Is Jackson off, finally?

11 Feb, '06

Michael JacksonThe freeloader has been kicked off the island, it has been reported. Good riddance and thank you Shaikh Abdullah for doing what I would have done from the start: not offer him a pad in our fair isle. But then, you’re more generous than I am.

In any case, I hope he does not return.

I wonder how that is going to affect the forthcoming Blender article I was interviewed on the subject for. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks forzaq8 for the headsup.

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  1. mahmood says:

    Re(2): Is Jackson off, finally?

    😆 brilliant!

  2. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    I think if he wasn’t creepy with kids he would just be a sad, pitiful person. But when you add the kids in….he’s a creep!


  3. Hesham says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    I hope he doesn’t end up in Dubai! Especially that he seems fond of ibn batuta mall..


  4. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    What a load of rubbish – if the press wrote the Pope sucks SOMEBODY somewhere would
    take it literally – If I remember right a court of his peers all 12 of them in the land of
    the free and brave found him not guilty – eccentric or wierd he might be but are we all
    perfect. As to embarrassing people I think the perverts and those that support them
    who go around blowing themselves and others up in the forlorn hope of a free entry into
    heaven are the sick buggers that we should all be worrying about – Michael Jackson in
    comparison is an Angel and what ever you intollerant lot think Thriller is still the best
    music video ever produced

  5. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Well said.

  6. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    I forgot…
    my meager apartment balcony garden consisting wholly of plants and orchids I brought back from several trips to Thailand is finally taking shape. Expect a picture soon (read: GIVE ME TIPS!)


  7. Luvlee says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    I thought Mike’s nose was about to fall off… didn’t they say something about that a few years ago?? I am still waiting……

  8. Dan says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Hereditary executives (i.e. kings and such) are inherently prohibitive of the process of a free government. One of the most disfunctional (and irrelevant) families on earth is the royal house of England.

    Michael Jackson was found innocent by a jury of his peers (a JURY anyway) and so that now qualifies him as just plain wierd. Still, I would not let MJ anywhere near my children.

    Did you say MJ was galavanting around with the King’s son? How old is the King’s son? Watch out Bahrain! You may have the makings of a scandal on your hands. And please keep Michael. There are already too many freaks in Caleefornia.

  9. anonymous says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    Yeah, I gotta disagree with you there. It USED to be the greatest and most inovative ever (I used to be quite the fan myself). Since then he’s just made every. single. video. into a 10 minute long mini short film which stripped Thriller of its uniqueness (seriously, I tried watching his videos recently at a store and they kept going on and on…)
    No, the greatest videos ever as far as I’m concerned are:
    -Sir Mixalot’s “Baby Got Back
    -Nick Cave and Kylie’s “Where The Wild Roses Grow”
    -All of Robbie Willams’ videos
    -All of Bjork’s
    -Tenacious D’s “Tribute” and “I’m Gonna F*** You”
    and of course: “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim (Dancing Walken trumps all).

    There’s way more out there but I’m sure everyone else has their own ideas so I just mentioned the ones off the top of my head.

    Cheers 😀


  10. Luvlee says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    “Did you say MJ was galavanting around with the King’s son? How old is the King’s son? Watch out Bahrain! You may have the makings of a scandal on your hands. And please keep Michael. There are already too many freaks in Caleefornia.”

    THanks A LOT! now we just added a freak to Bahrain!!! The King’s son is old enough… so don’t worry, he can take care of himself! heheh

  11. anonymous says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    [quote]I thought Mike’s nose was about to fall off… didn’t they say something about that a few years ago?? I am still waiting……[/quote]

    It’ll be worth the wait. If you manage to catch it, it’ll be worth megabucks on eBay …

  12. Will says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Come on Mahmood, here is your chance to show some real tolerance!!!!!

  13. mahmood says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    Oh I’m quite tolerant, much more than people realise, but in this particular case the guy has been free-loading for just far too long with far too little to show for it.

    Had he involved himself in a way that endeared him to the local community; by doing a concert to help the poor for instance, and not appearing in public clad in women’s clothing, the outcome and my tolerance would have been a lot different.

  14. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    hahahahah you really crack me up Mahmood! Great website!!! Keep it up!!!

  15. mahmood says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    Oooh! Orchids! I only have one kind at the moment and it’s just a curved stick with a couple of fat leaves, but I’ll keep taking care of it in my study until it decides to sprout those lovely flowers.

