27 Dec, '04

This puppy was hanging around our house for a few days now. The last time we took our two dogs out for a walk it decided to join us from a distance but there was no way for us to approach it, it would just run away whenever we tried. It had a rope tied around its neck which looked quite tight and uncomfortable.

Frances decided to do something about that last night as she saw it once again loitering around our house so she brought out some chicken to try to entice it to come over, and it did. That was the end of it, once I saw that “look” on her face I knew that reason would go out of the window. We already have two dogs and they don’t get as much of our company as I would like them to have. We don’t know what diseases if any this little mutt has. And to my mind it would be better to take it to the BSPCA.


Anyway, I got hold of it and cut the rope off its neck. It of course wouldn’t just go away now would it? It went inside the garage (which fortunately is fenced off the garden) to investigate and introduce itself to both Gnasher and Phoebe. Gnasher, being the gentle giant, just wanted to come out and play. Phoebe wanted to eat it!

We let Gnasher out and true enough they were all over each other. Chasing each other, sniffing, investigating and away they go again. After a few minutes we let Phoebe out… thankfully she didn’t eat it, but she was still very hesitant.

After a while I dragged both dogs inside and closed the gate. I left the puppy intentionally outside because I didn’t want Frances to get attached. Too late of course, but worth a try.

I woke up this morning thinking I was in an inquisition! Being questioned by her who should be obeyed as to why we can’t keep it. I spent more than 30 minutes convincing her of the various reasons. She seemed to take that ok, as my points of view were logical. But logic is the farthest away from that woman’s mind if she’s determined, so she used another weapon: tell the kids!

Amna came downstairs and tried. Once again I explained my reasons. She used the ultimate weapon: tell Hanan! She knows that I hardly ever refuse anything Hanan wants because she doesn’t ask for things as often as the others, so Hanan came down. Both Amna and Hanan have never laid eyes on the bloody thing but that didn’t stop Hanan starting the water-works. Her concern is that if we take it to the BSPCA and as that puppy was approximately 4 months old (we thought) they will just put her down.

Remember all of this happened in the morning and we don’t even know if she’s still around. So I left the house to go to work, and told them that if I find her outside we’ll just try to catch her and take her to the BSPCA.

I wasn’t very popular.

I opened the garage door and went outside to have a look if she’s still around. Sure enough, she WAS outside, about 300 meters or so away in waste grounds close to our house. But, there was also a Bahraini boy chasing her and trying to catch her! I whistled and she came bounding over! She immediately came to me and started licking my hands then shot off into the garage to greet both Gnasher and Phoebe. That’s it. I knew I was in for trouble because I was wavering now.

I called her Spider. She’s small, thin, with long lanky legs!

I went inside the house and announced her ladyship’s arriving in the garden, Frances and the girls moved faster than they have for quite sometime and came into the garden to welcome her into our home. Spider is now officially Hanan’s dog.

I’ve just received a call from Frances on her way back from the vet. It appears that she’s about 9 months old. A true Bahraini Heinz 57 (part Doberman, Sheperd, Saluki, and goodness knows what else) and she’s running a slight temperature which the vet said might be due to shock. He’s going to keep her for 3 days, de-tick her, worm her, bathe her and do whatever is necessary to check her out.

I hope she’ll be well enough to join us for the New Year.

She’s a lovely puppy.

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  1. [deleted]0.18665800 1099323648.207 says:

    So nice …

    Thanks for giving little Spider a new home!

    I was looking for a BSPCA donation site – all I found was this one on Access GCC … do you know of any? Looking to do my global-part toward animal welfare!


    Hey, looks like you’ll need to update your About page! < < Have two stupid dogs >> Make that THREE happy dogs!

    [Modified by: Sandee (Sandee) on December 27, 2004 10:51 AM]

  2. mahmood says:

    Re: So nice …

    Thanks Sandee. Their site was at but it’s not working at the moment for some reason. In any case they don’t have any way of accepting gifts or donations off the net as Paypal and services like that haven’t reached our shores yet…

  3. mohd says:


    Congratulations on the new member of the family.

    (I can’t believe Hanan actually cried)

    This exact same thing happened to my friend Rob. A couple of years ago, Rob got an American bulldog who he called Jordan. Jordan is a majestic animal, very well behaved and almost stately in behavior. Rob went and got him a little sister, Grace, also an Am BD, with a coat that she seems to have borrowed from a dalmation. Grace is hyperactive and has no concept of personal space whatsover, especially yours. Rob was very happy with his dogs.

    Then last year (around this time, come to think of it), he finds a small brown dog (comparatively small as Jordan and Grace could eat small children if they wanted to) in his backyard. After taking it to the vet and getting it checked out, he tries to find its owners from within the neighborhood. No tags, no collar. He really couldn’t do much. When I first saw her, I told Rob he was going to end up keeping her. Rob wasn’t having any of that, as far as dogs go, it was his Oops! baby and he was still at the point where he could give it up and not miss it. After two weeks my prediction had come true.

    EB (short for Extra Baggage) was here to stay!

