Village Girls

12 Feb, '05


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  1. kategirl says:

    Village Girls

    Beautiful shot Mahmood. Man I’m so jealous of your zoom lens… you said it was 300mm or something, yeah? Definitely worth it.

  2. mahmood says:

    Re: Village Girls

    I’m not that happy with it though, the optics could definitely be better as it “rainbows” the edges of high contrast areas. I couldn’t complain too much however as the lens was about 95 dinars for 75 – 300 at 4-5.6. I would have liked it at much lower f-stop AND better optics.

    I’m still not that familiar with the Canon range though. I’m almost sure that the lens EF 75-300 USM III might well be the low end of the range. I did see another lens in the shop which they listed for more than BD 900!

    Another quibble I have against the “kit” lens which is EFS 18-55mm is that it has already ingested dust particles INSIDE the lens arrangment.

    As for the camera, I *HATE* that I cannot set the f-stop in the “manual/program” mode, but have to switch to Tv..

    Overall however it’s ok. Not as good as I remember the Nikon F3, but maybe I’m comparing apples to oranges here.

  3. ahmad says:


  4. Capt. Arab says:

    If only they knew their picture was to appear on the internet, that would definitely put a lovely grin on their cute faces.
    One word that describes it… Innocence

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