The Big Switcheroo

8 Jun, '05

Apple and Intel, originally uploaded by ijkid.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the best personal computers in the world, and looking ahead Intel has the strongest processor roadmap by far,� said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “It’s been ten years since our transition to the PowerPC, and we think Intel’s technology will help us create the best personal computers for the next ten years.�

Steve Jobs, Apple Computer
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ehm, I’d hate to tell you that I predicted this, way back in June 2003 to be exact.

Told you so!

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  1. anonymous says:

    The Big Switcheroo


    Did you get to watch the WWDC 2005? [url][/url]

    At least us mac users have good things to look forward to:

    OS Leopard, Intel based powerbooks, and MSN messenger for mac v. 5

  2. [deleted]0.75077700 1099323158.648 says:

    The Big Switcheroo

    Hello Mahmood,

    Yes, I’m still alive…and looking to a coup d`etat looming in the horizon here in Bolivia. Times are BAD! Say a prayer for us if you can!


  3. anonymous says:

    The Big Switcheroo

    I read this article the day before they officially announced it and thought you may enjoy it. It’s an insightful piece.

    Hope all is well with you Mahmood.


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