which often leads the youths to direct their anger at them and completely deviating from the cause they were initially there for. The sad thing is that these mercenaries get the Bahraini passport, a stable and secure job and government housing, ie the government buys their loyalty, at the expense of poverty in most of the villages in Bahrain. This what breeds the violence.

  11. mahmood says:

    Parliamentary instruments ignored by Islamist MPs

    The worry is that these MPs have demonstrated the complete disregard of the available parliamentary instruments and resorted instead to emotional routes to their pet causes.

    MPs have a huge responsibility, the first and foremost is that they have sworn an auth to use legal and lawful means to promote issues within the realms of parliamentary debate and instruments. We see here one MP, the honourable Mohammed Khalid completely flouting parliamentary instruments and instead leading a demonstration with Adel Al-Moawdah to air their views.

    While we might have full respect for their views, their actions of leading a demonstration to do so rather than debate their issues rationally in parliament is not condonable. They have demonstrated time and again their unsuitability to the task. They essentially resort to their time honoured tactics of appealing to popular incitement to get their views heard and their opinions forced. They can’t seem to appreciate the distinction between Friday sermons and political life and actions.

    With this demonstration as well as their actions during the Nancy Ajram debacle they have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Parliament should be sidelined, and rule by emotion and public incitement to get their own way, rather than be objective and think long term for the benefit of the country, rather than personal, selfish goals.

  12. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    I remember now, its all becoming clear – it was the police’s fault that Islamists went on the rampage outside the Ajram gig. How could anyone even infere that Adel Mouwdah was in any way responsible? What a hideous slur on a man of unimpeachable reputation.

  13. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    HA! Earlier than I expected but the inevitable has happened Big Brother has been cancelled permanently from today (1st March) check BBC middle east! So the Islamasists have won, imagine the power the feel now, there will be no stopping them in their determination to make Bahrain a backward and regressive society! And all over a stupid entertainment show. God bless ’em!

  14. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Well if you see Bahrain’s culture and traditions as backward and regressive, they can take their ‘forward’ and ‘progressive’ program somewhere else. Its just a case of taking into account people’s sensitivities.

  15. mahmood says:

    Big Brother Arabia Suspended

    You’re right, I’ve just read the BBC report which says that it has been suspended. I can guarantee you that they’re moving to another country where they will be more than welcome to spend their millions and create hundreds of jobs.

    Backward society? No. It’s the stupid moronic self-serving Salafis/Wahabis, and some of the backward Shi’a who are. The rest of the people of Bahrain are ok.

    Goodbye media investment.

    Next step, create enough trouble during the F1 event, and now that the government has TWICE kowtowed to these dickheads, the F1 will happily move to Dubai or elsewhere where again it will be welcomed with open arms.

    The blame here is most definitely NOT on MBC, but squarely on the shoulders of this cowardly government to allow a few morons to control all of our destinies.

    It is also OUR fault, the silent majority for not going out and demonstrating AGAINST these dickheads. We most definitely should show our force and not take things that the “wise” government will do on our behalf.

    This pisses me off no end. What a stupid, unnecessary shame.

  16. mahmood says:

    Re: Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    it must be a romantic and dreamy Bahrain that you have in your heart thinking about it from cold climes. But the fact on the ground is that this country is being gutted and destroyed by “backward” thinking and acting bleeding “BIG BROTHER” hearts of the salafis and some of the shi’as.

    Us, in the middle, peace loving, forward thinking, hard-working, people who strive for better are being trodden on without so much as by your leave.

    I can promise you something though. If at all possible I will organise a demonstration AGAINST these BIG BROTHERS and try to chase them to where they belong. Under a rock where they can stay happily ever after.

  17. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    I was going to suggest earlier, people have a right to demonstrate AGAINST BB, so if you feel so strongly for the program, why dont u demonstrate FOR it??

    You’ll be lucky to get 100 people on such a protest. But if the government is on your side, it may decide to invest in the country by paying people to demonstrate for the program.

    But if you really want some legitimacy and popular support for your cause, you really must get some religious scholars on your side. But im afraid not a single scholar will condone this program.

  18. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    I did not mean Bahrain WAS a backward and regressive country, I meant that SOME of these MPs and fundamentalist islamics WANT t make it bakward and regressive! I live in Bahrain and the majority of people are completely normal, I have noticed in the last few years that the fundamentalist mentality of SOME are growing stronger and this is a victory for them, what will they do to the country next now they have the power? mahmood is right, the silent majoprity of us should stand up and be counted now before its too late!

  19. mahmood says:

    Re: Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Good morning Bahrainia! What a beautiful day, sun is shining and the dogs are playing in the garden!

