Transparency International 2005 Corruption Index published

18 Oct, '05

Once again Bahrain stays the same, at an index of 5.8 is not that bad, but not that good either. While Qatar, the Emirates, and Kuwait making positive strides when compared to last year, and Oman surging ahead to grab pole with Israel as the least corrupt countries in the region.

Here are the actual rankings for the whole world, and here’s a pdf for this region:

Staying static is certainly no progress.

Having said that, this year has seen quite a number of business initiatives and recently a flurry of IPOs, so hopefully that will bolster the businessmen’s view of Bahrain for next year’s charts.

In the mean time, MPs, the government and the tenders board have to not only work extra hard to ensure that our index does not drop but actually exert a herculean effort to lessen and the amount of corruption we suffer from here.

It is the full responsibility of the MPs to question corrupt public officials and throw them out of office. We have had the fiasco of GOSI, the Housing Bank and the various things unearthed during the discussion of the 2005/6 budget, but we still await the trial for a single corrupt official.

As importantly MPs have access to the report by the government’s transparency office which pointed fingers squarely at areas and persons needing investigation but they didn’t do anything to bring corrupt officials to book. It is a fact that our MPs continue in their peaceful slumber and continue shirk their responsibilities for which they were elected.

hat tip to Dr. Abdulhadi Khalaf.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Transparency International 2005 Corruption Index published

    Iceland was #1 – least corrupt. Must be all those glaciers keeping it clean. The US came out #17 in the corruption list, probably due exclusively to Lousiana.

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