Mating parakeets

10 Feb, '06

Mating rose-ringed parakeets, originally uploaded by malyousif.

These two were going at it and were almost completely oblivious of me being about 15 meters away snapping pictures of them!

They nest in the eaves; which unfortunately for us, they are ripping apart. We see plenty of evidence of them “preparing” their nest by wood chips and even big pieces of cement they have ripped up and threw down just below were they chose to nest.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. anonymous says:

    Re: Mating parakeets

    actually the term “fornicating” refers to two humans engaging in extra-marital sex, and so can’t be applied to two parakeets.

  2. [deleted]0.18665800 1099323648.207 says:

    Parakeets …

    Mahmood: These pix are among your very best! Thanks for posting the entire series. This one is my favorite!


    How fortunate you are to have such beautiful birds living right above you! Over here – I have to go to the local PetSmart to see them! 🙂

  3. anonymous says:

    Re: Mating parakeets

    Were they as noisy doing it as they often are when they’re not?

    I used to get woken up by one squawking in our garden on
    Friday mornings. Damn thing.


  4. mahmood says:

    Re(1): Mating parakeets

    Not a peep! And this was one of the times that I wished that my Canon had a videography capability just to shoot “the action” because it was choreographed, from the actual mating scene to the after love-making kissing and cuddling, I kid you not!

    It’s the first time ever that I witness this.

  5. mahmood says:

    Re: Parakeets …

    Thanks Sandee. Yes we like them too, even though they are ripping the eaves apart and we’ll probably have to dish out a lot of money to fix them when maintenance time comes… but for now, we’re enjoying their company.

    My favourite is this one, which has been my desktop picture since I took it:
    Rose-ringed parakeet in flight

  6. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    Not to ruin the moment but where’s the hajib; I can just picture the old mullaha ordering out the stripes…

    If this photo will up-load it’s one of my favourite birds.

    How do you up-load photos anyhow?


  7. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    I think Parliament should take this matter up. Please forward those pictures to your municipal council for further action. What will our innocent youth think when they see such indecent acts committed in public?
    Thanks for bringing this serious issue to our attention. It is time our esteemed elected bodies pay attention to what is happening inside our magical kingdom, instead of wasting public money on discussing senseless things.
    Those parrots should be nutered, muffled, shackled and put in cages – just to set an example to other animals who think that commiting such mad acts in public will go unnoticed.
    Best regards,
    Silly Bahraini Girl

  8. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    Aww bless ’em.

    What a lovely sight though.

    Hope you have a tranquil Friday too Mahmood.


  9. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets


    taking pictures of birds fornicating, would that make you a voyeur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    ahahah nice, nature at its best 😉

    This reminds me also of the Back to the Future movie … where marty’s dad met his mom when he was “birdwatching” and fell off the tree and for those who watched the movie know how it goes and the rest who haven’t.. Go watch the movie LOL

    Have a splendid friday and weekend Mahmood 🙂

    –[url=]LiB Team[/url]

  11. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    hope u have a great Friday too unlike me ill be spending it in uni. plus the weather in London is getting really crappy, and the parrots or ilbebeya’s loooooooooool

  12. anonymous says:

    Re(2): Mating parakeets

    Mahmood, I don’t know what to say …

    ” … It was choreographed, from the actual mating scene to the
    after-love-making kissing and cuddling …” Really, Mahmood: does
    this reveal a penchant for voyeurism or is it more indicative of
    your … er … cinematographic tastes? :^)

    If it’s the latter, then I have a question: would you have scored
    the clip with romantic orchestral, soft jazz or 70’s-style funk?


    Oh, and what would you have edited on? :^)

  13. Luvlee says:

    Mating parakeets

    good point Silly Bahraini girl… but i think we should also burn the parakeets’ flags if we can find it!… i am sure they are tucked under it and smoking cigarettes!

  14. mahmood says:

    Re(3): Mating parakeets

    Hah! The editing, Scot, would have been on a MODERN Avid, of course, something you sorely lack!

    As to the music, I shall defer to your worthwhile ears, as mine are practically mute in that domain.

    Voyeurism? But of course (said in a French accent) :smirk:

  15. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    This is the same species that’s become extremely common around us in West London and seems destined to be one of Britain’s commonest birds at the present rate of spread.I’ve also heard of them in Istanbul, Barcelona and Amsterdam, (and America I think).They’re originally from the Himalayas so a sort of universal Parakeet seemingly.Whether it’s ‘fornicating’ or not it’s certainly a very effective means to the bird’s eventual plan for world domination !

  16. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    You know there is a theory of intelligent design as well as a theory of evolution an example of both is reflected in Formula 1 racing.

    Where’s the bees?

    Sometimes I wonder why I don’t get kicked off your blog, perhaps it because you’re a good guy.


  17. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    First you grow a Tequila tree in your garden, then you open your garden for bird sex and post bird porn pic’s on your site. My sources say Al Saidi is looking for a pink house, I suggest you buy some paint and change the color of your house asap.

