Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

1 Mar, '04

This from Reuters:

MANAMA (Reuters) – An Arab television channel said on Monday it was temporarily pulling the plug on its Arabic version of the hit reality show Big Brother after charges of indecency.

But an official of the MBC satellite channel said it would relaunch the show from outside Bahrain, where it was produced. Protesters in the conservative Gulf Arab state had said showing unmarried people living together offended Islam.

“There are many (locations) where it could be produced. We are looking at possible schedules,” the official said.

“This decision aims to avoid exposing MBC and its programs to accusations that it offends Arab values, customs and morals, because we consider MBC to be first and foremost a channel that belongs to the Arab world,” the popular Saudi-owned channel said in a statement.

Several hundred Islamists chanting “Stop Sin Brother! No to indecency!” protested in Bahrain on Friday against the show, which they deemed un-Islamic.

Some members of Bahrain’s parliament demanded to question Information Minister Nabeel al-Hamer about Big Brother.

“We are an Islamic country with our own traditions. This program spoils the morals of our sons,” MP Jasim al-Saeedi said.

Yousef Nooh, a doctor, said: “The show was not acceptable, but it’s strange to stop it, because it is an internationally accepted program.”

The Big Brother formula, in which participants are filmed 24 hours a day, has been copied around the world and draws large audiences.

The program, aired across the Arab world by MBC, had raised eyebrows despite efforts to take into account Muslim sensitivities. Separate living and sleeping quarters for male and female participants were introduced, as well as a prayer room.

“This type of show is no more a challenge or social problem than most films and television serials shown on all channels, in fact it is more faithful in showing reality than the movies and soaps,”the MBC statement said.

The Arab world’s first reality TV experiment, a dating show called Al Hawa Sawa (On Air Together), survived its three-month stint, ending earlier on Monday. It was aired from less conservative Lebanon.

So they get to have their way again. Now it is time for the silent majority to show that they are against these self-styled ‘big brothers’ of our society and wrench it back from them before all is lost.

Let’s recap:
1. Adel Al-Moawdah (salafi/wahabi) riles against Nancy Ajram in parliament, people heed his advice and riot, 10 people are awaiting prison sentences and of course he disassociates himself from the instigation of the riots completely.

2. Adel Al-Moawdah and his block (Al-Saidi, Mohammed Khalid, Ali Mattar (salafis/wahabis) and the rest of the Islamists in parliament) again protest against a television show, this time Big Brother Arabia, the three of them organise protests just after their Friday sermons, march to the Big Brother production location, get publicity, and a few hours ago they once again get their way. No rioters this time, however they were censured severely by their colleagues Abdulnabi Salman and Farid Ghazi (both MPs) where they indirectly cautioned them that they (Islamists) shouldn’t use extra-parliamentary means to get their way, especially if there are instruments within the parliamentary system to show their grievance and their objections.

Once again the honourable Adel Al-Moawdah waves the flag of Ministerial interrogation and questioning in parliament of the Information Minister in regards to Big Brother.

3. Al-Saidi (salafi/wahabi) proposes that ALL areas of public life, starting with schools should be segregated. “It only takes building a few more buildings in the university compound for the girls or erecting fences between the genders!” What’s the big deal? He just threw hundreds of years of psychology in the toilet and flushed it, after heavy use by the honourable gentleman.

4. Abdulla Al-A’ali (shi’a cleric) proposes as a solution to “prevent possible vice” banning Bahrainis from entering hotels in the country. He’s laughed at in parliament by his own colleagues.

5. Al-Saidi (salafi/wahabi) is “extremely worried” about “our girls” living abroad to attend university by themselves in foreign land where he “can’t keep an eye on them, and they are open to subversion in the western culture.” He proposes to not allow girls to study outside of Bahrain.

6. I can FULLY envisage the cancellation of Formula One in Bahrain AT THE LAST MINUTE due to these “Big Brothers” because it encompasses all of the above and “it will subvert our ‘youth’ into speeding”

God have mercy.

Do the moderates continue to sit in their armchairs while these despots take over our lives? Do we still allow them to control every aspect of it? And can we accept to live in an Orwellian version of Bahrain even worst than the “security law” era because these people are genuinely “afraid for us in front of God and by their actions want to keep us from sin and debauchery?”

If we don’t do something concrete to let these people, the parliament and the government to hear our voice, then all is really lost.

Is this the democracy that we envisage and want for Bahrain? Ruled by religion, especially a closed and blind interpretation as has been forced down our throats by these people?

George Orwell, we’re catching up with you, it only took 55 years, lightspeed in this area of the world!

Welcome to mini-Iran and Taliban’s Afghanistan rolled into one. A place which used to be called Bahrain.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    But Adel doesn’t object to air conditioning? He’s selective in his indignation of what is immoral.

    The Khamer Rouge in Cambodia wanted to purify their society, so they wanted to ‘turn the calendar back to the Year Zero.’ One of the side effects was that they believed they had to eliminate anyone who wore eyeglasses, because if God wanted us to have glasses… etc.

    How far is Adel going to try to take this? The hotel suggestion was droll; I hope it was only tongue-in-cheek. Back to the caves!

    I’m betting on Morocco. Where do you think they might go with this? Does anyone know yet? And what will the reaction be in Al-Ahram, et alia? Are they going to be supportive or call the Bahrainis country bumpkins and hayseeds?


  2. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Do these morons realise that the show will just move to another location and still air on MBC? It will still make its way into homes across the island. The only difference is BB, along with their money and exposure, will move somewhere else! What have they accomplished besides negative publicity? They havent even saved us from the evils of big brother !!!

    At first I was embarrassed to hear that MP’s were objecting and rioting to the show. Now I’m enraged that it has been pushed out of bahrain. I’m enraged at how elected government MP’s blatently abused the pultit availed to them in order to promote their personal agendas. Their actions are sabotaging bahrain’s development and are an insult to the parlament. Shame on every single one of you that voted for these idiots! Does it not insult you to be governed by these people?

    Today, I’m embarrassed to be a Bahraini.


  3. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    This one’s a good read:


  4. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Maybe Bahrain is embarrassed to have u as citizens as well!

