Vlog #12 – Going to Amsterdam – Day 1

24 Sep, '05
going on my annual pilgrimage to amsterdam to attend the IBC conference
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The flight was one of the worst I’ve been on for quite a while, not to blame KLM of course, but the travel agent screwed it up: they told us that it was a direct flight (meaning only 6 hours in a flying tube) while in actual fact we discovered that it was routed South via Abu Dhabi, which adds another 3 hours onto the flight time!

Now add to that I have chosen the very first seat in economy, you know, the seats with fixed arm rests? Yep, those ones, so no way I could get comfortable and sleep.

Anyway, the compensation is that I was going to Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities in the world… the rest is in the movie, which covers the flight and arrival in the city. I’ll be editing the remainder of the trip over the next few days…

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