Scenes from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

25 Jul, '05

shisha menu, originally uploaded by Dreadfully Unserious.

Shisha is seriour business it seems, although I DETEST the stuff even when I used to smoke, in Jeddah they now have really swanky menus for the muck.

Last time I was in Jeddah and had shisha with friends at the corniche, I was sick afterwards for a week!

Nevertheless, let me introduce you to Dreadfully Unserious, a delicious photographer of mundane life in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She makes you want to visit, regardless of what you view Saudi Arabia as.

Hat tip to The Drama of Living for uncovering this gem!

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  1. 7alaylia says:

    Scenes from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    I like the stuff Mahmood. Nothing better than a lemon shisha whilst sitting on the balcony, which is good because since we had the baby I cannot do it inside anyway.

  2. anonymous says:

    Scenes from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Oh my!
    Im sooooo flattered! Thank you for recommending my blog! 3ad I’m not that good in photography :p

    thanks again 🙂

  3. anonymous says:

    Scenes from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    I hate shisha, never tried it and inshallah will never!! Its just too sad that instead of making more effort on reducing smoking ciggis in the gulf, more and more resturants that serve shisha are opening up 🙁

    I was in Bahrain few weeks back, and to my real surprise that there was an ad in one of the Cafes of a special shisha day for women!! I was shocked and sad!!

    “sorry if I am ruining the mood of the thread, but couldnt stop myself commenting .. you have a nice blog :)”

    Arabian Princess

  4. mahmood says:

    Re: Scenes from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Thanks for the comment and your kind words. I agree with you completely that it is a very bad habit, and very bad of the health authorities to allow these places to exist. For instance do you know that with these shishas you don’t actually smoke the tobacco, but the chemicals they marinate the tobacco in which create the taste and smell of the various flavours. We know what burning tobacco can do to your lungs, but can you imagine the real damage that these EXTRA poisons and chemicals do to your lungs and heart? Not a very good thought… but stupid people will continue to be stupid.

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