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27 Sep, '04

I’m off to Dubai for 4 days on business. See you when I come back, but let’s start a tradition which will be enacted every time I go away and that is:


Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment :: MtvSM

which should be fun and yet another reason to register!! I hope that nominee will take this with a light heart and that s/he don’t mind too much!

So without further ado, the First MtvSM is hereby declared to be:

Steve the American!

Steve the American should be mercilessly BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING that happens in the world until I come back! So pour your troubles on Steve’s wide shoulder!

And you can use the MtvSM’s thread for any topic you like, just pour it in, but remember to blame the MtvSM for it!

In the future I might put up a poll and let you choose who should be the next MtvSM!

Don’t look at me people, it’s Steve’s fault!

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  1. mohd says:

    Damn it Steve! It’s all YOUR fault!

    Now look what you’ve done!

    Thanks to your soapbox on democracy and your stands on openess, the following disasters are clearly of your making!




    What do you have to say for yourself now that Tunisian women won’t be shuttered at home, the Salem Al-Sabah line suddenly has more free time on their hands and now that imperial western interests will be running business in Egypt?


    On the other hand, I’m betraying my ignorance of Kuwaiti politics here, but what does the phasing out of Shaikh Sa’ad mean? Kuwait always seemed most conservative of the smaller Gulf Emirates, but also the most politically stable. I’m sure the parliament in Kuwait has had it’s moments, but I can’t remember any real controversy.

    So what’s the story here?

  2. anonymous says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    Has Steve got just the one wide shoulder, then? Lopsided kind of a guy? Easy to spot and kick in a crowd?

  3. fekete says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    Awwww Steve ..

    Pay no attention. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Just because 99.9% if the masses dont agree with your world view doesnt mean anything.

    We shall defend your honor. We shall fight valiantly and sincerely. Maybe not with the sword, but definitely with the keyboards. All for one and one for all.

    Long live Steve, our hero, our Mulla Spinstani. Hail to the leader, to the bearded one, the champion of the oppressed, the protector of the weak, the leader of the free world.

    If you need help defending yourself, let us know. We can create the army of Steve. I can

  4. fekete says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    ooops. sorry about the above post. i got a bit carried away and was not able to finish my thought.

    anyways .. get rid of that twat bush, and run for prez. you have my vote.

  5. esraa says:

    My computer system

    in the Cadillac went out tonight and I got stranded at the mall after getting groceries. I thought it was the Zionists’ fault but now I see the real root of the problem — It’s Steve’s fault!!! 🙁

    Steve, can you please have my car picked up at the Landmark Mall, serviced and returned to my house by the time I have to go to class tomorrow?

    Thanks, buddy,

  6. [deleted]0.01191600 1099323613.647 says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    Well go carefully when you get to Dubai, the new Airport Terminal just fell down. Steve must have been leaning against it.

  7. anonymous says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    How is this different from the usual?


  8. mahmood says:

    Re: Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    That was actually Steve’s fault, as he definitely should have gotten the gold, but Steve being Steve voted against an Arab ever getting a gold medal in anything!

  9. salima44 says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    I see Steve called all his comment spamming friends and told them Mahmood.TV was again open for business.

  10. fawzyah says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    How about hero of the moment, I would put
    Hamad ALADWANI of KUWAIT forward for winning a silver medal in the 100M T54 men in teh paralympics

  11. [deleted]0.01191600 1099323613.647 says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    While the cat’s away, the mice will play.

    In this case, I propose we should play


    Here’s how it works….

    All players enter a bingo card. Only one card per player. Anon players will be ignored. Get registered!. A card consists of 20 numbers, seperated by commas. Every number must be an integer between 1 and 90 (no fractions, decimals, or quadratic equations.) Any number can only appear once on your card.

    I will act as “caller”, so I am barred from entering or winning. I will use Microsoft Excel’s random number generator to call the numbers, starting 18.00 British Summer Time tomorrow, 29 Sept. Need I say that before I start, I will have saved all of your numbers? Late entries will not be entertained.

    And the star prize is????

    The winner gets to submit an original article of his/her choice to Mahmood’s Den for publication…

    Unless, of course, he says no…


  12. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re: My computer system

    Sure. Could you meet me at the Landmark Mall with your car keys around 10 AM? Please stand on one leg so I know who you are. Or if you wish, you can hold up a sign, “STEVE I’M OVER HERE!”


    PS. The Zionists told me they disconnected your spark plugs if that’s any help.

  13. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re: Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    I sawed halfway through some of the main load-bearing supports in the terminal. It was just a matter of time after that.