    I even remember as a kid finding a litter of kittens in the neighborhood and a bunch of us built them a little cardboard shelter and brought them food until someone a little older and more paranoid packed them off the BSCPA. Why are we such suckers for cute animals?

    In any case, I do believe that Spider could not have found a better home. Congratulations Mahmood and I hope the Saluki in her shows up when she runs!

  4. salima44 says:

    Re(1): So nice …

    If anyone would like make a donation to the BSPCA they can use PAYPAL and send the payment to this email address.

    I will give the donations to the BSPCA in due order on my next visit to Bahrain.

  5. anonymous says:


    Hi Mahmood!!
    I am an occasional reader from the USA(North-east coast)of your blog…I like how you write and your view of
    the world. But I just had to de-lurk today when reading about your new furry friend. So glad to hear you were
    “convinced” to keep Spider! I am the owner of a mongrel dog, myself…she is part Italian Greyhound and was being *given* away in my naeughborhood when she was a puppy and my own daughter *convinced* me to adopt her. It was one the best
    desicions I ever made. So, enjoy your new canine friend(I am sure your other two dogs are very grateful to have had Spider added to the pack!)


  6. anonymous says:


    Dude….you were doomed to failure the moment your wife went to get the kids!!

    Spider is a beautiful looking dog…and I’m sure your daughter will spoil the dog rotten…just like things should be!

  7. Rickardo says:


    She’s adorable and a perfect new subject for your new camera. She came just in time! I hope she’ll be able to come to her new family soon.

    “Strays” can turn out to be the best companions.

    [Modified by: Sume (Sume) on December 27, 2004 11:29 PM]

  8. mahmood says:

    Re: Adopted!

    Yeah so much so that one of my wife’s friends suggested that we call her Holly, but the kids won’t have it, the name Spider stuck. And yes indeed, she together with the other two would make perfect subjects for a lot of shots. Aren’t digital cameras wonderful? You never think of development costs.

    As for strays turning out to be good pets, I am very sure of that. Look at Phoebe!

  9. anonymous says:

    Trackback :: <strike>Shaggy</strike> Skinny Dog Story

    TrackBack from amcgltd

    Our blog acquaintance Mahmood recently fell victim to the dreaded "cute dog" disease: I woke up this morning thinking I was in an inquisition! Being questioned by her who should be obeyed as to why we can’t keep it….

  10. mahmood says:

    Re: Adopted!

    Tina thank you very much for “coming out”! and for your kind words. All of us are waiting for her to come home, I’m sure you’ll get sick of seeing the pictures I’ll post once she does!

  11. mahmood says:

    Re: Adopted!

    don’t I know it. This business being “man of the house” and “king of the castle” doesn’t work anymore. and they have perfected ways to blackmail me into submission!

    The thing I’m trying to get to grips with now is how the hell am I going to walk 3 over-excited and over-excitable dogs in the morning?

    Ah hang on, I’ll wake the beggers up and get THEM to walk the dogs! πŸ˜‰

  12. anonymous says:


    Dear Mahmood
    This reminds me of my Dad. Firm and logical in is his objections as to why an animal could not be kept, fearsome in his show of removing it from our property but seen later in the day half way down the block patting the poor creature. Come breakfast the next day the animal’s face would be nose deep in its new bowl which was lined up beside all the bowls of the other strays previously chased off! Animals know a sure thing when they see it. Good on you Spider!

  13. mahmood says:

    Re: Adopted!

    Julia, you have a good dad!

    Spider is safe and sound with us now, she arrived around 6pm and put at the back with the other two, they had to be locked up today as we had some workmen in the house. But immediately they left all three went bellistic hurtling at a rate of knots around the garden.

    Gnasher, the gentle-giant, took her under his wing while Phoebe was resolutely trying to “show her who’s boss” and she still does, an hour and a half after her arrival. They’ll sort it out before the night is out I think. But if we wake up in the morning to Phoebe picking her teeth with little bones, we would know who the culprit is!

    She seems to be a lovely dog. She does need trained obviously as she doesn’t know the basic commands, just whistle however and she’ll bound over to you.

    Me happy though, and I know that the rest of the household, including Phoebe are happy too.

  14. mahmood says:

    Re: Adopted!

    Thank you very much indeed Shoufy, I hope that one day you come to visit… we have many more mouths to feed!! πŸ˜€

  15. anonymous says:


    Good for you – With all the destruction and pain in this world, it is good that at least a little dog has found a good home. Shoufy, the cat

  16. anonymous says:


    Read a good bit, first time to comment. Thought I would tell you how my family got our first cat. First have to understand my Dad hated cats, period. Liked dogs, but not cats. Well, while in Japan (Dad was US Navy, this was circa 1967), I found a bunch of kittens while at Little League baseball practice (I was about 9). Called Mom, can I have one? She said up to Dad, and then she set him up. Told me to take kitten (which I did in my baseball glove), to his office. Well, here I am, with kitten (cute of course), all his office staff loved kitten, he called Mom and told her to tell me no cat, she said he had to tell me himself. He was lost. I got my cat (called Sunny, big male marmalade once grown).
    So from then on my family had both cats and dogs.
    Mom’s can be sneaky.
    Dave Glaspell
    Honolulu Hawaii

  17. anonymous says:


    Mahmood –

    I have been reading here for a number months now, and had to de-lurk to comment. That you would take in a young, homeless creature such as Spider says a lot (good things, of course) about you and your family. Spider looks adorable, and she seems to have found herself a good home to boot. I love that your kids were ready to take up her part sight unseen.