  5. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Why? there is no place any more for an opposing opinion? I am very proud that we can have both opinions and views in Bahrain, even yours. So is there a real reason for the put-down?

  6. mahmood says:

    Big Brother staff harrassed

    Several MBC employees involved with Big Brother in Bahrain were victims of harassment and indecent insults, sources told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.

    They said several people kept stalking Big Brother employees and insulting them, including foreign directors who were part of MBC’s media delegation in Bahrain.

    This development is thought to be the main reason behind MBC’s decision to withdraw the programme.

    source: GDN March 2nd, ’04

  7. mahmood says:

    Big Brother to be re-launched from another country

    The Middle East Broadcasting Centre television channel suspended yesterday an Arab version of the controversial reality TV show Big Brother, which has caused a public outcry here where it was being filmed. “A decision to suspend the programme was taken today,” said a spokesman for the station.

    “We don’t want to be the cause of differences of opinion, so MBC decided to suspend production of the programme Big Brother from Bahrain, in order to evaluate it so that it is compatible with the channel’s policy,” said a statement.

    It said the decision was taken “in tandem with the Bahraini information ministry” after the “general outcry” about the programme in Bahrain.

    “By this sacrifice … MBC does not want to risk, through its programmes and broadcasting, being accused of harming Arab traditions and values, because it considers the channel one for the Arab family,” said the statement.

    The announcement came three days after some1 , 000people protested against the show, which MBC has been producing at an Amwaj resort villa in Muharraq.

    The show was accused by some MPs of violating Islamic traditions. Seven of them last week signed a demand to question Information Minister Nabeel Al Hamer in parliament over the programme.

    The production, which was aired on the channel’s MBC2, showed12 young men and women from across the Arab world living in the villa in separate quarters but meeting in the lounge, kitchen and garden.

    An MBC official later said it would relaunch the show from outside Bahrain.

    source: GDN March 2nd, ’04

  8. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Are you proud Mahmood? Clearly, no one here is happy with the Islamists exercising their views, whether through parliamentary channels or not.

    MBC claimed to want to introduce the Reality TV style of programs that have been so successful in the West. This is all good. And I hope this slight error of judgment on their behalf to start off in the deep-end with Big Brother doesnt stop this. Do you know what the most successful reality programs were in the UK? Driving School, Changing Rooms, Wife Swap, a program following the life of traffic wardens, the Dirtiest Houses in Britain. Its all light entertainment and doesnt clash with islamic values, in fact it can enhance them in an indirect way. Why go for a program which relies on sexual attraction and back-biting, which serves no benefit to the viewer at all? All it would EVER have been good for is the controversy it would arouse. I just cant believe MBC didnt see that coming when it decided to base it in a Gulf country. And trust me, had this program been in Kuwait, the situation would have been much worse, we would have seen a few fatwas at least.

    a ‘backward, extremist, terrorist’ bahrainia who says good riddance to BB!

  9. anonymous says:

    Reply to the B.E.T.

    No need to be so glib – it was the backward terrorist extremism of your Bin Laden wannabes that got rid of Big Brother.

  10. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Not only was it shut down due to protests, but a source told me that the Minister of information was threatened by these “humble” islamists to shut down the program. Islamic extremists like these people mentioned above will always continue to be hypocrites and ruin our lives if moderates will continue to sit on their butts and watch. This is just not acceptable.
    And i CANNOT believe they’re after shutting down the cinemas as well. THIS HAS GOT STOP. When will they accept that different people have different lifestyles and they’re perfectly happy with it? When will they learn that they should keep their religious preaches to THEMSELVES and not bother the public? We are FINE. We are HAPPY. We do not want anyone to tell us what to do. The previous years have been torture, they were truly dark days, isn’t it time to bring some light?
    1984 is exactly how I thought Bahrain would turn into… But unless there are more people like you and I.
    – Iris

  11. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    And yes, I’m embarrassed to be a Bahraini as well.

  12. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that such tripe is off the air. Why don’t you apply to the US State Department or the Israeli foreign Ministry for blog financing? Might take the pressure off your wife’s trust fund.

  13. althawadi says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Bahrain is turning into the next saudi arabia.. These religios ppl have to be kicked out of bahrain.. and what type of show influences our people… I dont think that Big Brother can influence anyone at anytime! Every person thinks his or her own way! You cant tell someone what to do… so how can it influence people? its a damn show for gods sake!!!

  14. althawadi says:

    Re: Reply to the B.E.T.

    I totaly agree with u.. I have one question. Is there any chance that someone can go against these islamists, and prove to the parliament that there doings are wrong?

  15. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    I think (perhaps!) this blog of Mahmoods has shown that there is a grass root movement out here? Some of us do care about the FUTURE of this country, a future with promise and advancement for our children. We owe the country and our children that much!

    What we seem to have here is a situation where we lack a vocal person to address our concerns and needs, let’s face it. What MP can we trust, we have for so long been at the mercy of a system in which each person in power is only there for thier own advancement, there is no trust. We need someone new, someone fresh and genuine. There are enough of us but historically its been pretty dangerous to stand up and be counted in this country (maybe it still is) We need a modern representative of this country, someone who is not in someone elses pockets and has no ulterior motives except the advancement of our society and freedom. We dont need someone to think for us, tell us what to wear/do/feel!

  16. anonymous says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    I see you posted a well informed and thought provoking statement there. Goodness you are obviously a learned intellectual I reckon. You added much to this discussion and in your own way prove yourself as you are!

  17. anonymous says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Your wife has a big trust fund Mahmood? Begging letter on the way to her as we speak hehe x

  18. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    You seem to know who to contact for financing in Israel and the States judging by your post. By inference you have already been bought and paid for. So please don’t apply your myopic poinonous vision on others.

    If the love of country and patriotism is something so foreign to you in Saudi, then please be our guest to learn and appreciate what we’re doing in Bahrain. This tiny group of islands still can lead the way!

  19. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    I am not against the Islamists themselves nor their opinions. What I am against is their application of their views as Gospel, and their forcing them on the public as such.

