It’s not ALL politics

20 Jun, '05

or is it? I received this flier in this morning’s Al-Wasat Newspaper which offers the services of the National Democratic Action Society (Al-Demokrati) which is acting as higher education advisor to recent high school graduates. They’re convening at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre between June 20 – 22.

This is a Good Thing. It demonstrates that they have breadth and depth into day to day concerns, rather than just a political aspect.

Good for you guys!

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  1. fekete says:

    It’s not ALL politics

    i think its politics – but, truth be told, this kind of competitive politics is exactly the kind that we need. they are targeting their constituency as the younger demographic ..and the way our population is going, the younger generation will formulate the bulk of any political party’s voter base. and, if they can help bride the much screaming gap between high school graduates and the job market – then more power to them … it helps everyone.

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