The Pit-Lane!

26 Nov, '04

The Pit-Lane
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Do you need more proof that we were IN the pit-lane just before the main GT Festival race in Bahrain? EAT YOUR HEART OUT!! 🙂

Once again thanks to Amira Al-Hussaini, Shaikh Nasser Al-Khalifa and Tony Hart of Batelco!

Picture taken by Arif Al-Yousif

more pictures in the gallery

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  1. ammarlovegod[deleted]1099322617 says:

    The Pit-Lane!

    Thanks Mahmood!
    People like you and the genuine interest they have in Bahrain make all the difference!
    Take care and see you Dec 9 and Dec 10!!
    Hope someone higher up sees this and sends me more VIP tickets!!

  2. mahmood says:

    Re: The Pit-Lane!

    لا عاد مصختها!

    But thanks again, Arif is still talking about it, and as you see from the pictures he’s (and I) is a very happy cookie!

  3. Haui says:

    know everyone how long ( in Meter ) ist the Pit lane in Bahrain??

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