Heavy load

14 Jul, '05

Please accept my apologies if you had problems accessing Mahmood’s Den. The server is getting heavy hits and I’ve just maxed out Apache’s configuration as well as MySQL’s. I’m afraid they won’t be able to cope too well until the interest subsides a bit.

Nevertheless, thank you wired.com, the Guardian, the Times AND the Financial Times (German) for taking an interest in this site. I do hope that I won’t disappoint and hope that everyone who visits would find something interesting to come back to. If for nothing else but the friendly atmosphere.

Thank you all.

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  1. ammarlovegod[deleted]1099322617 says:

    Heavy load

    great news mahmood.. all the best.. at least I have a job guaranteed if and when i am booted out of .. hehehe

  2. mik says:

    Heavy load

    No apology called for – its worth waiting a little for a great blog – hell, I even get some work done 😉

    Mike – Luxembourg

  3. anonymous says:

    Heavy load

    I guess its because you blog is one of the rare blogs where we can express our opinions and thoughts and get a myriad of responses from around the world, this is what the internet is all about,,, your blog is great, a must read every time I surf the net even while my kids are running around behind me 😉 even if we sometimes disagree, its great to get feedback and different opinions from people… I wish our society was as open as this blog… hope we get there with more blogs like yours! you have truly inspired me in many ways! I go home thinking about the stuff we discuss! I am not a registered user to your blog, (usually swamped with work at the office) but I am always reading the entries! contributing silently sometimes!
    I am proud to say that Mahmood’s blog is Bahraini!
    genius! love the ads!


  4. anonymous says:

    Well, after all…

    Your blog rules!

    -Vincent (Long-time reader, infrequent poster) 🙂

  5. chrisamillion says:

    Heavy load

    congrats on the extra traffic and attention! It seems like you made the right decision in putting google adds in! You’ll be living on Champagne and Caviar soon!

  6. mahmood says:

    Re: Heavy load

    I’d be happy to just defray even 25% of the cost of running the server!

  7. anonymous says:

    Heavy load

    >wired.com, the Guardian, the Times AND the Financial Times (German)

    Glad to see you hit the big time. And to just think, I was was reading you back when you were a little blogite.

    Love the bird picture. Invasive species are a big problem that does not get much attention.

    Outer Bubbaistan

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