Infidelity is not so bad…

7 Oct, '05

OVER a quarter of people who took part in a survey on marital relations said they did not mind if their spouses had an affair. The survey was conducted by Helpline, a voluntary service group dedicated to helping people help themselves through difficult times.
By Rebecca Torr :: GDN

This reminds me of a joke I heard a while ago:

A husband and wife having dinner at an expensive restaurant were suddenly interrupted by a gorgeous young woman who approached the husband and landed the most lascivious kiss on his lips, a couple of minutes later she straightens up, lovingly places her hand on his shoulder and seductively tells him that she can’t wait until she sees him later, and walks off.

The wife was completely aghast and furious with her husband understandably. She demanded (1) to know who that hussy was, and (2) get an immediate divorce!

The husband calmly replied that the lady was his girlfriend.

Wife: WHAT? Your ()&^)%^ girlfriend you son of a bitch! I will sue the hell out of you, I want a divorce and will take the children, I’ll ruin your life. I want OUT.

All this at the top of her voice. In the middle of a crouded and plush restaurant.

Husband: That’s fine dear, just calm down.


Husband: Alright dear, but remember this: We are in Bahrain. A muslim country. We were married under Shai’a Law. All you’ll get is 30 dinars a month if you’re lucky, the children are over 7 years old and I can keep them legally, but I know how much you love them so you can keep them. Of course as you will be their legal guardian, they will have to go to government schools as I won’t be paying for their private education, I will take back the Mercedes, and you will have to live with your parents again, the house that you couldn’t wait to leave..

In the meantime she notices a friend just entering the restaurant and on his arm is another young and beautiful lady, she interrupts her husband and asks:

Wife: Who’s that with Yasser?

The husband confused at the interruption, turns around to have a look, then says, “oh, that’s his girlfriend.”

Wife: Ours is more beautiful.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Infidelity is not so bad…

    That’s hilarious. 🙂


  2. Helene says:

    Infidelity is not so bad…

    That’s a variation on the one I read several decades ago concerning a Russian couple.

    The short version: Wife finds out husband is having an affair with a ballerina and demands to be taken to a ballet to see the hussy. After the ballet starts and the mistress is pointed out to her, she watches for a time and then declares with great satisfaction, “Ours is best!”

  3. anonymous says:

    Infidelity is not so bad…

    Heh… I can see there is a lot of difference between Malaysia’s Shariah laws and Bahrain’s – in Malaysia, if the women initiate the divorce, they in the end get to screw over the husband in ways and manners unimaginable under common law (where non-Muslims marry under) – especially if caused by infidelity. Sure, the husband can divorce immediately, but if the women starts divorce proceedings in most states, so help you God.

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