The creeping cancer continues with the full aid of parliament

3 Nov, '04

jassim al-saidi, the most effective MP in BahrainAl-Saidi and co have done it again and have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the most effective grouping in parliament. Time after time he particularly puts in proposals and walks away the winner.

He is treating parliament as a municipal council in as much as most if not all of his proposals are concerned with getting better services for his district (roads, electricity office, etc.) which are in the scheme of parliament worthless and meaningless. He is effective. He has bulldozed his bill now to segregate the university. Not fully mind you, just the restaurants and playgrounds. That’s the first step.

These people are like cancer, they work slowly at taking over your whole life and body, squeeze life out of it, and before you know it, you’re six feet underground.

A while ago, the same gentleman wanted to push through a bill limiting processions, it seems that he will win that one as well.

Because of the various acts of violence which happened at recent demonstrations in support of Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, the imprisoned human rights activist, the government is trying to push a law that will not only limit demonstrations, but will restrict personal freedoms and impose prison sentences and fines against those it perceives as violators of the law.

For example the new proposed law (arabic) includes provisions which make it almost impossible to have a peaceful gathering. Disallow any foreigner in taking part in demonstrations or political activities, apply to the governor of the district the event is to take place in 5 days in advance with full description of the event, it’s purpose, any printed material or other media to be used at the demonstration or gathering, the route the demonstration would take and if it crosses more than one district, then approval has to be sought from the Minister of the Interior. The governor and the minister can choose another route the demo is to proceed on, restrict it to a small geographic area, and give the police full authority to break up the demonstration if it is seen by the government as contravenes the license it was given under.

This doesn’t only smells bad, it reeks of the State Security laws of the ’90s. In fact, it looks like a rewarded, and even more severe version of what we thought to have left permanently behind.

So thank you Al-Saidi, and thank you Abdulhadi for your benevolence and contributions to a better life in Bahrain.

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  1. kategirl says:

    The creeping cancer continues with the full aid of parliament

    Disallow any foreigner in taking part in demonstrations

    Hmmm… what do I do now?

  2. fekete says:

    The creeping cancer continues with the full aid of parliament

    You keep posting and you keep writing on your blog. We can’t stop fighting the good fight .. and we all wait until we get collectively pissed off enough to actually get of our butts and do something about it ..

  3. fekete says:

    The creeping cancer continues with the full aid of parliament

    Didnt Latifa Al Gaoud run for the same constiuency? And didnt most of the voters not vote for her because they were more comfortable with a man?

    You get what you breed.

    Incidentally, the UAE appointed a female minister as minister of economy and minister of planning. Not very ‘female’ roles.

    Come on Bahrainis .. wake up and smell the gahwa. Enough sitting and scratching your feet at the majalis and debating issues ad infinitum .. the world aint what it was .. time to grow up. time to ask this idiot if the money that it would cost to segregate would be better used to enhance the value of the education instead of treating every single person as being hormonal 100% of the time ..

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