    Living with 3 formerly stray dogs, who somehow have gotten the idea they own the place, I know how quickly they can melt even the resolutest of hearts. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m a complete sucker. They had me in the palm of their paws (do paws have palms?) from the moment they spotted me, but I understand other people sometimes need more convincing. Anyway, it’s nice to know that there are so many kind hearted people out there who will help an animal. It somehow restores one’s faith in human kindness.

    Now if we could only get people to start treating [i]each other[/i] well too…


  18. mahmood says:

    Re: Adopted!

    Martina, glad to make your acquantance and thank you for commenting and your kind words.

    This picture would probably say it all:

    3 Stupid Dogs

    This was taken this morning at 7. I think 3 stupid (and happy) dogs would be an appropriate title for this shot!

  19. mahmood says:

    Re: Adopted!

    Welcome aboard Dave!

    I firmly believe that having pets while young helps bring out the good in children’s character, it teaches them compassion and unselfishness. This most probably stays with them throughout their lives.

    That’s why I am eternally thankful for my parents. As children we had various cats, birds, parrots, and even a goat at one point!

    We’ve always had pets when we got married, and again we started with hamsters, then cats, then dogs. The first cat we got was Bianca from the BSPCA, we didn’t know however that between the time we selected her and the time we picked her up, she had 7 kittens! We were advised to put them to sleep but we just couldn’t do that, so they stayed with us and they were following Frances as if she’s the pied-piper! Honestly! She would walk across the street to my parent’s house and they would not only follow her but wait outside the gate until she comes back again to go home.

    That clearly translates to our children now. With Arif having continuous wrestling matches with Gnasher, Amna volenteering at the BSPCA, and Hanan… well Hanan is a destitute-animal-please-take-me-home-and-care-for-me-for-ever kind of person. She is the only one in our household that animals feel extremely secure with even if it’s the first time they see each other; and that is from snakes to camels and everything in between!

    I know, we’re a weired family, but we won’t have it any other way.

  20. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Adopted!

    Mahmood –

    What a cute, happy little group. They look like they are enjoying the new year! Which is Phoebe and which is Gnasher? Here is a link to [i]my own[/i] 3 silly dogs playing in the snow last January:

    For what it’s worth, I think you’re absolutely right about animals being good for kids. I think that a person who can show compassion for an animal is much more likely to show it for other human beings as well.

    Happy New Year!

  21. [deleted]0.01191600 1099323613.647 says:

    Re(1): Adopted!


    Of course you aren’t weird. No, not at all.

    We used to have neighbours, surname suppressed to protect the nutters.

    Anyway, Margaret ( the mother) would call around to pay us a visit and bring us up to date with her Church activities. Nice woman, I always looked forward to seeing Margaret.

    Ten minutes after she arrived, her two cats would contrive to ring our doorbell ( no, we never knew how they did it ….).

    Twenty minutes later, her black labrador would arrive and upon admission, proceed to eat all the sweets in our house, and break wind….

    Ten minutes after that, her husband and children would arrive to enquire if we knew anything about the whereabouts of their Missus/Mam/Dog/Cats….

    We just ushered ’em all in. No worries.

    I reckon, if the situation calls for you to be a bit daft, go ahead and be daft. Life can be grand when you’re daft, you know…


  22. kategirl says:

    How about goats then?

    Mahmood, I forgot to warn you that I saw a couple of goats wandering near your house a few days ago. I hope that Frances and the kids don’t have a soft spot for goats! If I see any other animals I’ll let you know in advance.

  23. mahmood says:


    Frances just called. She said that there are two donkeys, a mother and baby it seems, standing by our house!

    NO, we’re not keeping them. She’s calling the BSPCA to do something about them…

    What is this? Our house is a magnet for strays now? πŸ™‚

  24. mahmood says:

    Re: How about goats then?

    Ah, that’s why the neighbour at the top of the row put up those stupid picket fences around his house! To keep the goats away from his plants. Makes sense. I haven’t seen them yet but I was told that a whole flock of them come around once in a while. I know I’ve seen them around your house going for the trees there.

    Maybe we should get the BBQ ready!

  25. mahmood says:

    Re(1): How about goats then?

    Hillarious… you would think that the goat *wanted* to be BBQed in the first place going up a volcano, but that Phillipino must have had the appetite for any red meat. I like that guy!! |:)

  26. chalk66x says:

    Re: How about goats then?

    Thats funny. I actually brought home a baby goat I found from a trip up the volcano once. Course my wife and daughter loved it so we kept it. Darn thing wraped the rope around my wifes ankle and broke it and our Filipino neighbor kept firing up the grill every time he saw it, course he did the same every time he saw our dog so we finally had to get rid of it.

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