Dubai screwup

17 May, '04

Even the almighty Dubai can screw up sometimes… but I would be willing to bet real money that they’ll get it right the next time ’round.

The difference of course is that they (I hope) learn from their mistakes.

On a different tack… I’m off to Abu Dhabi tomorrow to apply for the Canadian visa.. only 6 weeks to go!

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  1. Ash says:

    Dubai screwup

    I feel for the artists and performers-talk about added stress! Best of luck for next time.
    Off topic- Re: Canadian Visa.
    Hope you didn’t use Sheik Abd al-Rahman al-Sudais as a referrence as he was just banned from entering Canada! He was to speak at a Mosque in Toronto, but when the media found out about his anti-semitic views…….. well, now all are denying he was invited in the first place! Same thing happened to him last January in Florida. Wow must be all the ‘mental problems’ westerners have, mixing up whether he was invited or not! (tounge in cheek) Source: Montreal Gazette Newspaper – on line.

  2. Ash says:

    Dubai screwup

    Mahmood: Hope I didn’t offend you, I was just poking fun at the stupid statements this man has made. Hope things went well with your Visa application.

  3. mahmood says:

    Canadians TOO efficient!

    The Visa application went too smoothly! Got off the plane, taxi to the embassy, submitted the papers, paid and collected the passport with a 7 month visa at 2pm! I went prepared to stay for a couple of days or more and your embassy screwed up my enjoyment plans I had for Dubai (could NOT stay in Abu Dhabi more than absolutely necessary!!) So I just landed back in Bahrain and am typing this from the office… grrr

    sometimes efficiency works against you!

  4. Ash says:

    Canadians TOO effecient

    Too Funny! Must be a screw up for sure! Doesn’t go that way for us back home! Maybe it’s a plot to lull you into thinking we’re really good at bureaucratic procedures, but once your there they may not let you out (lost paperwork, misplaced files, lost reservations, computers down)! Just kidding, I’m sure the Canadian airlines will dispel this shocking display of effeciency! Way to go on the visa! Hopefully some great days in Canada will make up for the expected days off in Dubai! Now get back to work!

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