Heated exchanges in Bahrain parliament

12 May, '05

A Chamber of Deputies session was adjourned for one hour following a heated argument over the issue of citizens who were tortured under the Security Law during the 1990s, with two deputies accusing the Speaker of infringing on their right to express their opinion.

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Khalifa Al Dhahrani, adjourned the session after deputies Ali Al Samahiji and Abdullah Al Aali accused him of infringing on their right to speak.

The conflict started when deputy Jassim Al Sa’edi said the citizens who were tortured under the State Security law during the 1990s were terrorists and that they should be punished since they were involved in the killing of innocent people, especially policemen. However, most of the other deputies did not agree with his view and demanded an apology from him, which he refused. A. Dhahrani intervened and refused to allow any deputy to speak further on the matter.

This action angered Abdulhadi Marhoon, who walked out in protest against the disrespect by the people’s representatives who did not sympathise with the Bahraini families, who suffered emotional, psychological and physical pain because of the state’s Security Law.

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