    Police brutality is a proven fact in Bahrain. It has been for a very long time, they have been and in some instances continue to be the prime instrument of torture. This unfortunately was not addressed publicly by the government nor parliament, Law number 56 is still in effect.

    Even with all their ills (the police) I wouldn’t generalise so much and put the blame completely on their side. It takes two to tango!

    While I agree with you that most of the cadres of the police and armed forces in Bahrain are indeed mercenaries, and that irks the “real” Bahraini, it is not and should never be the reason for transforming a peaceful protest into an ugly one.

    The perpetrators in the Nancy Ajram case WERE Bahranis (without the I) incited by their own shaikhs who in turn were sparked into action by the honourable Adel Al-Moawdah. The blame there squarely lies at the feet of the protestors, their shaikhs and mostly Adel Al-Moawdah. Not, I fear, the police in this case.

    The star of that particular show was not Nancy Ajram, but Murtadha Bader who went to the site of the disturbances – apparently on his own bidding – and talked and mediated between the police and the rioters.

    So in this one, it wasn’t the police’s fault. Not by a long shot!

  20. mahmood says:

    Re(1): Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    sorry, Murtadha Bader is the elected chairman of the Manama Municipality

  21. mahmood says:

    Re: Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    It’s official people… we now live in a mini-Iran. A Theocracy.

    So no matter WHAT the issue is, if we don’t have a guy with a turban tightly wound around his head, we won’t get support.

    Very good.

    And watch business run away, and the jobless increase, and the brain-drain happen.

    Just because we can’t get a guy with a turban on.

    Any suggestions where I can emigrate? Bahrain is looking mighty clausterphobic.. but the cloth business is booming, especially in black!

  22. adore says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    oh boy! they’ve finally done it…those retards won…hello Taliban!

    Mahmood, plz do us a favor and remove the picture of that Mole Person holding the BB protest paper. its enough that ppl around the world now think that we’re living in the middle ages, ‘dont want them thinking we all look like that.

  23. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Yes, remove the mole person lol

  24. anonymous says:

    Stop Sin Brother! No to indecency!

    I find it indecent that that these morons enforce their idea of decency on me! I can make up my own mind what I watch or how I dress thank you very much. What a hullaballoo, why cant these people use their rallying days for important stuff? Really, they love rallies don;t they, it’s as if they are in constant search of a reason to rally, I suppose it keeps them busy, it’s either rally or go down the pub! No one will take them seriously when they rally willy nilly about stupid stuff.

    Anyone up for a rally against rallies down the corniche on Friday?

  25. mahmood says:

    Re: Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Come on guys, you don’t like the monobrow retard? I love him, he is the perfect picture of “virtue and kindness” that “they” want to change this country to. So get used to it, inbreeds gone wrong are in!

  26. mahmood says:

    Re: Stop Sin Brother! No to indecency!

    hey I’m in! I’ll even print placards declaring our “rally against rallies!” 😉

  27. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    the funny thing is, you all think ure this cool bunch of ‘free thinkers

  28. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Hey Bahrainia, you miss the point, the programme is NOT the real issue, what it has highlighted is the REAL issue!

  29. anonymous says:

    inbreeds gone wrong

    Can indbreeds ‘go right’? Hmmm a worthy thought to ponder Mahmood lol

  30. mahmood says:

    Re: Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Now you’re simply showing your naivety Bahrainia. I have been looking at that poll on a daily basis and it is not too difficult to surmise that a voting campaign has been going on. One day (as I have shown in a comment here) it is for, the other it’s against. As the poll does not restrict the voting to a single person single vote, or even unique IPs (which in Bahrain is close to an impossibility because of the backward policies of Batelco – but that’s another story) you CANNOT take ANY poll results on Al-Wasat or any other pole with the same coding/QA standard as gospel.

    Leave it on for another day and just me personally can push up the stats any way I choose. Just a matter of changing my local IP address and away I go.

    So don’t give me that 59% rubbish please. It *is* a conspiracy of simple minded fools who ran up the against figures.

    No I will NEVER call you an extremist, your posts here have done you credit, your arguments are compelling and passionate, I will however – if you’ll fogive me – call you in this instance misguided in your belief that the Islamists and Al-Wifaq have the exclusive keys to our salvation.

  31. anonymous says:

    Re: Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Are all thinkers not free?

  32. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Now I am upset! I cannot for the life of me understand why monobrows are frowned upon!!

    This poor inbreed is a person people!

    He may have been brainwashed from the day of his birth, he may have a mole that disturbs the very core of asthetics BUT he is a human, does he not bleed when you cut him, does he not cry when you laugh at him? What about his mother? She loves him, monobrow, mole and all…. behind every ugly person is a truly beautiful soul, remember that before you curse


  33. mahmood says:

    Re(2): Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    ehm (throat clearing noise) he is indeed a person, but can we just run an experiment on him to see if he indeed does bleed and cry?

    anyone wanna pay money to watch?

