Say NO to racism

7 Oct, '05

I join my Kuwaiti friends Kuwaitism, Catch that Monkey and Kuwait Unplugged in registering my disgust at the stupid, infantile and wholly racist Ramadhan television show by Dawood Husain and Hassan Al-Ballam who attempt to be funny, but succeed in showing their true faces of racism. And that goes for their producers and for MBC, the television channel that is supporting them by broadcasting such drivel.

Shame on you all.

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  1. mahmood says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    They’re making Egyptians, Indians, Pakistanis, and others the butt of their sick jokes and skits. It is high time that these artistic imposters get thrown out of their non-creative ears to make way for those with real talent.

  2. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    thats not true,
    just as much as they make fun of those people, they make fun of their own nationality which is kuwait and the gulf countries
    but those people who feel they are not complete (ya3ni feehom nag9) they feel targeted because they dont have enough confidence in themselves
    am not defending the show here, but truth is , they make fun of them selves just as much as others….last night was a show mocking a kuwaity lady in a program that is aired on KTV

  3. mahmood says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    I have no problem at all by poking fun at oneself. That is part of comedy and is accepted, but don’t you think it should be limited to that rather than making completely racial comments and stereotyping Indians and others? Surely it is their responsiblity as so called artists to bring people together, open up horizons, rather than do the complete opposite. I see this “show” as cheap, nothing more.

    And it has nothing at all with inferiority complexes. It is a straight-forward objection against racial jokes and statements which could create even a greater divide in society, be that in Kuwait, Bahrain or wherever. There is something called taste after all that is completely missing from filth such as this particular show, and others like it in Ramadhan. Speaking of which, where is the spirit of brotherly and community relations which the Holy Month is all about as far as these shows are concerned?

    Do they actually add value to anything at all? Nothing but their bank balances while draining the humanity of people who watch them.

    These shows should be taken off the air.

  4. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    Hey Mahmood, thx alot for the post! Unfortunately its just a reflection of our society and the way we think…

    I hope this ‘campaign’ would at least get people thinking about what they see!

    Thx again,
    Q ([url][/url])

  5. anonymous says:

    Trackback :: Kuwait: Racist Ramadan Show

    TrackBack from Global Voices Online

    Many of the Kuwait bloggers as well from Bahrain are calling to boycott one of the TV shows after they came to a conclusion that ‘Qerqea’an‘ is a racist show and nothing funny about.

  6. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    Thanks for your participation.

    I just want to apologize as a Kuwaiti to everyone who felt insulted by these shows.

    A lot of Kuwaitis as you can see from the blogs are against such irresponsible and retarded programs.

    [b]Bo Jaij[/b]

  7. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    What was so racist about the show? I have not seen it and doubt I will from where I sit some 7000 miles away.

  8. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    i dont think its NOT funny
    if u ask me
    i think you just want to find something to protest against because there is nothing else at this time to protest against
    if so, then go have a campaign on all the african american comedians that keep on insisting on making jokes about black and white people…
    u know very well we do not have this black-white problem in the gulf

    but america is where slavery is and where it still exists, where the KKK is and the black leopards or tigers
    not here, not in this region….
    go watch all the democratic america each and every show making racial jokes, watch that east asian guy in the 70’s show, watch all the movies, white chicks , bad boys, and all the stuff like
    it exists there…here it does not exist.

  9. anonymous says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    Uh, actually slavery doesn’t exist here anymore, or else we would still see people chained up and forced to work on plantations. Racism exists everywhere, it’s an individual decision. Groups such as the KKK and Black Panthers are just some idiots abusing their freedom of speech. Which also goes to show you that we don’t have slavery here or else people wouldn’t be able to act like that. Also, about the black and white comedians making racial jokes, that just goes to show you that they have the freedom to. If you don’t like it you don’t watch it. Personally, I don’t give these people (comedians who base all their jokes on race) the time of day because I find their comments and jokes pretty dull and predictable. Where’s the originality these days?

    And you have to remember that these comedians and groups don’t represent everybody belonging to that certain race/religion/etc. Not all black people agree with the Black Panthers just as not all white people agree with the KKK. They’re pretty much non-existant anyway and everybody is mostly annoyed by their out-dated thinking (which should have never have been a way of thinking in the first place). *Sigh* will we ever look past color and see the individual inside?


  10. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    Racism is a problem in America, or was as u say or in the west
    it was never a problem here!
    i hardly know racist people….and those jokes are just for the laughs and I have even seen black comedians in the gcc making fun of themselves and fun of others white or black
    people around take it in with a wide hart

    here in this blog and some of the kuwaities i dont see why they are so much upset
    for the first time ever and i am kind of one of the people that watch a lot of gcc programs, old and new
    episodes and plays….for the first time i hear that such jokes are a problem or make any one feel bad…never ever did. The only jokes that some people were upset about was the comedian play by kuwaities that made fun of Iraqies and saddam hussain (where the lead actor was shot at because of it)…that was after the iraqies abused the kuwaities and tortured them…

    thats it

  11. anonymous says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    [quote]it was never a problem here![/quote]

    Because surely there has never ever ever been racism in Islam…

    Bukhari Volume 1, Book 11, Number 662:
    Narrated Anas:
    The Prophet said, “Listen and obey (your chief) even if an Ethiopian, whose head is like a raisin, were made your chief.”

