Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

And Manhal, I didn’t fall off!! 😀

Sofyan did the trick and got me on a Segway, I think he knew that I was absolutely itching to try one of those things, now I curse him for doing so as I know that very soon I’ll probably be buying one off him! Apart from being the perfect transport mechanism to take you all around the island, safely, it is one helluva fun way to get around! Absolutely fantastic!

Of course I was apprehensive when I first got onto the machine, even after the enthusiastic and very factual presentation and safety instructions Sofyan gave me, I didn’t believe him, well not completely.

Manhal (a very mutual friend) would tell you do a Nike and just do it, never think of the fall he suffered on an early model a few years ago! To be fair however, Manhal himself would unreservedly tell you that it was his fault: he had huge amount of fun on it and got it to do things it most probably never designed to do, like jumping, spinning around at the rate of knots, going full pelt up a hill and then trying to force it to stop mid-stream… of course the only thing that stopped was him falling off! The machine continued to behave itself in that when it didn’t feel there was a rider on board, it stopped in full balance 6 feet further on. Manhal being Manhal was more worried about the machine than his broken arm with the bone fully protruding from it!

That was Manhal’s experience; mine this morning was very dissimilar in how it ended, but very much like his in fun content. Sofyan as always was the excellent host and mentor. We went whizzing around his office building, up and down ramps, eventually I even felt the wind through my hair (singular. stop it!) as I was going fast enough for the Segway to start pushing me back to limit the top speed.

In short it was exhilarating.

Now to the practical thing is to ensure that it is used all over Bahrain. When you consider that it’s rechargeable batteries last more than 8 hours, a charge that would take you from Manama to Sakhir easily – a distance of 20 kms or so, and considering the amount of traffic and the congestion it creates, I’m surprised why more people aren’t Segwaying their way around town.

All you have to do to be convinced is try to come and park in our office building’s car park at ANY time in the morning. Waiting in line to get into the car park for more than 30 minutes is not abnormal. Had you used a Segway however, you would have easily come from your office anywhere in town, sorted out whatever you wanted at the bank, ministry, shop and gone back to your office in much less time than that.

The same goes for countless practical situations: hospitals, security beats, shopping malls, and other uses… I know that I’m sounding like an ad for Segway, but it’s just too much fun and practicality not to have something like this be put to proper and popular use!

Thanks again Sofyan. This morning was fun, but even more fun is having you back home!


  1. ammarlovegod[deleted]1099322617

    Re(1): Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    thank you thank you thank you

    martin? you there?

  2. anonymous

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    TrackBack from amcgltd

    Mahmood got to test-ride a Segway yesterday, and let’s just say "like" doesn’t even come close to what he thinks about it. I wonder if they’re any cheaper over there than they are in the states?…

  3. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    Hey guys,
    you seem to be talking about a guy called Sufyan. I have named my son Sufyan and didn’t know that the name is common. Plus I was boycotted by some Shiite friends of mine for choosing that name. I reckon that some one way back in history did something to offend someone and was probably called Sufyan and hence the hatred for me and my son’s name?
    Any ideas?


  4. anonymous

    Re: Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    Abu Sufyan is single-handedly responsible for years of terrorism against the Prophet and his household. His son poisoned Imam Hassan, burned Muhammad Ibn Bakr, killed Ammar Ibn Yasir, killed Hijr Ibn Oday, poisoned Malik Al-Ashtar and made it an article of faith to curse Imam Ali in Friday prayers, which lasted for 80 years after his death.

    His grandson killed Imam Hussain in Karbala when 30,000 surrounded 72 men, women and children and slaughtered them like sheep.

    The list goes on.

  5. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    This thing is fun!! I tried one in the states and its absolutely amazing…. Where can i get these from in Bahrain anyway?? I noticed the Wheels of Arabia signage, but no contacts are mentioned.

  6. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    oh get a life anon …

    sufya is th guy who made mahmood happy about the segway ..


