Ramadhan funnies

6 Oct, '05

by populor demand, I have added my interpretation of the cartoons for my non-Arabic speaking friends…

The woman walks into the office and says: “In consideration of my fasting colleagues, I have decided to wear a hijab throughout Ramadhan.” The man says something like: “Allah reward you, or well done, you’ve done the right thing.” Obviously this one plays on the superficiality of some people where they think Ramadhan is only about covering up or fasting. Conveniently forgetting the deeper meaning of the Holy Month.

This cartoon is in the same stream of the first (and the one after actually) where a fasting man is sitting in front of a TV watching all the “loose” video clips and thinks that just uttering “I am fasting I am fasting” would be enough to save him.. he looks like he’s well on the way of losing it himself there doesn’t he?

This one is my favourite: the imam is giving a sermon to the faithful obviously, but he is warning them and telling them that “video clips” are haram, forbidden, “especially Christina Aguilera’s latest video!”
thanks Maha!

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  1. mahmood says:

    Re: Ramadhan funnies

    I’m not sure whether I should be insulted by this comment or not. My feeling at the moment is that it is extremely insulting. Don’t you think that we are human beings as well with the same instincts and needs? The cartoon might be crass, but it is true regardless of what ethnicity a man is I think.

  2. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Ramadhan funnies


    Don’t be insulted – at least in the West, a lot of Islamist propaganda states quite explicitly that “Muslim women cover up to protect them from the leering gaze of men” or “Muslims treat their women with respect unlike the infidel west who exploits them sexually”.

    The previous poster’s comment is indicative of that propaganda actually working.


  3. anonymous says:

    Ramadhan funnies

    Could we get an English translation of the punchline?

  4. anonymous says:

    Ramadhan funnies

    Just found this site on the net.

    I did not now that Arabic also make jokes about girls tits…very funny…but I could not read it thought.

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