  12. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    What are you implying Ash.. that the Prophet was racist?

  13. mahmood says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    for the first time i hear that such jokes are a problem or make any one feel bad…never ever did.

    You obvioulsy haven’t been listening, nor evaluating what is going on around you.

    We DO have racism in our societies, and always had. Even before Islam. Fact. Live with it.

    The thing is what is to be done about it? Accept it as a normal way of life as you have or fight against it and elevate the spirit of the human being?

    Your answers are plain enough: live with it, with us protesting against this dirge: we won’t.

    Now engage brain and start thinking. Something that you might have to peel your eyes off the TV screen once in a while to actually do.

  14. anonymous says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    Huh? I never even mentioned the prophet in my comment… :S I’m confused now…What exactly are you talking about?


    it was never a problem here!

    Because surely there has never ever ever been racism in Islam…

    Bukhari Volume 1, Book 11, Number 662:
    Narrated Anas:
    The Prophet said, “Listen and obey (your chief) even if an Ethiopian, whose head is like a raisin, were made your chief.” [/quote]

    If you mean this comment, well, it isn’t mine. So you might want to address the person who [i]did[/i] write it instead.


  15. Hesham says:

    Say NO to racism

    Never been a fan of these two clowns and I’m glad that everyone is getting to see them as the real fools that they are with so little substance.

    Whats is sad is that most people in the region think that they are the most Hilarious thing ever, what a statement on our current level of clulture (or lack of)…

  16. anonymous says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    Islam itself is racist. Why else would it demand the hijab for “free” women while a slave girl can go around like a man only covering her midriff leaving not only her head exposed, but her breasts, carlves and arms. That’s just one example of Islam’s racism. I’m sure there are many more if you want to look them up.

  17. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    For once I finally agree with you Mahmood, such programs that promote racism should be banned from television and its not just MBC that plays it, its also Al-Rai TV and Orbit… I mean for God’s sake these shows are not even comedy, its filled with jokes on colored people and ethnicities and its also filled with men dressed up in drag!!! Shame on them all!!!

  18. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    Islam itself is racist. Why else would it demand the hijab for “free” women while a slave girl can go around like a man only covering her midriff leaving not only her head exposed, but her breasts, carlves and arms. That’s just one example of Islam’s racism. I’m sure there are many more if you want to look them up.

    Umm.. does anyone know what this person is talking about, please.. ANYone?

    p.s. I apologize Ash for mentioning your name when you didn’t make that comment.. My bad 🙂

  19. mahmood says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    another convert to join the fold… come forth and make yourself known!

  20. anonymous says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    That’s ok 🙂


  21. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    “The hijab was invented”

    I wish there was an invention that would allow people to make better use of their vocabulary…

  22. anonymous says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    touched a nerve?

  23. Steelangel says:

    Re(1): Say NO to racism

    I’ve posted the Hadith from Bukhari regarding this before, and I still have to ask:

    Omar -demanded- something of the Prophet, and then a verse came down. Came down from where? Mohammed or Allah? Is Allah beholden to Omar? Is the Prophet beholden to Omar? Who is Omar to demand that Allah and Mohammed create rules to satisfy his demands? Omar must have been some fellow to demand that Allah provide eternal and unbreakable laws and to have such provided *bam* just like that.

    If rules like that made it into the Koran – rules demanded by men, not decreed by God (and Bukhari tells of more than a couple like that) – why should anyone take the text seriously as the ‘direct words of God transmitted via the Angel Jibreel to the Prophet’? More like the ‘direct words of a bunch of caravan raiders transmitted via a collection of oral histories that some folks kill people over’. 😀

  24. mahmood says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    What he says is true. The hijab was invented when Omar demanded that the Prophet (pbuh) covers his women to distinguish them from slaves (who do not have to cover up) so that they don’t get molested when they go out at night to do their business. That’s when the Ayah came down.

    I’ve also heard that the hijab need not be worn (legally) by women over 50 years old although I cannot find a reference to that.

  25. chalk66x says:

    Say NO to racism

    A Hawaiian version is Frank DeLima [url][/url], who to hear him tell the reason people in Hawaii learned to laugh at each other is because people lived in camps, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese and if the didnt learn to laugh at each other there would have been violence. I subscribe more to the tropical paradise theory myself.


  26. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    First of all our countries are EXTREMELY racist. The first time I went to Bahrain I was SHOCKED beyond belief. I thought I had gone back in time or something.

    Those shows are disgusting and they are very racist, and I dont find them funny at all. But unfortunatly many people have been born and raised with racism in our countries that they think its normal.

    Islam is not racist, some interpreters are. Many things are said in the name of Islam that are racist and sexist, I don’t accept that. Islam for many years was a religion dominated by men, and they chose to make it favourable to men. That does not reflect anything about the core of the religion itself.