    Now is there a way to discuss differences of opinion with clerics using logic? The first thing they will resort to is the Scripture. Which is fine by me, but remember that they would interpret the Scripture in their own way which might be diametrically opposite to other clerics. They will not think a problem through logically, nor will they think of a solution which is modern and going with the times, even if the Scripture allows it.

    The issue here is not MBC, Big Brother, Star Acadamy or another other show, regardless of its entertainment value ot a person, the issue here is quite simple: set a precedent. And they have, twice.

    Can you – as an educated Bahraini – give me any kind of assurance that they will not ban anything else? They have demonstrated their power and now are completely drunk on their successes. Their view is Islam won, and it is their God-given duty to see to it that everything else they view as wrong should be pursued to the same end.

    Do you really think that anyone commenting here at least gives a whit about Big Brother or any of the other reality shows? The main objection – in most cases the only objection you will see is the complete understanding that if “they” have their way in this issue, there will be no stopping them.

    No matter how you personally disgusting you find these reality shows or any other form of entertainment, you ultimately have control: don’t watch it. Remember that others might find that same show acceptable and worthwhile. Doing anything else is simply restricting personal freedoms which neither you nor I have an exclusive right to decide as to their propriety. It is most certain that Islamists – again regardless of their colour – should not be given the exclusive keys to decide for us what is right and wrong.

    What irks me much more than this is these Islamists cannot, and will not, distinguish between their roles as preachers or MPs elected in the first and only place to raise the living standards of the Bahraini. They have brought their mosques and maatems to the parliament and are ruling the country with the mosque and maatem mentality. They are concerning themselves almost exlusively with their view of morality, not to address the various other ills that have befallen this society.

  20. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Whatever your views, good job keeping this an open forum. The trust fund remark was in poor taste.

  21. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    ur nothing but fanatic kreeps

  22. BE says:

    Bahrainis React Angrily to Big Brother Suspension

    I found this piece by Gulf News to be pretty objective. I especially liked how many views expressed in this forum are represented in the article.

    It’s good to see government officials as well as concerned citizens publicly voice their disagreement with the actions of Islamist MPs.


  23. anonymous says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    well those so called ‘morons’ do know that bb will move to another place and be shown on mbc.but the morons donot want the responsibility on their hands.In other words,on the day of judjement they will not be responsible for influencing millions of muslim teenagers………..

  24. anonymous says:

    MBC should have called Esalah’s bluff?

    According to the Akhbar Al-Khaleej/GDN, MBC pulled the plug after the Islamists changed strategy from protests – complete with aforementioned Adrian Mole – to threatening staff. MBC were wise to take their threats seriously – calling the Islamists bluff when it comes to terror is a mistake.

    The casual recourse to threats and intimidation cannot be tolerated in any society, least of all one which is democratising. The government must prosecute the perpetrators, including those who incited them – that means Mr Mouwdah. And no pardons this time, please.

    And where are Bahrain’s human rights groups in all of this? Shouldn’t they be standing up for the human rights of the threatened staff?

  25. mahmood says:

    Re: MBC should have called Esalah’s bluff?

    You’re probably right. MBC couldn’t risk its staff’s welfare, but the government should have (1) provided immediate protection to staff, (2) investigate who made direct threats, capture and prosecute the stalkers.

    The parliament too should have severely censured the MPs for flouting democratic principles and available instruments. But the parliament under Al-Dhahrani won’t do anything, he is too close to the Islamists rather than being impartial.

    I too am surprised that the human rights societies didn’t at least declare their support of freedoms of speech and belief. Such a shame, this would have been a golden opportunity for them.

    There was talk that the ex-workers were going to demonstrate in front of the parliament this morning. I don’t know if they have, I hope they did and hope too that they found support from the public. I personally would have gone had I not been suffering from this bloody cold.

    But they have set a precident here. Demonstrate in front of parliament rather than the Ministry of Labour! THIS is what everyone should do. Demonstrate in front of the parliament to show those MPs the direct and severe effects their speeches and fervour’s result. Unemployment!

    This is contradictory to what they have been voted in for. And they need reminded from time to time.

  26. mahmood says:

    MBC is at fault too

    Don’t think that I don’t blame MBC too. In fact I blame it far more than the Islamists in this issue. After what could generously be classified as mild opposition (when compared with Nancy Ajram at least) MBC just upped and went! Cowards? I think so.

    Nancy proved that she’s got much more spunk. Although the protests at her concert were violent, she did go on stage and did perform. MBC on the other hand, just skedaddled.

    But speculations in one of the papers yesterday stated that MBC might have been “compensated” so they can shut the show. There is no corroborative evidence with this, but if it does prove to be true, then whoever compensated them must be also brought to book.

    There must be another side to the story which I would love to know. My attempts to call one of the producers came to naught, but will continue to dig and see what is unearthed.

    The end result however is clear, MBC are cowards for kowtowing to this rabble.

  27. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    A UK newspaper also recently did an article on this subject-now the whole of the UK is laughing at us.Things aren’t looking good for the future here.Say hello to the dark ages!!!
    By the way when are the elections? It seems obvious by speaking to most Bahrainis & the reading the posts on this site that there are many of us who disagree with the parliments abuse of power.It’s up to us to try & get these preachers out the parliment.

  28. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    so what let the whole world laugh at us!if the whole world strips naked will we follow because everyone says its right?i cant belive that we have reached the lowest levels of patheticness!

  29. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    oooooooooh. a real intelligent, persuasive, logical arguement we have there. it is perfectly clear to me the link between the debate on BB and Mahmood’s wife. i get it .. if you dont like the nature of the debate – find a personal attack against the moderator. hmmmm. what a great productive way to contribute to the society.

    incidentally my dear friend. both the US State Department and the Israeli Foreign Ministry live in societies where freedom of speech is tolerated much more than the society that either you or I live in. Try reading American and Israeli papers online. Perhaps you might learn a thing or two and see how their citizens end up becoming part of a society that innovates greatly from generation to generation. perhaps you might learn a little bit about why the dot com culture surpassed us in the Middle East completely, perhaps you will learn why Microsoft is an American company and not from Saudi Arabia. perhaps it will become clear why more books were transalated in spain than in the whole of the arab world last year. perhaps it will esplain why the number of patents that come out of the Gulf is miniscule comapred to the rest of the world. perhaps it will explain why your first instinct is to blame others and go on the personal attack than to take a step back and accept responsability for your own actions and think carefully about how you want to contribute and participate.

    fed up in bahrain

  30. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    you can’t really use that analogy here though, different thing altogether. What irks us all is that the “opposition” seems to think that only “they” are right, and no one else.