  7. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    i am not jealous.. not even turning green with envy… because a sofyan let the silly girl try it way way way before u 😉

  8. mahmood

    Re: Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    Babe, you deserve the BEST! I am glad that you got to try the Segway a while ago, and hope that the thrill of the ride is still fresh in your mind, because it certainly is a thrill as I happily discovered this morning. The best is that we both have had fun, and hope that both of us one of these days would race the Segways at the F1 track and have even MORE fun!

    I hope Sofyan can make this happen… Martin are you listening?! C’mon there’s nothing happening at the moment I’m sure Sofyan would let you ride one too!! 🙂

  9. anonymous

    Re(1): Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    The segway was banned here in S.W. Florida on Sanibel Island. The snobs over there think they own the beaches. (Looks like they do!) I should get a pocket rocket and go over an make their lives really miserable.

    I knew you would like the idea of the misty mate. Might as well be comfy while having fun!


  10. mahmood

    Re: names and prejudices

    I’ll assume that this is not a troll, although it carries all the hallmarks. However, for the benefit of others, let me try to clarify: some names in Arabic carry an awful lot of history behind them, most of the time bad, some good. These names invariably have been adopted by one sect rather than the other. Sofyan is one of those names that the Shi’a hate because of the history associated with it, thanks to the other commentor who detailed its history.

    Omar and Khalid are other two names the Shi’a hate as well. You’ll have to go elsewhere of wait for someone else for the history lessons, invariably because a person 1400 years ago who happened to carry that name wronged the Shi’a one way or another. The Sunna of course have no problem with these names.

    One name in particular that the Shi’a hate is Al-Shimr, which belonged to the guy who actually killed the Prophet’s grandson, imam Hussain in the battle of Karbala in Iraq. I’ve never come across anyone called that in my life, so maybe it is so sensitive that the name has actually been erased from history? Because of a single person over 1300 years ago did something that we do not agree with?

    The Sunna also have their prejudices with names, but I have absolutely no idea why they don’t use these particular names: Jaffar and Shobber come to mind. These two have become exclusively Shi’a and I really don’t know why.

    So you see AS, it is all to do with us loving history so much that we can’t bear remove ourselves from events which happened 14 CENTURIES ago and insist that not only that we have to live the life as it was all that time ago, but insist on carrying prejudices to this very day, even in something as mundane as children’s names, and therefore in naming our children, we are actually emphasising our own heritage, and hatred of the other side. It can’t be just a nice name that we have selected for our child… oh no, it has to have an alterior motive.

  11. mahmood

    Re: Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    VERY happy in fact! Do you see how wide that smile is on my mug? EVERYONE should try it! Sofyan was really concerned about me falling and injuring myself, I was determined however to do a Manhal, alas I didn’t succeed! Even after going up and down relatively high curbs (for an absolute beginner)

    One thing I didn’t like though is that their barrier gate actually OPENED for me as I was approaching it! THAT pissed me off, even gates tell me now that I’m too fat! 😆

  12. mahmood

    Re: Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    that would be brilliant, especially if a luscious twenty-something-hard-bodied-nymph does the teaching, I’m game!

  13. mahmood

    Re: Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    Hey good idea! Over to you Sofyan!

  14. anonymous

    it’s all in a name

    this is a heated discussion.. i have a cousin called khalid and he is not only shia but sayed! how’s that in an unconventional silly family…

  15. chalk66x

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    Gonna have to get you on a surf board next.


  16. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    AS was referring to Sofyan the owner of WHEELS Arabia and not the flash back in the history and the flame you are trying to start by your posting, I don’t think it is a good place to make such a comments, we all now Sofyan (Mahmood’s friend) is a good guy and it is not right to associate his name with bad conducting that happen in the history which he have no hands on..


  17. mahmood

    Re: it’s all in a name

    Silly or not, I’ve got two (Shi’a) friends who named their sons Khalid, more power to them. As you said, it’s just a name!