    Zainab Alkhawaja

  27. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    Here’s a little anecdote on racism in gcc.

    On my recent trip to Saudi, I took my family to an amusement park called Shalallat in Jeddah. My 5-year old daughter was waiting in line for her turn to play in of the games. There were also other kids of her age waiting in line as well. When their turn came up, they all jumped enthusiastically saying “me first, me first…” All of a sudden, a young boy who was barley 4 years old, proudly shouted “I’m Saudi, I go first”

    I was stunned to say the least 🙁

  28. mahmood says:

    Re(2): Say NO to racism

    You did indeed Ethan, and I have found the Arabic text since as well to corroborate what you have written.

  29. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    [quote]Stunned because a national pushed in front in a line?[/quote]

    I can tolerate an arrogant individual, but this was an innocent little boy claiming to be better than anyone else (by virtue of being a Saudi.) I was even shocked by the reaction of other parents who stood by silently as if this was nothing to frown upon.

    Why would parents indoctrinate their kids into this racism & nationalistic fervor, especially at this early age? How would that kind of up bring benefit their kids in adult life?

  30. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    Stunned because a national pushed in front in a line? I’ve been in the Gulf 12 years now and I got over being stunned, or even angry, a long time ago. This is a daily accorance, and perhaps goes to explain the racism in the TV show under discussion. Whenever I have to go to the bank, phone company, electricty company, supermarket etc. etc., be it in Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar or the UAE I can almost guarantee that a national will push in front of me in line. It’s just the way things are, and I rationalise it by saying “It’s their country with their traditions and if these traditions include having absolutely no respect for others who are waiting patiently for service, then so be it.” Get used to it!

  31. mahmood says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    I don’t. And I have personnaly ripped a number of people new holes for doing what you describe regardless of who is in front in the queue. They mouth off, but then get back in line as they should.

    We can’t change people’s habits if those habits are not challenged, and that challenge should come from everyone regardless of background.

    There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, rather than just parents.

    So at the expense of maybe being embarrassed, these people must be put in their place. If you face them and tell them that what they did is wrong, they will back down.

  32. anonymous says:

    Say NO to racism

    Ah, but Mahmood, you are not subject to the whims of a sponsor’s visa. There is nothing I would like to do more than tell these interlopers to get to the back of the queue, but the penalties for “insulting” a national in the Gulf would probably include deportation, at the least. So, call me a chicken, but I would rather suffer in silence than put my livelihood on the line.

    I’ve been thinking about this and it is certainly a male thing – often the under 30s or the over 65s who are the worst offenders. The old fellows I don’t really mind, as back home I would offer the place in front of me to an old person anyway, but with the arrogant young men this is another matter. They are the ones who decide that, rather than waiting in line at the U-turn, they will cut in front of all the other drivers and leave their rear ends sticking out into the fast lane. They are the ones who, as spoiled and treasured young boys, would push their older sisters, aunts and even mothers about. They are the ones who start flashing their lights at you repeatedly from a kilometer back because you have the bold-faced effrontery to be overtaking a truck while doing 120 kmph while you should be crashing into the side of the truck so they can go past you at 190 kmph. I could go on, but it’s time for my blood pressure medicine.

  33. mahmood says:

    Re: Say NO to racism

    I don’t blame you and I understand. My wife, who is Scottish, does what I do “when she’s had it” and she gets stared at and sworn at (in Arabic) which she flings back at them unashamedly in their own language! Or if she’s really irate, she rolls the Rs and some choice Scottish phrases come forth. That puts them in their places, quite litterally.

    As for the driving, I slow down! What would they do? Damage their precious cars? No, they would over-take you on the inside and then (try to) cut in front of you leaving inches between their car and yours. It is dangerous and I like playing chicken with these dimwits.

    I must confess right here and now however (before it’s pointed out to me ;)) that I do get into the driving intimidation game as well, but I don’t (99% of the time) flash lights, I just drive at a hell of a speed and the cars in front of me just see this great silver shark coming behind them and they generally peel off.

    I feel like Mosus when that happens and it’s a hell of a lot of fun! 😆

  34. sadinkuwait says:

    Im an american living in kuwait at the moment… my roots are originally indian/ hawaii…. I have faced a lot of racism in this country. Once they even thought my passport was fake just because im not white american,,, weird..even the white americans originally came from other countries.. sad that most kuwaities dont know this. I never felt this in America..All my friends were white americans, Blacks, Asians.. everyone… There may be no racisim in Islam but there is racisim from Kuwaitis to other people. I want to go back to NY but cant leave my so im kind of stuck.. Many of the kuwaitis are very arrogant I dont know why…but some are okay..but most of them you just hate.. I used to defend them back home when people used to call them sand niggers and all.. but now i regret it.. plus they make Islam look bad also….however I did visit Egypt and the people there are so different..mostly everyone is polite gentle and very friendly…. well one day we all have to face God….right

  35. kikinho says:

    hey i think egypt is the best and onyl kindest place where you get good peolple

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