2006 Bloggies nominations are out!

23 Jan, '06

Thank you all very much for nominating Mahmood’s Den for the Best African or Middle Eastern Blog. The nominations for the 2006 bloggies is out and Mahmood’s Den is one of them. Woohooo!

I would like to extend my congratulations to my fellow nominees in this category: Haitham Sabbah, Sleepless in Sudan, Baghdad Burning and Subzero Blue whom I have the honour of joining such a distinguished company of friends.

Many many thanks to whoever recommended Mahmood’s Den.

Now please go and cast your vote!

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  1. [deleted]0.14243600 1099323648.862 says:

    2006 Bloggies nominations are out!

    Thanks Mahmood for your wishes. As I said, you deserve this one and more. All the best 🙂

  2. cerebralwaste says:

    2006 Bloggies nominations are out!

    Just cast my vote for you Mahmood!

  3. anonymous says:

    2006 Bloggies nominations are out!

    I have always found your blog to be informative and thought-provoking, however am now disappointed and disgusted that recently you had to launch a scathing and belittling attack on a fellow western woman living in Bahrain recently (‘Mercenaries’, Tuesday 17th January). It’s sad really, as instead of bullying her personal freedoms so that she would be ‘ganged up’ on refrain from writing her very own personal blog, you have offended westerners alike and have only yourself to blame. I can only wonder how your popularity (i.e. hits, etc) will fair now? Your true colours did shine through, and its a shame as I always thought you were liberal and fought for freedom of speech. I didn’t realise that this was not to be the case if other people didn’t agree with your worldly thinking although I can empathise why you reacted as you took it as a personal insult to your country instead of ‘constructive criticism’.

    Oh and by the way, have you ever relocated? You should try it some day as you might learn something yourself. As the old saying goes, ‘there is no place like home’. You may then understand what it means which may shed some light on why this girl wrote in such a way. At least she was being honest, which is something lacking in the ‘bubble’ of Middle Eastern media in which we are succumbed to, namely thanks to the governments strict press law ‘guilotine’. I am sure your son made his comparisons with Europe when he ventured there, and came back to Bahrain glad that he was home again in his familiar surroundings.

    Blogging should always reflect the personality of its author – you have even agreed to this.
    “So long as postings are not derogatory against Islam or aimed at a personal level that’s unwarranted, I let them stay,” he added. – Bahrain This Month, 2005

    You should practice what you preach Mahmood as you did aim this nasty ‘hate-campaign’ against her on a personal level which was unneccesary! She may have had some harsh thoughts to reflect on about her experience so far in Bahrain, but I can truthfully say at least she has aired them as as difficult as it may seem, she has spoken for majority of the western expatriate population here. What she listed as problems encountered being a woman, I could only smile at in agreement since she took the words right out of my and many fellow female mouth’s. You have insulted and offended many western women here (and abroad) now as a result and this is a real shame. Instead of crippling her, you have instead damaged yourself – all on your very own!

    Instead of denying that any problems exist, maybe it is better to acknowledge that one’s country is not infallible and we are all capable of erring. Anyway, I shall now refrain from keeping your website in my ‘favourites list

  4. mahmood says:

    Re: 2006 Bloggies nominations are out!

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    I am no saint, and never will be. Nor will anyone I know and I venture to guess that neither will you; therefore, how can you judge me for my own feelings? Or should my feelings be ignored, curtailed and censored because I have this blog? Or in order to win your friendship or a prize?

    I started this blog to write down my own thoughts – personal thoughts – I did not ask you, nor did I ask anyone else to take them as gospel and undeniable. It is a journal of my own experiences, and yes, even prejudices. You are here to share my thoughts and possibly have an insight into a culture foreign to you through the eyes of a native. I am not looking to you to or anyone else to agree with me completely, or disagree with me completely. If you find my thoughts commendable, that’s fine, if you find them objectionable as you have done in this particular case – and chose to judge me on this particular instance – that’s fine too. I am not looking for accolades from you nor anyone else. I am a person with passions and I choose to share and defend them. If you think I should be a piece of plastic with no feelings and no burrs, I suggest you re-examine your ideals.

    I have no desire to take this issue further now that she has done the honourable thing and apologised. That’s good enough for me. She has seen the error of her ways and is prepared to turn a new page.

    How did this happen I wonder? Without her prejudices and ill-manners being exposed there would have not been any requirement for re-evaluation. That has happened now and judging by her latest post, she has spent some time soul-searching and by her own admission she found herself at fault by so harshly and rudely judging a whole nation which she was trying to cajole into a comfortable image of home. A home, by the way in Singapore; so your assumption that she is western is misbegotten. Regardless; this is not, and has never been about her race, this has been about a rude individual – a guest in my country – who was made to see the error of her ways.

    I would not object one bit if someone meted out the same treatment to me if they feel that I am at fault. I might not welcome the experience and might feel uncomfortable or even hostile initially, but being taken to task will enrich my experience ultimately and show me how at fault I was in holding a position which might have been wrong, or at least incorrect, and ultimately I will thank that person who has shown me the error of my ways. That would make me a better person.

    Now it’s time to move on, turn another page and get on with our lives. The objective was achieved. I have vented my anger and frustration at someone whom I judged to have misjudged my country and culture, and that was that. Now if you want to read into it something else and turn this into another issue, that’s your prerogative.

  5. anonymous says:


    I was browsing the Bloggies nominees and came across your blog. What a great site and what blogging sould be about…discovering the world of others! Good luck from Paris !!

  6. mahmood says:


    Thanks very much! You’re more than welcome here and hope that you will be a regular visitor.

  7. mahmood says:

    Re: 2006 Bloggies nominations are out!

    Thanks Mark, much appreciated.

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