    There has to be an understanding on both sides that we must respect each other’s views even if they don’t coencide.

    You don’t like to watch the program, I on the other hand do. So is it fair to shut it down – regardless of its perceived unislamicness – just because you want it to?

    The prospective viewers for the show were estimated at 150 million. Is it fair that 1,000 miguided and clearly misusing their parliamentary power and abusing its sanctity close it down?

    It’s a matter of respect, and of choice. You don’t want to watch it, fine, turn the channel. If you find that it abuses your sensibilities, write a letter of complaint to the PRODUCERS, don’t go creating havoc just because YOU feel that it offends you. There are democratic instruments which could have been used.

    And WHO assigned these Islamists – and forgive me, yourself – as the exclusive protector of Islam, culture and “the Bahraini way”? I surely did not. So it does not give you the authority to affect my way of life.

    If I sin, then I don’t look to you for absolution, I turn to Allah.

    So give us a break will you?

    Let me say it loud and clear, just so that I am not misunderstood:


  31. adore says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    on a lighter note, does anyone know what happened to the contestants? are they still in the BB house?! i mean if they are, don’t u think they would have realised by now that none of them have been evicted so far?! but judging by the retards on the show, they all probably think they’re all so popular and loved by the viewing public that no one would vote them out! lol! i miss those idiots in a way…*sniff* 😉

  32. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    The contestants have been moved to another television programme currently in production. Blind date! The first taping of the programme was not a great success because all the women looked the same ie. bin liners!

    (I reckon anyway)

  33. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Conspiracy theories about secret pay-offs, calls for government prosecution, calls for government censure, screaming for human rights groups, plans afoot for demonstrations–and all for Big Brother. And you wonder why you are a laughing stock.

  34. anonymous says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Shows you know nothing! Big Brother was the catalyst here, nothiong more. It highlighted the ridiculous lengths the Islamacists will go to, not one right minded person cared one way or the other about Big Brother BUT what happened after it was shown was the issue. You people who think it is all about a TV programme should do a little research before being so smug! You obviously do not live in bahrain.

  35. mahmood says:

    Re(1): Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    I absolutely agree with your assessment. It is not a concert nor a television show, these are the details, the important problem which we have to discuss are the much larger issues like personal freedoms, freedom of choice, and the acceptance of differing views and not forcing one view held by a minority on the majority.

  36. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Exactly, sometimes it is easier for people to deal with one ongoing issue than to deal all at once with many more serious issues. In this part of the world, people are not used to questioning, debating and thinking freely for themselves. In one sense Big Brother (peace be upon it) has enabled people to discuss issues that are dangerously creeping up on them from behind! The worms who have crept out from the rock they usually sleaze under have gained too much power and bravado by OUR silence. I hope that now people are talking and discussing just who we want to run our affairs. People who will speak for us and allow us to flourish as INDIVIDUALS working for Bahrain and the future OR people who will control us and tell us what to do, when to do it and how. The world is changing, we cannot allow ourselves to slip into a stagnant state where the future of this country is arrested through the impotent and ignorant ways of a few morally corrupt individuals. YES, it is they who are morally corrupt. The seek to brainwash our children, tell them NOT to think for themselves or better the economy of the country.

  37. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    the big question is WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??
    are we going to allow a bunch of people less educated than ourselves dictate what we may and may not do?

    I believe in freedom of choice, and would like to get together with like individuals who also believe in the right to choose whether one wants to be a radical, moderate or liberal on each and every issue individually. in other words, to use our OWN brains, to choose our own pleasures and sins and code of behaviour that allows others to live theirs as well.

    people elected a group of people which includes some who have never had to think before let alone have any sort of vision or understanding of the longterm impacts of their decisions.

    we have already been passed by one previously irrelevant emirate, and the second is passing us by. do we have to be LAST??

    And to those who have decided to become moral keepers of society, get a life, stop being my guardian, and allow me to use the brain that God gave me to make my own decisions and choose my own paths. get off my back and live your own life. I can manage my life just fine.

    Free 2 choose (F2C) ( previously A Bahraini Lady ABL)

  38. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    OK now this sucks big time, cancelling Big Brother? The Nancy Ajram protests? NOT WANTING GIRLS TO STUDY ABROAD? where the heck did we go wrong?

    It seems to me that ever since these characters got a voice, they’ve been using it to shape our beloved Kingdom into their version of a perfect nation, a nation of surpression & control, a nation of outdated values & mindframes.

    This is just unfair, we, the teenagers of today, are the future of this country, we’re the ones who’re gonna be busting our asses day & night in a few years. It’s gonna be our time to lead our nation down the road of glory, however that can be a really short trip if these characters keep jumping over every single thing. Today they’re trying to segregate school but what about tomorrow? are they gonna segregate the public places? are they gonna go around malls hitting women for not covering up? Are we gonna end up going to Saudi Arabia instead of the other way around? This is not the future i had in mind for myself nor is it one that any Bahraini teenager ever had.

    Being a Bahraini teenager i can safely say that we’re prolly the most open minded teenagers in the gulf (Trust me, i study in The friggin’ American University of Sharjah, it’s like spending a year in Saudi Arabia) & non of us want to live like this, so what is the solution? Are we gonna sit on your asses while these kats walk all over us & tell us what to do or not to do or are we gonna take a stand & do it our own way? well i guess only time will tell….

  39. anonymous says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Well said ‘Teenager’! That is quite honestly one of the best posts on this board because you are the future of Bahrain and it is SO good to hear from the future! I sincerely hope that you know many others like yourself, you sound as if you have a vision of the Bahrain you want to live in and I hope together we can fight these idiots and stop them in their tracks.

