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15 May, '05

In Sweden, a website cannot use cookies by law unless the site offers the user the option not to use them. A dislaimer must be shown on any site so that the visitor’s privacy is protected:

Today, July 25, 2003, the Electronic Communication Act (“the Act”) enters into force. A practical effect of the Act is that the use of cookies, that is local data files storaging information about a certain user and browser, will be regulated (the Act, chapter 6, clause 18, based on Article 5.3 in the EU communications directive).

in English, this is better explained as:

Here is the obligatory cookie information, as required by Swedish law: this site uses cookies to store the name, email address and URL you enter in the comment form. The information is only stored locally on your computer. Using this feature is optional. If you have JavaScript disabled, no cookies will be stored. If you check the “No” button in the form, no cookies will be stored and any existing cookies set by this site will be erased. — 456 Berea St.

Of course in Bahrain, they STILL want us to register websites, and accept a national smart ID card down our throats.. the MPs and their impotent parliament are still in slumber, with a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign permanently hung on their chamber’s doors.

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