  18. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    These things look great, are they really that easy to use? I have seen one or two people using them in the area. But never up close. Are you able to have a go, if you go to the shop? As i’d love to have a go…

  19. mahmood

    Re: Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    I’m sure you could. Give them a call and arrange for a demo ride. I can tell you that I was “a natural” within 5 minutes of being on one. It’s so easy to use once you accept that the gyroscopes are doing their bit and are ensuring that the device is actually stabilised for you. Then all you have to do is lean forward to go faster, and lean slightly backward to slow it down or stop it. They have three speeds, and much more important than the forward speed you have to get used to the turn speed, that took a little bit of getting used to..

    Above all, you won’t believe how fun it actually is!

  20. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    if you go to the shop there is an area in the back and we let you go and try the Segway

  21. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    Don’t we need a vblog here on the subject of Mahmood on a Segway? Camera mounted on the handlebars, taking in the death-defying one-wheel-off-the-ground cornering, the daring overtakes, the hell-for-leather hurtle for the finish line, punctuated by shots of Mahmood’s expression of steely-eyed determination.

    Yes, I think we need this vblog 😉


  22. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    I think its an excellant idea to ride around on a segway. The only problem is the other 10’000 yobs in there gas guzzling automobiles. I don’t relish the idea of being on a segway and having a some idiot in a S-class mercedes behind me trying to get through!

  23. mahmood

    Re: Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    That could be a bit dicey for sure. But one thing I only noticed when it was mentioned to me while I was trying the Segway is that ALL pavements in Bahrain, especially the Diplomatic area actually are very “disabled friendly!” They are ramps all over the place especially at traffic lights and crossings. When I heard that the light went on in my mind! The roadworks dept certainly has its thinking cap on when they built these pavements and roads. Which is a very nice thing to notice…

    So as you will be using the pavements anyway, you won’t be competing with cars I guess, in the normal circumstance anyway. And as the Segway is limited to the top speed of 20kph (due to the limitation in the States apparently of 12.5 mph on pavements, otherwise you HAVE to use the road by law) then you won’t be going too fast, but comfortably ride along the pavements of Bahrain.

    What we actually also need is what they have in Amsterdam: bicycle lanes! Now that would be really great and you’d find more people using the Segway – or even bicycles to get to/from work, hence reduce this inordinate traffic jams we’ve been having.

  24. mahmood

    Re: Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    that’s a good script for a movie! we should have some action flicks made in Bahrain. JJ can be the writer/producer, I’ll star and direct! 😆

  25. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    That looks like fun! Cool pic too… love it.


  26. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    Ash ..

    you forgot the part where Mahmood sees a damsel in distress who is just about to cross the road and doesnt realize that she is coming under grave danger from some speed junkie .. mahmood balances himself precariously on his segway, reaches out to grab the girl and yanks her to safety, and then rebalances both himself and she who has been saved on his (still moving) segway … only then does re relaize that the damsel in 6 months pregnant …

    My name is Bond. Mahmood Bond.

    And I will have them shaken, not stirred.

    And ice cold please. Because its friggin hot and humid at the moment.


  27. anonymous

    Look ma, I’m on a Segway!

    It is fun to ride a Segway. I have tried one too but it is not meant for Bahrain where people cannot drive properly with 4 wheels let alone 2 wheels and no rules. Segwayers can get killed just for the pleasure of it, the way these morons tend to drive with no sense of direction or speed control (and I mean bad divers irrrespective of nationality). Malls will have to be redesigned, roads will have to be redesigned with proper paths for Segways. The idea is great but Bahrain is not ready for it and a car is cheaper and safer by far. Still the idea is great and need some improvements. Perhaps they can invent a solar energy jacket to absorb suns rays in the day time and recharge the segway as you ride. How to use it at night without lights?

    Mom;s not going to be too pleased eh!?

    P.S. Where are signal lights and safety belt? You cannot signal and steer at the same time.

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