    What I want for you is a country that you can thrive in, somewhere where you can be proud to come from, somewhere that you can see a bright future for yourself and your children and granchildren. I want you to have a vested interest in the country, I want you to have a good future as a part of the modern world within Bahrain. It is your right to be employed, share in the wealth that you create for your country, have freedom to live in peace and not be under the yoke of anyone.

    It is your right. Sadly I think that we will have to fight for a bright future but it is a battle of wits and intellegence we shall fight them with. and as they are unarmed in that department, we cannot fail to win if we are united.

    Well done on your post. It is great to hear from you. All the best in your studies and may you one day go into politics!

  40. anonymous says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    wife swap? A show where two wives are swapped around for two weeks? I really doubt Al Mouadah would consider that light entertainment that doesn’t clash with Islamic values. Although to be honest I think it would be hilarious to see a wife from the alleys of Muharraq being swapped with another from Bani Jamrah. Hey, that would make an amazing show, much more entertaining than Big Brother. By the way, just out of interest, which of the “world’s highest academic institutions” do you attend Bahriniya?

    Another radical Bahraini terrorist being nurtured in England.

  41. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    wife swap? A show where wives are swapped around for two weeks? I really doubt Al Mouadah would consider that light entertainment that doesn’t clash with Islamic values. Although to be honest I think it would be hilarious to see a wife from the alleys of Muharraq being swapped with another from Bani Jamrah. Hey, that would make an amazing show, much more entertaining than Big Brother. By the way, just out of interest, which of the “world’s highest academic institutions” do you attend Bahrainiya?

    Another radical Bahraini terrorist nurtured in England

  42. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Much more entertaining, a wife swap between bani jamrah and oh, lets see…. uk, us or france????? the best bit would be both wives reactions and of course Al Mouadah!

  43. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    here here!

  44. anonymous says:

    Dutch Big Brother Arabia documentary

    Hi, Last week there was a dutch documentary About Big Brother Arabia on dutch television.

    Most of it is in english..


    part 1
    part 2


    part 1
    part 2

    or go to the website:

    [ed: sorry had to clean the links, thanks for the contribution and the heads up]

    [Modified by: Mahmood Al-Yousif (mahmood) on June 09, 2004 05:37 PM]

  45. mahmood says:

    Re: Dutch Big Brother Arabia documentary

    Absolutely brilliant! It gives you a real insight into the selection, the thinking that goes through both the production team’s and the contestants heads.

    I’ve just finished the first part and am looking at the second (in a few seconds.)

    I especially liked it when the Minister of Information absolutely squirmed when asked if the “fundimentalists” would oppose the show. He started to say something and you can tell what he thought of these fundies, but then realised the camera was on and Salwa Souid (the executive producer) ordered the camera to be shut off! He did say earlier that “there would be no problem”!!!

    The first shot of the second part is Abdulla Al-A’ali and Adel Al-Moawdah! The 2nd part promises to be even better than the first!

    Thank you very much for sharing these with us… excellent insight!

  46. mahmood says:

    Re: Dutch Big Brother Arabia documentary

    …. and I’m in love with Zain Al-Thawadi! What a gal!!! Good on ya.

  47. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    tsk tsk tsk, so lame to name her….are you that desperate for her attention??

  48. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Okay then, let’s try again… how about this then? maybe it’ll help you wake up from your stupor. I hope that article does.

    I know Al-Thawadi, and I like and respect her. I would rather spend my time talking to her than give you a single second of my time! She is someone that Bahrainis and other Arabs can look up to. She is creative, open minded and contributes something to society.

    Your contributions on the other hand my dear human being, is switching off the lights of enlightenment and encourage people to bury their heads in the sand and never question, never progress, but just be happy and believe.

    And all of this while living in the Big Apple! Go figure. You should be in some little unknown village in Afghanistan because you will be really popular there. I guarantee it!

  49. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    In the Name of Allah, Ara7man Ara7eem

    Hello Everyone,

    There seems to be an uproar here against what happened with big brother. Then I see some is attacking and are unaccepting of Islamic values Islamists are portraying, saying they are “outdated” and we are busting our backs for the future as a young generation.

    The most important issue why are islamists as you call them doing this? And why do we call them islamists? Aren’t we muslims? Islamists are the ones who impliment Islam 100%, down to the sunna. While the people who lable them as Islamists, tend to think of themselves as moderates or ‘doing whats right’? But moderates in what spectrum? The islamic spectrum? But Islam says to be a moderate, in which all its values and rules down to the sunna is implimented, as God said “Ya2moroona bil ma3roof wa yanhoona 3an il monkar” thats a known fact and a characteristic of ahal il eman wal islam. Are the people who label themselves as REFORMISTS or PROGRESSIVE and NON-ISLAMIST doing that? Of course not, so they aren’t moderates in the ISLAMIC defention, but based on western definitions of democracy dating back to Aristotle and to the writings of John Locke, and to our modern day ‘freedom of speach’ and etc based on the writing of Madison and Jefferson and many founding father of what is called THE USA.

    Now why did I say, OF COURSE NOT there no moderates in Islam’s view. Because as the prophet (sala Allaho Alayhi wasalam) has said, if a man and a woman are alone, the third is Satan. Futhermore, he is known to to even have his hand touch another women’s hand. Furthermore, Allah THE WISE, Creator of all, has mentioned in the Quran, a direct command to Mohammed (s), O Mohammed … tell the mo’amineena wal mo2minat, to lower the gazes, and to cover there Zeena, and the Ayah goes on detailing this law. And in Surrat al mo2mineen he says ” Qaaad afla7a almo2minoon, Alatheena hom fee Salatihom Khaashi’ooon… walatheena hom lifiroojihim Hafethoon”, the question is are we moHafitheen 3ala firoojina? Have we lowered our gazes? Have our women covered up so not to cause fitna in society? Wal fitna ashado min il qatil.

    did you know awal fitnat bani Israeel … Were women? Yet our knowledge, experience, and wisedom is restricted on what we learn and read, and we can’t seem to research islam and Quran more, and know and accept the past and laws.

