A Runaway Problem

30 May, '05

The proposed establishment of a team of inspectors and judges to tackle the issue of illegal or runaway workers in Bahrain could mark a step toward major changes in the country’s labour market. The issue highlights growing questions over employment policy, as well as human rights concerns.

Speaking in parliament this week, Labour Minister Majeed bin Mohsen al-Alawi told deputies that a 20-strong committee of workplace inspectors and judges represented the first phase in progress toward the setting up of a fully fledged labour court.

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  1. anonymous says:


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  2. anonymous says:

    A Runaway Problem

    Solution is simple let the Government fix a minimum wage for Locals and then make it mandatory for every employer to pay every expat a premium over what he would pay for hiring local.

    This will help some people make more money in short term while making them expensive will solve the local un-employment problem.

    Lower salaries to expat workers hurt the economy more as what ever is paid only minimum possible amount is spent on survival which deprives the local trade of economic activity which if paid to local would generate more activity.

    Though these low wages do benefit certain class of people in Bahrain just like slave owners used to get advantage.

    If you are concerned about being out priced then what percentage of work force in Japan is low paid expat worker ?

    No need to build shelters use that money for locals skill development, protect your local manpower from dumping of the manpower the way any local industry is protected under WTO rules.

    IMHO best way to fight for ones own right is to fight for the rights of others.

  3. Vpin babu says:

    Hi All,

    Me and my friends have been reported as runaway from our company, which is not true. Our boss has cheated us giving false promises since the date we have joined the company.

    Now he(boss) have filed a case in court as well against me and my friends, saying we have stolen office documents and all which is again not true.

    He (boss) had terminated us from job as well. We had submitted all the documents and evidence against the false runaway case in LMRA. Its been almost 2 months since then we are waiting for the result. but we havent got any feedbak from LMRA regarding that. We are not working anywhere now, and so its hard for us to survive here.

    Why is it taking so long? Please help us.. We are three youngsters having good dreams about our future. Boss has cheated us and made our life difficult now. What should we do? Can anybody help us, Please?

    we havent done anything wrong to anybody, but still we are suffering.

    Our boss is a real fraud that all outsiders know about it.

    • mahmood says:

      These are a couple of options for your consideration:

      1. Migrant Workers’ Society
      2. Get a lawyer

      Through them you can raise a case against your ex-employer and get your rights back. However, do keep in mind that legal proceedings in this country (as in most others) take a long time. I find that the best way for a quick resolution is mediation which the Society or the Lawyer or even a mutual friend can help with.

      Good luck.

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