  34. anonymous says:

    Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    Heyyy guyys! How can we organize a demonstration against those retarded MP’s ? I’m in for it! I’m sure the government will happy to see such demonstration.


  35. anonymous says:

    Re: Stop Sin Brother! No to indecency!

    Well his mother wont pay I will wager!!!

    I think he does represent Bahrain in the looks departmet at this present moment in time though!

    I think you should ask all your users to submit THE FACE if their country Mahmood…. as we speak i am searching for Scotlands monobrow lol, when i find the ‘face’ of scotland, how do I post it up here? What fun!

  36. anonymous says:

    Potential wife material for monobrow?

    Okay then, Bahrainia – you’re an extremist, terrorist cheerleading bloodsucker who deserves everything that’s coming to her under the Taliban wannabes in Bahrain. You’re also an ignorant, confused half arab/half briton who in looking for authenticity is regurgatating the worst of the hatemongering know nothing clerics.

    Its bad enough if a villager is an extremist – at least he’s got some sort of excuse (even if it is piss poor), but there’s something particularly unedifying about the pious middle classes. I think its the mixture between showy consumerism/holier than thou piety/ and a big dose of self hatred that’s so off putting. They’re like something out of the Victorian era. Off the scale of the bullshitometer.

  37. anonymous says:


    What a glorious day for a country to slide into despair and despondency!

    But wait… all is not lost GDN page 9!

    Students learn tolerance at Hague conference!

    Can we be saved fromthe zealots by a new generation? No, not one single private school took part. I think the government should be tackling the issue of intimidation, threats and abuse of democracy at ground level. Get in a proper education system NOW. One that promates free thinking and tolerance.

  38. anonymous says:

    A “useless” debate with an Islamist

    Very true Bahrainia – as far as you’re concerned debate is in your words “useless”. You didn’t need to debate the rights and wrongs of Big Brother because it didn’t matter whether you won the argument, you knew as we all did that this matter wasn’t going to be settled through democratic debate but by your Islamist thugs through terrorism. It was just a matter of when and what sort of tactics they were going to use. Fortunately it only got as far as threatening the TV crew before MBC threw in the towel.

  39. anonymous says:

    Thugs end Big Brother

    Predictably, it was the Islamists recourse to terror tactics which ended Big Brother. The targetting of MBC’s staff in Bahrain by Islamist thugs has forced MBC to pull out.

    Why bother even going through the motions of denying that Islamists and terrorism are synonymous?

  40. mahmood says:

    Re: Thugs end Big Brother

    You’re absolutely right. Further, they have demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that they will bypass the paliament and the constitutional instruments available to them to impregnate the street with their discontent and discord, just to get their way.

    Adel Al-Moawdah himself according to various press reports today was not only satisfied with the outcome of his rhetoric and actions, but will continue in his quest to question the minister of information in parliament. Thus continuing to escalate the situation.

    He is also proud that he has never watched Big Brother, but arrived at his conclusions from second-hand opinions.

    So now they rule not only by terror tactics, but also by heresay and rumours.

  41. anonymous says:

    go west!

    ur all full of crap!if u want to live a so called free deomcratic life ,watch reality programs,walka round naked,act like whores,dress like whores then go to europe or the us and do that!!why is it that u ahve to live here and torture as a muslim woman appreciate the life i live here in abhrain and so i chose to stay u can go and find freedom ………..

  42. mahmood says:

    Re: go west!

    So Bahrain is exclusively reserved for people like you? Is there no place for anyone who disagrees with your views?

    That’s hardly the Muslim spirit my friend.

    You also imply that we don’t have any social ills in Bahrain. Where have you been? Just yesterday yet another house was uncovered in Manama – a brothel, and if the papers are to be believed it was run by Asians, but who were the cutomers? Exclusively Asian? Don’t think so.

    I have known a number of both “ninja”-type ladies as well as those wearing the hijab doing what other Bahraini girls (uncovered) would not dream of doing.

    I think its time for you to face some realities of life: Bahrain is NOT Heaven, Bahrainis are not decendant from Allah who can do no wrong, Bahrain is multicultural, Bahrain does have problems, Bahrainis are just like any other human being on Earth with their own set of prejudices, worries, foibles and sins.

    So in essense we have to find a middle-ground and talk, discuss, and question, rather than have this holier than thou attitude.

    Doesn’t take us anywhere, other than make Bahrainis look like fools in the eyes of the larger world.

  43. anonymous says:

    Re: Protesters don’t want Bahrain Big Brother

    did you see bb brother brasil?it is more offensive.You need to modern your country.Don’t moisture religion with program.I don’t agry with cancel reality show

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