Burning rubber

8 Mar, '05

I was a petrolhead again last night! I know, so what’s new? At the circuit they had a “test and tune” session from 7pm through to 11pm with various cars and even a motorbike on the drag racing strip (which is by the way, only one of 9 in the world which is of concrete construction, and only one of two in the world that is housed in an F1 facility) and the tension between the competitors was great to see and feel.

The event was public, so you get to the gate and buy your ticket. I think it was one or two dinars. Even though it was a “test and tune” night, we had a good crowd on the Oasis grandstand.

The pleasant surprise of the evening was the participation of Abeer, the ONLY Bahraini female motor racer! She was racing her Audi and did ok throughout the night. She’s ready for the big day this Wednesday night, so go treat yourself to good, loud and thrilling music for you and your family, courtesy of the Bahrain Drag Racing Club and the BIC.

Unfortunately I’ll be in Dubai then, so I’ll miss it. If you attend, please make sure that you update us with your impressions.

Yes, of course I had my camera with me, if you click on any of the following photographs you will be taken to the full set of 60 chosen pictures on my Flickr account.

Bahrain Drag Racing Club event

Bahrain Drag Racing Club event

Bahrain Drag Racing Club event

Bahrain Drag Racing Club event

Bahrain Drag Racing Club event

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  1. chrisamillion says:

    Burning rubber

    cool pictures!

    I will try and go to one of these informal track days when i’m back in bahrain sometime. Its good fun just to go and spend a day at the track…they put on a good show!

    Meanwhile, since i can’t be there I will be proudly watching the Bahrain Grand Prix in the “Junior Common Room” here at college!

    Have a good trip in Dubai!

  2. KhalidSaad says:

    Burning rubber

    Not bad, we’ve got a female drag racer. It’s cool to see women compete in sports, and hopefully this will pave the way for other females to take greater roles in sports and other sectors.

  3. mahmood says:

    Re: Cool TT Gal!

    She does indeed, and thank you for posting the pictures on the Audi forum.

    They’re having the actual Drag Race tonight at the BIC, unfortunately I won’t be able to attend though I would have liked to very much…

    I’ll see if I can arrange an interview with Abeer and put that up.

  4. [deleted]0.18665800 1099323648.207 says:

    Cool TT Gal!

    She deserves some more attention … so I re-posted her pix on AudiWorld.com. When we had our TTs (we had a TT coupe and roadster before the Porsches), I would frequent that forum. Nice guys – they LOVE girls with cool cars! 🙂

    You got full photo credit or course! Please excuse the re-imaging of that one pix, I wanted to include it in my post – she’s just so cute! [url]http://forums.audiworld.com/tt/msgs/1226629.phtml[/url]

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