  18. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    I heard they suck the Agave stalk before they get at it.

  19. mahmood says:

    Re: Mating parakeets

    Damn! you got me rolling on the floor laughing with this one!

    But damn you, now you’re going to invite all of those weirdos googling parrot-porn and the site will be inundated with weird fools coming to look for this stuff 😆

  20. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    appreciate that drop me a mail so we can meet

  21. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    The U.K. parakeets are regular garden visitors and in mine they come to standard peanut feeders although like squirrels they tend to be destructive of feeders.There are all sort of myths about where the originals came from as they certainly couldn’t have flown in from the Himalayas or even Bahrain for that matter.One legend says they were from the film-set of ‘The African Queen

  22. mahmood says:

    Bird man, please help!

    Bird man, are these parakeets Alexander or Rose-Ringed and what do you think I should do to keep them happy? I tried putting fruit for them on a raised plinth in the garden but they wouldn’t come down to get the stuff. I even planted some sunflowers which they completely ignore!

    Another thing, how can I limit the damage they are obviously doing to my eaves? They’re chewing the wood supports!

    Last thing, please join my Flickr group: Birds of Bahrain.

  23. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Mating parakeets

    I am shocked, shocked to see this lascivious display of parakeet porn on your website, Mahmood. Please give me the phone number of your local Committee to Prevent Vice and Promote Virtue so that I can alert them to this. We’ve got to put some pants on those birds!



  24. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    This is so sweet. I have a couple of these at home and the female wants to mate but I don’t think the male knows what to do. He just seems to pick at her head and act like he’s chewing whatever he gets from her feathers when she’s in the mood. Do you know if this is common? And will they eventually mate or what?

    Also, we have two other parakeets, but they’re bigger than these (can’t remember their name) and I’ve wondered if you can set them free and, if so, will they be able to survive? There are a couple in our neighborhood that perch on the tree across the street and they squack to each other most every day. If we let ours go, do you think that’d be able to survive, seeing that there are others in the neighborhood? Btw, they can fly and I don’t think their wings have been clipped, but I’m not sure.

    Does anyone have any ideas on these topics?


  25. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    thank’s for sharing the wonderful bird pictures and hilarious comments. I am looking forward to the next episode of “Carnal Sins”. I hope there will be one…


  26. mahmood says:

    Re: Mating parakeets

    No advice on the mating habits of parakeets I’m afraid, though some slow jazz might do the trick! 😀

    As to letting already domesticated parakeets out, I think that they will be caught very quickly and sold for BD3 each, or meet with a worst fate. Keep them if you can and take care of them.

    The BD3 is true, I’ve seen people trap them in the palm grove behind our house and when I asked them how much they would sell them for they said that BD3 was the going rate.

  27. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets

    Alexandrine Parakeet Psittacula eupatria is a much bigger bird than Rose-ringed
    it has a longer tail darker wing with heavier beak has broader more prominent
    red ring at the back of the neck but the distinguishing feature is the red flash in the wing,
    feint when spread along the shoulder of the wing but very obvious when perched.

    The two obviously enjoying their moment of glee understandable really they only get to do
    it once a few times a year are your more common Rose Ringed can’t see any red flash in the
    wing Psittacula krameri

    And for those that think birding or bird watching is a pastime for wimps or wierdos then
    when I do my summer counts come with me for the day. Distance to be walked is less
    than 15 kms, there is not shade, we will see who is still alive at the end of it; my day starts
    at sunrise and ends at sunset bring and carry you own food and water. If you drop tough
    Its around the coast of Bahrain outer islands the only way back is to the point you started
    from and the boat

    PS then repeat again the next day and the one after that ……etc. and
    for those that like these thing then visit my web pages and then add some comments back here my email can be found on the site

  28. anonymous says:

    Mating parakeets


  29. mahmood says:

    Re: Mating parakeets

    Excellent, bird man! Thank you. I shall add a link to your site on the sidebar here in a few minutes.

    Maybe we can meet some day, I’ve got ideas to “modernise” the site so that all of its content should become available for rss readers etc. Shouldn’t be a big job, but the plus side is that it would be a lot easier to maintain.

    But talk to me offline if you wish so we can arrange something (if you want to that is.)

  30. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Mating parakeets

    Well, maybe one day we’ll get lucky and little Stedman (the male bird) will decide he *really* does want to jump her bones and everything else will be history! 😉

    I didnt realize that the parakeets were being captured like this… and in no way would I want our lovelies to be captured and re-sold. We love our birds and they have such cute personalities – they are just as destructive as the wild ones, btw – but I often fret because I hate to keep them caged, and if we let them out, they don’t want to go back in and tend to destroy things in the room. Maybe one day they’ll trust us enough to go in w/out commotion.

    Have a fab day!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I saw my parakeets mateing :shocked: :getlost:

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