9 Jan, '05

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  1. mahmood says:


    Celebrating 18 years of wedlock, most of them very happy, some pretty bad, but we’re still together and we still love each other. We’re thankful for our lovely and irreplaceable children, our dogs, our abode and our life together. May it last for as long as we live…

    So in celebration of this important milestone, what better way to celebrate this occasion than with our dear friends Moet & Chandon and KFC?!

  2. chrisamillion says:


    congradulations of you wedding anniversary. My parents just had their 25th and we (the kids) threw them a surprise party. Did you do anything or was it just a quite evening with the colonel?

  3. mahmood says:

    Re: Champagne

    thanks Chris. we too old to go paint the town red, so she went to bed, and I got the rest of the bubbly! 🙂

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