Ward & Wardah

27 May, '05

This is a true story of love and coercion. Ward and Wardah are two Bahraini citizens who grew up together in a small village. Ward and Wardah used to play together when they were kids. They were close friends. Innocent kids who liked hang out with each other. Wardah was Warda’s best friend. She used to tell him everything. When she comes from school, she would go to his house and do her homework with him. Warda was Wardah’s hero. He used to protect her from the other kids. He wouldn’t let anyone to make fun of her.

At 1 p.m. on February the 5th 1973, Ward came back from the elementary school as usual. After having lunch, he went to Wardah’s house. He knocked the door. No one answered. He knocked the door again after an hour and no one answered. He kept knocking the door. “Where is Wardah?â€? he thought. He sat by the house’s door waiting for someone to answer him. At 6 p.m. he saw Wardah’s uncle from a distance. He rushed at him. He wanted to ask him about Wardah. “Uncle, where is Wardah?” He asked him. He looked at him with teary eyes “You don’t know where Wardah is? Wardah is gone. She left the country. She will never come back.”

Another Bahraini blog is launched, this is a collaborative effort trying to document the forced estrangement of a girl, and the political timeframe in Bahrain since that estrangement by her protector, Ward (pronounced as in wa-rd which is flowers, rather than word.)

I look forward to reading their stories, trials and tribulations in the hope that we can learn something from the past, so it doesn’t repeat in the future.

Ward and Wardah, please extend them your support.

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  1. mahmood says:

    Ward & Wardah

    And here they are in French! If they carry on with it and post in French, then this would be the very first Bahraini blog in French! Hey we’re going global now 🙂 Good on ya guys, excellent.

  2. 7alaylia says:

    Ward & Wardah

    Sounds wonderful. Warda. The word itself is beautiful and full of meaning! Rose, in Arabic. I love the word for what it means, and when one looks at its very similiar version in Hebrew, Varda. Two different people, so connected yet so far apart. Here’s hoping to things get better.

    Thanks Mahmood.

  3. mohamed_al_aini says:

    Ward & Wardah

    I read the story and I compliment wardah for her courage and sincerity.

  4. anonymous says:

    Ward & Wardah


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