Don’t agree with Islamists? Then you are “morally corrupt”

4 Mar, '04

The effervescent MP, the honourable Adel Al-Moawdah described anyone who defended the “Big Brother” program as being from the “morally corrupt lobby1.”

That of course labels virtually the whole of the business community, leading businessmen and their families, and moderates alike. And of course that means that only Islamists know the “way to Allah” and we should blindly follow in their footsteps.

And here is simple “morally corrupt” me wondering if there is no panel in parliament to censure MPs who use such insulting language to describe the very people who they have been sworn to serve?

Where is the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies from all this? Isn’t it his responsibility to at least reprimand wayward MPs like Al-Moawdah for choosing to blatantly use phrases like these? As important, as an Islamist himself, isn’t it his responsibility to educate these people in the correct way to conduct themselves? In direct violation to the parliament’s own internal rules and regulations Adel Al-Moawdah, Ali Mattar, Mohammed Khalid and Al-Saidi have continuously flouted their sworn roles and went out on demonstrations, described their constituents with terms like “lost” and “morally corrupt.” Isn’t it time that the Chairman and these honourable gentlemen offer their abject and sincere apologies to the community?

Farouq Al-MoayyedI join my voice to Farouq Al-Moayyed, one of the leading businessmen in Bahrain, demand an apology from Adel Al-Moawdah for describing me as “corrupt”. The only corruption I can see at this moment is Al-Moawdah’s mind!

With his once again irresponsible actions and words, he has successfully banished MBC from Bahrain who is on record today saying that they will never consider any form of project in Bahrain. With them I think Orbit will go – which plans to hire up to 700 people on the island, build a station and broadcast some 30 satellite channels as well as build production facilities and studios. There is also the Bahrain Financial Channel which is probably re-considering its location now, 2 private TV stations who have applied for licenses and I would not be surprised if they “suspend” their applications now, there is the Opera House which is scheduled to be built in the Bahrain Financial Harbour which is on the balance now, and goodness knows what else directly in the media business.

This translates to thousands of jobs and countless millions. But we can’t have that as some of them “might” be perceived as un-Islamic.

These people can’t seems to realise that there is no bigger coward than capital. Any hitch, much less than the reaction to Nancy Ajram and Big Brother, and it’s the first to escape, leaving behind lost opportunities, lost jobs, increased poverty, shrinkage of the middle class, and shattered families.

The Islamists owe us all an apology.

[1] Al-Wasat Newspaper, front page, 4th March 2004.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Don’t agree with Islamists? Then you are


  2. mahmood says:

    Re: Don’t agree with Islamists? Then you are

    He’s still around, and he’s still working very hard at getting the democarcy going, but he needs help to open minds, start dialogue and find the middle ground that would please the majority of people.

    However the Islamists seem to be hell-bent on destroying this fledgling democracy and take us back to the dark ages.

    What we need to do is write to them showing our discontent with their thoughts and ways. Every one of us should do that. Once they are flooded with emails/faxes/letters, maybe, just maybe they will understand that we’re not happy with their performance in parliament.

    While we’re at it, we should also write to our elected MP for our area, or at least make sure you copy him with the letter to the Islamists.

  3. anonymous says:

    Don’t agree with Islamists? Then you are

    Where can I find information on who is my MP and when they hold their majlis?

  4. mahmood says:

    Re: Don’t agree with Islamists? Then you are

    There is supposed to be a website with all this infromation done for the Chamber of Deputies but I think it’s not up yet, so the only way of finding this information is from the information office at the parliament.

    I’ll call them Saturday and see if they would give out this information and put that up here.

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