    Why mention all these things from the Quran and sunna? To Give you a view of the people you call ISLAMISTS, and how sometimes one fails to take one step back and put yourself in the shoes of the people who are argueing against you.

    Furthermore, there were aggresive remarks saying, islamists are closed minded, outdated, these new ideas (from the west) are progressive, and basically in summary they will do us good. Outdated? like those in the century before us told the prophets these laws and revelations you bring are … “a9a6eeeer (asateer) Al-2awaleeen”, amazing how history repeats itself. Now Firstly, Islamists (or il mo2mineen who are truely are mo2mineen), are not close minded. Because the Quran orders them to “watafakarooo”, to be open minded, to look around you and contiplate. In Fact, the best intellecutuals come from Islam. Even the Imam Ahmed ibna Hambal Rahimaho Allah, says to the priests of other religions, Come… Come You who said there is no God, and argue with me, throw what you have. Islamists are people of intellect, and they should discuss in a friendly and civilized manner these issues. But sometimes they will not, why? To avoid fitna, or something worse, called shobohat, which is going into areas only God knows, and people dont know it, so they lose the straight path. You can research the topic shobohat and you’ll understand why some areas are dangerious to go into, it will take me too long to explain.

    Now, these ideas of freedom, and do what your heart tells you or what you feel is write, is the right way? Are you really free? If your really free this means you have NO MASTER, no CREATOR .. is that true? If your really free does that mean you have no angels on your left and right writing what you do? If your really free does that mean you wont be judged on what you SAID, DONE, heared, or LISTENED to? So your not free to do, your not free to say, your not free really, but your a creation. The master, king of kings, have brought down a book to you, NOT TO CONFINE YOU as many have pointed out. MANY HAVE POINTED OUT THAT WE ARE OPPRESSED, WE ARE WALLED IN, are you? Or is that Satan making you imagine that in your mind?

    As the prohet (s), Said …. ISLAM BIULT THESE WALLS AROUND YOU NOT TO CONFINE YOU, NOT TO OPPRESS YOU, but to PROTECT YOU, from what is wicked, what is filthy, and what is wrong IN THIS LIFE, and to protect you from the FIRE OF HELL in the next life. now do you understand ? Now do you get it? For example, Simply, dont drink, in the past they didn’t no understand why, but they obeyed, research shoes drinking kills you as a human, financially, socially, and effects society negatively.

    Many today view our era as that of il JAHILIYAH, where one follows his own desires, his own mind set of whats right and wrong. While the Creator has told you whats right and wrong … as he said … Sometimes you see something beautiful, and it bad for you, even if this beauty is alot, its still bad … ALLAH KNOWS AND YOU DO NOT, as he outlined in the beginning of the Quran. Why is it beauiful? … cuz Satan, Zayanaho , or made it look beautiful to you. See the greatest achievement by Satan is to convince you and many others that HE DOESN’T EXSIST. You might think he does, but you dont really believe in that .. or do u ? Well he did vow before leaving Heaven to surround Bani Adam’s daughters and Sons from the left, right, front, back, and under, you know why not from the top? Because Thats Where God is and he can’t.

    LASTLY, in the end I want to say a story which God mentions in the Quran alot, the Story of Moses when he goes to Madyan (surrat Ta-Ha) with his family and talks to God in the Fire. God tells him that your choosen to be my prophet, then he gave him 3 important lessons. What are they?

    1st, the first case he said Sib7ana wa ta3ala … “Inaneeeeeeee ana RABOOK, wa Ana ikhtartootka fastami3 lima yoo7a” That he is our creator and listen to the message.

    2nd, the second case he said Sib7ana wa ta3ala … “Inaneeeeeeeen ana Allaho Laaaa eelaha ila Ana fa3bodny Wa aqim aSalah Li thikry” , thats the main issue, taw7eed Allah sib7ana wa thikraaah

    3rd case …. ” … Ina Asaa3a Atayitoon Akado okhofeeha litajza kolo nafsin bima tas3aa ” … to believe in God and Al youm al akhir, judgment Day.

    4rd, last case God reveiled to Moses THIS EXPLAINS MY POINT, “.. fala yaSooDanaka 3anha man la yo2mino bihaa wa itaba3a hawaaah fatarda” — hawa as in desire, as in there own man made logic. How perfect is Islamic main laws and imperfect are man made laws? Or even thoughts of what is right? Have you thought of doing something right, then it turns out not to be the right choice or decision? Yet based on our desire, we fight for it. Which law or cause is worth fighting for? Man’s? Or that of The Creator? The creator doesn’t oppress, on the contrary… HE BRINGS PEOPLE OUT OF DARKNESS, INTO LIGHT, as outlined in many Surras in the Quran, he liberates you from that you think is beautiful yet like a poisened apple its not.

    These stories in the Quran have morals, have meanings behind them for us to learn.

    Now have the western ideas appealed to our hearts? and made our desires twich and want to be like them? LEt me ask you something, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WESTERN LAWS HAVE BEEN CHANGED, REFORMED, AND CHANGED AGAIN? And how many times have islamic laws been changed, and re changed? Not a single time from when the Quran was Revealed by the all mighty.

    Does this show you the wisdom behind it? Perhaps we have a system, that we haven’t looked at. See the Islamist know what you think, and know your desire for ‘open mindness’ and ‘freedom

  50. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    correction in third paragraph:


    Now why did I say, OF COURSE NOT there no moderates in Islam’s view. Because as the prophet (sala Allaho Alayhi wasalam) has said, if a man and a woman are alone, the third is Satan.


    Now why did I say, OF COURSE NOT (about non-islamists) there NOT moderates in Islam’s view. Because as the prophet (sala Allaho Alayhi wasalam) has said, if a man and a woman are alone, the third is Satan, do they believe in that? or impliment it?

  51. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Oooh boy…

    so it’s quite clear-cut in your mind, I’m happy for you.

    one thing though, which Al-Thawadi are you talking about? I most definitely would like to meet her as she does sound like we’re birds of a feather! 🙂


  52. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    oh by the way, this might interest you. It’s in Arabic though so I hope you can read it.

