It was a good day today…

14 Apr, '04

Isn’t music powerful? At the moment I have no enemies – they’re simply delegated to the status of nuisance. I can’t get myself to be angry at anything and am just enjoying the feeling of peace. All thanks to the heavenly voice of Natasha St-Pier. I don’t understand the lyrics, being in French, but the spirit of all her songs in her latest album is simply enchanting. I’m now going to start learning French just to enjoy the music more. If you have a chance, do yourself a favour and get her CD!

So I was pumped up listening to Natasha driving to the office, then again in the office that when lunchtime came, I thought I’d invite the family for lunch at the Seef Mall. Frances had exactly the same idea as when I called she was corralling the children to go to Seef! Talk about connections!

After enjoying lunch there – all peaceful and no fights, we strolled through the mall. We can’t go any faster at the moment due to Gnasher, our dog, stomping on Frances’ toe and fracturing it! The bugger is about 50kgs and let me tell you when he stomps, you feel the earth vibrate. No joke! But wait, he did it once then as she was leaving the house to go to the hospital to get it checked out he stomped on the very same toe again – just to be sure that the radiologist actually sees the fracture clearly! Ouch!!

From one shop to another the girls went, I just ignored them and left them be. They don’t have my credit cards and it was prudent just to keep my distance. I on the other hand bought the new Texas CD (a bit disappointingly I think) and a couple of other things. On the way to the car, I was recognised! And not only that, I was actually asked for my autograph! That was surprising and gratifying and “way cool” as my daughters classified the situation. Now they have a famous father.. wayhey! I hope you enjoy the autograph John, I’m sorry I didn’t get your friend’s name (let me know please!) Arif said that I have to watch out for the paparazzi now!!

To make the day even more perfect, I actually found a toy hamster in a wheel being sold at the mall and bought it! It will be the official emblem of the TWITBTHIFD Society if you all see that it’s worthwhile for such and auspicious cause.

Arif too got to really love the day as his Chicago Bulls uniform. And of course his sister Amna takes over one of the shirts as “it fits me quite well!”.

Well, it was a good day. Hope that tomorrow is even better! Now on to the pictures:

The Wheel is Turning but the Hamster is Fucking Dead Society at Mahmood's Den
TWITBTHIFD Society Official Prize?

My autograph is sought and given!!
I’m famous! :shy:

Arif and his stink bombs
As if Arif doesn’t smell bad enough, he has to buy some stink bombs!

Arif in his favourite Chicago Bulls team colours
Arif at last gets his team colours… now he’ll find something else to moan about until he gets it!

Natasha St-Pier
Natasha St-Pier

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  1. anonymous says:

    Trackback :: "Way cool," Dad

    TrackBack from sisu

    Mahmood signs autograph for rapt fan at the mall (left) and Mahmood’s latest ear candy, French chanteuse Natasha St-Pier, hangs tough. Take a listen . . . We ourselves would have loved it hadn’t it been for the heavy

  2. anonymous says:

    It was a good day today…

    Hehe, WHO asked for your autograph and why? what are youfamous for Mahmood? This blog?

  3. mahmood says:

    Re: It was a good day today…

    I really have no idea mate! Maybe it’s my good looks and money! 🙂

  4. anonymous says:

    It was a good day today…

    Money? Haaa, I kNOW you mahmood!

  5. anonymous says:

    It was a good day today…

    obviously, your LOOKS

  6. mahmood says:

    Re: It was a good day today…

    Ah, you’re THAT anonymous! Damn, now I have to be careful!!

  7. anonymous says:

    It was a good day today…


    Check out a new singer by the name of Hayley Westerna. What a set of vocal cords! I saw her this morning on TV and am waiting for the Mall to open so I can blaze the trail to pick up her CD.


  8. anonymous says:

    It was a good day today…

    I thought dogs were very much frowned on in the Arab world? How did you get away with walking the dog in public?

  9. mahmood says:

    Re: It was a good day today…

    huh? whatchatalkingabout?

  10. PattyP says:

    It was a good day today…


    Thank you for the link to Natasha St Pier. I have been enjoying her music since reading it on your column. We (my family and I) are inbound to Bahrain…I can’t wait! I promise to keep my eyes open at the mall, and come running to get your autograph should I see you!

    “Anonymous Patty”

  11. mahmood says:

    Re: It was a good day today…

    Hey you’re welcome Patty, anon or not! Glad you enjoy Natasha St Pier’s music, I know I am hooked and am on the lookout for all of her CDs now…

  12. anonymous says:

    It was a good day today…

    How is Frances’ toe healing?


  13. mahmood says:

    Re: It was a good day today…

    It was nice and bruised and twice the size. We made immense fun of her!! She’s now fine and on the mend with the toe approaching normal size!

  14. anonymous says:

    It was a good day today…

    Hi Mahmood,

    I’m the ‘John’ who you signed the autograph for, via my female friend. I read your blog in Australia, and put my Bahrainian-residing friend onto your website. So when my friend saw you, and text-messaged me on her mobile, I insisted she hassled you for an autograph! Cheers, John

  15. mahmood says:

    Re: It was a good day today…

    Excellent! Hope you enjoy receiving it, I most certainly enjoyed the experience. Got to buy your friend a drink though as in all the excitement I didn’t even ask her for her name! Me bad mannered puppy!

    Well it doesn’t help if your daughters are sniggering in the background and you’re wife is looking very bemused too!

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