Vlog #18: At the Drag Races

18 Jan, '06

Arif and I attended the recent FIA Drag Racing event on Nov 12th, 2005 where we hoped to witness the top-fuelers and funny cars put to the track. Unfortunately due to the recent changes then to the track – which was extended a few days before the event to cater for these cars – there were a number of problems that the BIC had to contend with: non-sticky surface sent a lot of cars wobbling; a very dangerous thing as you might imagine at the speeds those things go at, and the electronics associated with the timing circuits objected for some reason and that created further delays.

The event was almost cancelled, primarily because of the non-grip situation as I understand it, but Kareem, the Mr. Fix-it of the BIC pulled quite a number of rabbits out of his hat and fixed that major problem by layering and re-layering the rubber sticky/glue material on the track, while other people finally fixed the Christmas tree and the 1/4 mile trip.

Unfortunately as Arif had school the next day on (the finals were held on Friday, and schools of course start on Saturdays) we couldn’t stay till the end and we called it quits around 10pm.

It was good seeing the various cars go on the track, and the noises and smells were beautiful.

This is the first movie I upload to YouTube, let me know if you prefer this method of vlogging display or the old one with Quicktime files.

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  1. HMD says:

    Vlog #18: At the Drag Races

    Hmmm.. it must’ve been nice. no? Probably good weather this time of the year too..
    I really miss Bahrain. I mean, my brother works in BIC, but ironically and quite regretably, I’ve never been there.
    Well, maybe when if I manage to come back during the summer.

  2. anonymous says:

    Vlog #18: At the Drag Races

    Works better for me than quicktime. Any VW’s running? Ran 10.12 in a Karmen Gia in 1980, shocked the shi* out a lot of muscle car owners. Competition Motors out of El Paso mated a old fiat 850 with a VW trans and engine and were getting in the 9’s. Times have gone down since then but for the money you cant beat VW’s.


  3. anonymous says:

    Vlog #18: At the Drag Races

    love them drag races. the adrelanine rush is evil. the music in the background is such a surreal mix with the muscle cars. so organic. wish we had this kind of raw excitement in dubai.
    your humble reader

  4. anonymous says:

    Vlog #18: At the Drag Races

    YouTube much better than QT. Enjoyed the Vid, keep em comin and hey don’t forget to vlog the F1 season start !:)

  5. anonymous says:

    Vlog #18: At the Drag Races

    Hi Mahmoud,

    Just to say that YouTube is a better format beacuse quicktime just takes ages to download, where as with this you are able to watch it instantly. Keep it up.

    Manchester, UK

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