  14. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re: Damn it Steve! It’s all YOUR fault!

    Actually, it’s all due to a mix up. When I met with the Zionists on our Tuesday night meeting to plan the world conquest, I said the girls should choose the tuna for the sandwiches. Somehow that came out women should choose the government in Tunis. I also said I’d like to hear more Abba, especially “Dancing Queen.” I love their music. That came out make Sheikh Sabah crown prince.

    It turns out I spilled Diet Coke on the meeting minutes, the transciptionist couldn’t read it, and things got confused.



  15. fekete says:

    Re(1): Damn it Steve! It’s all YOUR fault!

    Steve ..

    Its the transalation equipment that you used at the meeting. There is a systematic defect in the equipment that was sold to the Zionists. If you look carefully, you will realize that the vendors of the equipment have very strong corporate links to the Democrats. They are the true enemy of freedom. And if you dig deep enough, you will realize that there is a direct line that leads to Vince Foster. Forget Amdocs. At the end of the day, its really all Hillary’s responsability.


  16. [deleted]0.76210300 1099323158.644 says:

    Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    I am so glad that Steve is accepting all blame for the world’s problems… I’m such a wimp that I could hardly keep from bursting into tears when I was blamed for our office copy-machine breaking down this morning.

    I am thrilled that I can now report to my boss that it was all Steve’s doing and that he should refer all future repair inquiries to Steve.

    Thanks Steve, and remember… we’ll need more toner in addition to a very expensive thingamajigger for which you will be billed. You don’t mind do you? I will even tell my boss that you will take care of it before cleaning up your hurricane messes in Jamaica, Florida, and Puerto Rico.[url][/url][url][/url]

    [Modified by: Steph (Stephanie) on September 29, 2004 04:35 PM]

  17. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re: Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment


    I stuck some chewing gum back on the watchamacallit on the thingamajigger which pretty much stopped the copier dead. I’ll be happy to send you more toner but I’m afraid it will have maple syrup in it. You can send all the bills to me at Mahmood TV. I’m about to come into a lot of money, about $25 million, for handling a certain matter for a distinguished gentleman from Nigeria which should cover all these costs.

    I can’t claim credit for the hurricanes. That, of course, was created by World Capitalism which runs a Hurricane Generator under Wall Street in New York in order to generate profits for greedy capitalists in their never-ending quest to crush the little people of the Earth.

    Hope that explains everything,


  18. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re(1): Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    I wiped a sponge full of chicken fat on the rubber tread of his wheelchair. It made it just slippery enough where he couldn’t get enough traction to win. Sometimes I am so evil I can not stand myself.


  19. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re: Mahmood.TV’s Scapegoat of the Moment

    It was the * domain name on all the spammers addresses that gave it away, wasn’t it?


  20. esraa says:

    Re(1): Thanks Steve!

    I got the car back and it’s running fine. But your fellows did not do a good job washing it. Who were those car washing guys — a bunch of Zionists?!? Will you come over tomorrow and give it a good “once over”? I’ll leave the gate open for you….

    Thanks Bud,

    PS: Thanks Mahmood for appointing Steve the Scapegoat of the Moment. It’s great having somebody to whine about — besides the Zionists, that is 😉

  21. mahmood says:

    I’m back!

    But Steve screwed up my trip!

    A hell of a lot busier than I normally am in Dubai with non-stop customer visits, seminars, and even a visit to one of my competitors! All that is Steve’s doing.

    Not only that, the flight this afternoon was a flight from hell with stupid inbred children all around me screeming their heads off and all I hear from their parents is the scream of “chub” (shut-up) adding to the plethora of wails. Truely a flight from hell!

    But I’m back, so please stop blaming Steve for all the ills of the world now.

    I’m off to Dubai again on Oct 11 and 12th, so nominations for the next MtvSM are welcome!

  22. esraa says:

    Re: I’m back!

    [size=3]Welcome Home Mahmood!

    I think Steve did quite well in your absence… although there is still that small matter of my car wash…. But overall, a job well done with humor and poise under pressure 🙂


  23. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re(2): Thanks Steve!

    The Trilateral Commission was supposed to wash the car but they ran into the Illuminati on the way and they all got in a big shouting match about secular humanism.


  24. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re: I’m back!

    Those were no children but animatronic robots programmed to torment fellow travellers to the point of insanity. The CIA built them. We call them chubbots. We constructed their piercing wails from tapes of screams of animals caught in traps. We’ve been testing them on prisoners until the Red Cross caught us. That’s how we got Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to spill his guts. We’ve got thousands of them wandering the hills of Waziristan looking for Bin Laden’s cave.


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