Ali is right

8 Jul, '05

He was one of the fortunate people who were only minutes off at King’s Cross station to escape the terrorist attacks. Like my brother Hani, they both escaped with minutes to spare. I thank God that they’re fine.

Ali is in the UK to attend a seminar on contemporary literature at Cambridge. He also just posted on his blog that he’s ok, and he so correctly says:

It’s moments like these that should bring us all human beings closer together. We are one and the same. We are beautiful. We are life. We are love. They cannot take that away from us. We won’t let them.

You’re the man Ali.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Ali is right

    Well said, indeed.

    I followed your link to his site to read the whole post. Then I looked at his previous post, written as he was about to depart to Britain. What caught my attention was the title: “Cutting it close.”

    On my first visit to London, my mother and I used King’s Cross station several times. So, I do feel closer to Ali, and through him to everyone involved…or close…or distant.

    Michael in Framingham

  2. anonymous says:

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  3. anonymous says:

    Ali is right

    You have a great blog. I came from Global voices and have been reading through your posts. I have family in London – they are safe. I appreciated your post on the bombing and also some f your other posts are very interesting. I am sick of extremists – but I guess there’s no short term solution to that problem. Thanks for your posts. I’m glad no-one you know was hurt in the bombings too.
    New Zealand

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