Islamic Action Society administratively closed for 45 days

5 Jul, '05

Nothing damages political causes like some fired-up brain-fartist™ going off at a tangent.

In an event which was organised by the Islamic Action Society at the Society of Engineers’ premises in Juffair to “honour the 73.” These are the 73 people who in the 70s 1981 wanted to overthrow the government and who have all – but one I think – come back home on the back of the King’s pardon or have been released from prison again due to the King’s pardon.

That’s fine, go ahead and honour them all you want and treat them like heroes, but why launch into a diatribe of poison and repeat past mistakes? When are these people, the so called “revolutionaries,” going to understand that they have to be subtle to arrive at any political gain? This subtleness is mandatory in our society and every other society for that matter.

Shouting, ranting and raving have their places, but if you intend to get any political gains, then forget these methods and stick to tried and tested politically astute methods of getting what you want. And prepare to wait! With the histrionics that the IAS is doing and sponsoring all they will get is cheap political mileage from the “simple” populace.

Being one of the four boycotting political societies, you would think that they know better.

Al-Khawajah brothers were fiery speakers at the event according to some reports. It seems that one king’s pardon is not enough, the brother, Salah Al-Khawajah (who some say is even more militant than Abdulhadi) is in it publicly this time.

I’m glad that it is only the society that has been administratively closed for 45 days, rather than shoving the whole lot of them who spoke into prison. This time I have a feeling that the King will be indisposed to offer clemency.

Is the closing a political society a right thing to do because some of its members spoke against the government though? Of course not. Freedom of speech is a human right which should be protected at all levels of society and government, however, guys, wise up for God’s sake. You’re damaging our chances of getting any political advantage fast.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Islamic Action Society administratively closed for 45 days

    The coup was planned not only to overthrow the government but invovled assassinating the country’s leadership including today’s King and replacing them with an Iranian style theorcracy ruled by mullahs.

    Is it just a coincidence that the Khawaja brothers hail the 1981 coup plotters at a time when Iran’s new President has expressed his commitment to restoring the original goals of the Islamic Revolution?

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