  53. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    I’d like to point out the word i mentioned ‘tafakaro’ is not directly direved from the Holy Quran, it is based on verses where Allah sib7ana mentions people who contiplate the Universe and then yi2minoon bil Allah. Just to make sure I was clear about this, its not from the Quran.


    Anyhow, the link you posted was funny eheheh. Thats ironic. That guy is living a fantasy, thinking he is in some communist country fighting Stalen. I guess he knows best, since he made up his mind and thought of Islam as wrong. He seriously needs some psycitric help, he mentions, underground movement, brain washed, and judging by his word choice you get an idea what kind of a writer he is.

    I find it amusing especially when he comments on Imam Ibna Hambal, hehe A man who nothing like him was born, unique in his own way. As Allah Sib7ana Said in Surat al baqarah, that he has sealed there hearts and senses, they are blind and can not see. This writer is as blind as a bat.

    lol funny when he mentions the brain washed masses lol, he must watch to many fantasy/alien movies. Especially he is commenting on things that are logical and true, and his comments have no effect, in fact they have the opposite affect. They are so rediculus and funny, it shows you he help prove what he started to dis prove. One word, fi6raaah. Fi6ra is the thing that you do when you are first born and know how to eat, its fi6ra, fi6ra is to know how to walk … who taught you? its automatic, so who programed you? Thats fi6ra, look around you and think about it. The Quran challenges the mind to look around and free it self, that man obviously has put his mind in prison.

    Anyhow, althawadi meaning the girl who produced big brother. Yes she is a liberal kind of person, and I know her more than well. And no your not of the same feather, trust me, she is different.

    In the mean time, I hope you look at my refences and listen to them, you might find them useful. Take care.

    Fe aman Allah 🙂

  54. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Bismil Allah ara7man Ara7eem

    That article i wont respond to because it is a waste of time, as i mentioned in my previous response.
    Read my response because Its the same to this one. This guy needs help seriously. Sadly, he learn Religion so he CAN STABB religion … and As the Quran said … “Qotilaa Kayfa Dabar” .. he will fall in his own hole he is digging. The only way he does it though creating shobohat (research what shobohat means) or taking things out of context, much as the ones did before him. Sad really.

    Secondly, I am not the person who needs to wake up. Hal yastawi al a3ma ma3a il ba9eer? We are in the light, while the so called ‘liberals’ are in the dark. The difference here, as a muslim I do not impiment half the religion but all of it, if i impliment half or what i want or dont want then what does that make me? muslim? truely?

    If you read my long post, you’d know in Islam we do Question, and i explained there are areas which the human mind can not elaborate on, and may cause fitna or shobohat.

    Futhermore, it is not me who is stubborn or ignorant of this issue, for I have researched both sides. While the ‘liberals’ only view there side, and never researched the other side throughly WITH NO PREJUDICE.

    And i mentioned the concept of ‘alatheena yatafakaroon’ .. that contiplate and question, so who said in Islam we dont?

    So your saying what Islam and Allah ordered is “a9a6eer al 2awaleen” basically and outdated and UNENLIGHTENED. As Allah sib7ana Said, “Wala3alak bakhi3on nafsaka 3ala 2athareeehim in lam yo2mino behatha al 7adeethi Asafa” (surrat Al kahf) So no matter how i reveal and explain to you you will not. Even if i split the moon for you, you will not open your heart and consider the truth and wisedom of Islam.

    My contribution is shading light on an area many of you stereotype and have darkened with your own prejedice and DESIRES. Everyday your mood swings and as they say 7ayraaaan fil arth. You make accusations, yet your closed mind can not free itself to contiplate if this is a better way, if this is the truth, how about you question what you have in your hands,, and research what you do not have, the Islamic way. I challenge you for that. For I have studied both sides very thourghly.

    How many days have you put your head on the pillow and had a good night sleep, or a good day to live, with no stress or worries, or problems. I wonder. Why? or if yes then am happy for you, but i highly doubt it if you just look inside.

    Acctually we never bury our heads int he sand, we raise it high. The greatest progress for this region came with ISLAM, amazing fact isn’t it? And who did they go up against, the great roman umpire, amazing, plus the empire of the persians. I wonder how they did that when they barried there heads in the sand, and no progress, and I WONDER how you derieved this.

    LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I noticed you overlap things and confuse them, and do not have the time to research, question, and MOST IMPORTANTLY understand. You confuse ISLAM with culture, YOU CONFUSE ISLAM with Afghanistan. My dear friend, just as there are crazy liberals and crazy ppl in this life, there is CRAZY people infecting Islam, and you have seen it in Afghanistan.

    Islam is about compasion and mercy, not what the Taliban did, they are 180 degrees the other way. They could be viewed as a TOTALITARIAN government much compriable to Stalin and Hitler in there methods of control. My God, they even grew drugs, can’t you see that?

    and… OH GOOD you can see my host or ip. Yes its the big apple. Amazed? Your stereotypical mind comes into action again, sad really. I hope you find light in such thoughts. You seem to confuse progressive, freedom of mind, with being rude and just saying what you want. There is a difference, between someone who is free to poison his body with alchole and a person who is free to use it for good. Two different freedoms, obviously you seem to fight for the freedom to do what ever, especially say something diragitory. [b]Hey, if thats your respectful way of arguing go ahead, just shows me how open minded you are and your ideals, I won an argument about freedom, open mindness, and reform with out even much effort, and i find it ironic you stand for all of this and yet you portray and act 180 degrees the opposite towards what you dont agree with or not accept.[/b]

    I will not respond to your low comment. Because this just shows me how LIBERAL, and PROGRESSIVE your thinking is. Your deragotory comment much mirrors its owner. You can at least have an intellectual conversation in which you try to contiplate and understand, instead of put down and indirectly attack. For that i wont respond to your posts anymore. I thought this place is suppose to be progressive, open minded, and your looking to UNDERSTAND AND DISCUSS, intead of accuse and put down, I GUESS i own an argument with out much effort.

    Let me mention finally, I will never look up to someone like that Girl you mentioned. You can look up at her, because thats how you are. For I for one, Will never look up to her ( i bet your stereotypical mind will say, yet cuz she’s a woman? NOO), because a person who drinks, smokes, runs after men in college is not a kind of person i regard as a figure who is ethical or moral. But a figure who chases after desires, so they confuse desire with what is right. And i will never leave what is right to be determined by a human who is hardly have a straight life and is prone to mistakes, but I will leave it to my Lord who has the truth and knows whats right. I apologize to mention this, but it is to prove a point. Plus, she from college, was after these high places to be recogdnized more than for the purpose to do good. I am not attacking her, I am merely stating the reasons why I do not look up to your ‘girl

  55. anonymous says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    you asswipes are all the same. you continuously blabber on about piety, yet you actively destroy a good girl’s repuation. what? she was too much for you to handle? I bet you couldn’t even get near her yet you wank yourself silly just thinking about her don’t you? yet saying “astaghfirullah” between every stroke, and you go on about your god and your religion. what a peasant. if this is the last we hear from and of you then I will convert to islam in celebration!

    you pricks with your hollier than thou attitudes chase away any would be muslim than any other human being in history, even bin-fuckin’-laden.

  56. anonymous says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Tsk tsk … An anti-muslim swearing and insulting, thats new? lol

    Only ground you have for your empty argument is your stereotypical accusations and your idea of what Islam and Muslims are from watching too much TV or probably from your ‘racist’ groupies. Yet when it comes to understand the religion, you take not time in doing that or effort, your too lazy and dont have the brain power to research and have an empty cup to understand. Ignorance and stereotypes behold you and are well rooted in you.

    Its funny you talk about this girl yet you dont know much about her, and you accuse knowing you have no ground, you talk about ruining her reputation when your words are so filthy they already tainted her reputation. And you dont even know what she did or have done, yet you make up things as you type, if your read the post you’d know that what is said about her is to prove she is no role model, not to taint her reputation, but i guess ignorance is infinit for you.

    You sound disressed, in need of major therapy. Whats wrong, hate eating away inside you? Taking out your frustrations of the net? Pathatic really.

    The only intellegent thing about what you wrote is the fact you can write or type. In terms of content, it is more like A white supremecist talking to an African American, Asian, or any other race.
    You should read “White Man’s Burden”, it will suit you.

    So you read a few books maybe ? Religion for Dummies? and learned a few words here and there, so you ATTEMPT to stabb religion with your half truths and out of context phrases, and your only ground is bring analogies from crazy extremists who claim they are muslims when they have nothing to do with Islam, and you would know that if you had a profound understanding. Yet you try to rally behind you a mob of fools, just like the lenching day of the KKK, or the days of burning witchs in England. And you speak of open mindness and enlightenment, while in your darkness you dwell, blinded by half truths you think is light.

    Islam has its extremiest, Just as the KKK were extremist of Christianity, in the early 1900s yet had nothing to do with Christians yet they claimed its for religion, and you talk about history? Ignorance is a theme for you LOOL , pathatic really.

    The great thing is, you will still dwell in hate and in your empty space, while Islam grows and is the truth, and it breaks you, no matter how much you insult or say or do, like those before you it will break you. come to think of it, your insults reflect who you are, and I guess we all know what you are.

    And I dont know what is a waste, having the time to reply this post or even reading your post. come to think of it, why bother to even read what you write or reply to this website, You speak of freedom of speak and thought, yet your racist and stereotypical minds are inclosed in walls they can’t break from to HAVE THE TIME to understand and consider with no PREJUDICE, what irony, the people who speak of freedom dont even portray it or have the ethical and respectful ways to paint it.

    that is why one must rise higher than this, and that is why you are the peasant dwelling in your hate, and am free of what you say, thats why I wont reply to your posts or even be on this WEBSITE, I am free and you are a slave of your own ignorance and hate, and desires that incapsule you flip flopping your mood from one day to the next. Until you realize when Death comes, how you wronged yourself.

  57. mahmood says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Damn. That guy must have pressed a button DEEP in your subconsciousness!

  58. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    I know Al-Thawadi too, where the hell are you kuti? Haven’t talked to you in two years…..You know who this is pagal…catch on yet? 🙂

  59. salima44 says:

    Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    Has anyone seen Mr. UNIBROW around the Island of late? Or has he moved on to Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University in Riyadh to tell tales of his part in taking down BIG BROTHER?

  60. anonymous says:


    Hello people
    just wanted to let you know that this is the infamous Al-Thawadi lol
    This blog is great! great disccussion!

    but wanna know, who is this guy? I dont really have any friends that are vocal about their religious beleifs…not to this extent atleast…you said ur a good friend of mine? names plz

    if u guys wanna get intouch, im on

    see ya

  61. anonymous says:


    Hello people
    just wanted to let you know that this is the infamous Al-Thawadi lol
    This blog is great! great disccussion!

    but wanna know, who is this guy? I dont really have any friends that are vocal about their religious beleifs…not to this extent atleast…you said ur a good friend of mine? names plz

    if u guys wanna get intouch, im on

    see ya


  62. anonymous says:


    HI guys! its zain again
    i just read that nasty reply from that religious person! i still have no idea who you are.
    But from the way you described me, you Definately don’t know me 😉

    BTW … I never chase after guys, they chase me 😉 LOL

  63. mahmood says:

    Re(1): I AM AL-THAWADI

    just ignore it and take it into your stride, only a fruitful tree gets pelted with rocks.

    Good to have you on though! 😉

  64. anonymous says:

    Re: Big Brothers stop Big Brother Arabia

    your a sick person!

    GUYS, this person is a potential serial killer or a uni bomber!! honestly!
    does anyone here have a degree in psychological profiling? take a look at this nutt case!!!

  65. anonymous says:

    Re(2): I AM AL-THAWADI

    THANX mahmood! 🙂 it’s great to be on board! good job with this btw!

    See ya

  66. Ansgar says:

    First time we had “Big Brother” in Germany I was disgusted.
    I thought it is unrational to life in such a prison (well, made of gold anyway) and perform bunches of stupidness.
    Few seasons later everybody know hat the show is boring, boring, boring… nobody watch it anymore. I don´t know if its still aired.

    So, don´t worry about this nonsense. Everything will be fine after a while.

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