    It’s been a windy three days in Bahrain, the geraniums I had in our bedroom balcony and those in Hanan’s have suffered tremendously. Unfortunately a lot of the bloom stalks have blown away, but the plants themselves seem to be solid, so maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll beat you and publish a few pictures!

    My advice is publish, regardless of stage of growth, it’s always interesting to see an enthusianst’s efforts!

  16. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Perhaps you missed my sarcasm. Tolerance must have a line somewhere and this sexually deviant miscreant should be on the other side of it.

  17. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    What pisses me off is the fact that the King’s Son would invite him and pay for his stay all this time, instead of using that money to help the poor of his country. That’s the thing with Bahrain’s Gov’t, they expect economic reform and never spend on their citizens. The main reform needed in Bahrain is for our people to be involved in our Gov’t’s expenditure decisions. I don’t care if the King’s Son spent money out of his own pocket, but this most likely isn’t the case knowing of the extreme corruption played behind the scenes. I very much admire our King and Crown Prince, however, I believe that the only way for actual progress is if the corrupt are thrown out of office immediately.. Son or Uncle, it doesn’t make a difference!


  18. Pammi says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    He was warned eons ago to halt his obsession of little boys, that it would do him in. He’s had some very bad advice, too bad he didn’t heed the warnings about his obsession. He owns the publishing rights to some of songs in The Beatles catalogue.

    [quote]In 1984, ATV’s 4,000-song music catalog was put up for sale, and Michael Jackson (who had coincidentally been introduced to the benefits of song ownership by Paul McCartney himself) eventually outbid all other prospective buyers for it, including Paul McCartney, who wanted to buy back the rights to the Beatles’ songs but was apparently unable or unwilling to raise enough money to pay for the thousands of other songs in the ATV catalog as well. So, for $47.5 million, Jackson acquired the publishing rights to most of the Beatles songs. (The four songs issued on the Beatles’ first two singles — “Love Me Do” b/w “P.S. I Love You” and “Please Please Me” b/w “Ask Me Why” — were not part of the package since they were published before the formation of Northern Songs, and the rights to those songs are now controlled by McCartney’s MPL Communications. ATV also did not own the rights to George Harrison songs published after Harrison’s songwriting contract with Northern Songs expired in 1968, but they did hold the rights to various other Lennon-McCartney songs not recorded by the Beatles.)

    Another key point here is that although Michael Jackson receives 50% of the royalties generated by Beatles songs by virtue of his ownership of the publishing rights, Paul McCartney and John Lennon (and Lennon’s estate, now that he’s dead) have always received their 50% songwriter’s share of the royalties for all Lennon-McCartney songs. Neither ATV’s nor Michael Jackson’s acquisition of Northern Songs changed that, and Michael Jackson does not now receive royalties that would otherwise be going to the Beatles had he not acquired the publishing rights to their songs (except that, obviously, if Paul McCartney had managed to outbid Jackson for the publishing rights to the Beatles catalog, he and Lennon’s estate would be splitting 100% of the royalties rather than 50%).

    As a closing note, we should mention that Sony Corp. paid Michael Jackson $95 million in 1995 to merge ATV with Sony and form Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a 50-50 joint venture, so it’s probably more correct to say that Jackson now owns half the rights to the Beatles catalog.[/quote]

    too bad his Ranch in Santa Barbara, California is in such dire straits, it is in a beautiful area of California.

  19. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Come on. Despite what anyone thinks of him personally, the guy has a right to come and go as he pleases. I think its funny how so many people hold Michael Jackson to a higher standard than the rest of the human population.

    Why should he hold a concert for the poor? Did the british royals who were recently in Bahrain do any meaningful charity work for the poor (read: meaningful)? Do any of the crown prince’s other guests, and im sure there have been a sleuth from all walks of life, hold charity events “just because?”

    Look in any public school in Bahrain and you will see PLENTLY of father/sons (try not to laugh to hard) which is infinitely worse than MJ putting on a cloak to hide from the media. The public turns a complete blind eye to this very sick cultural aspect yet berates MJ.

    People heap scorn on the royal family yet give parliment a PASS. Statements like ‘

    “That’s the thing with Bahrain’s Gov’t, they expect economic reform and never spend on their citizens. The main reform needed in Bahrain is for our people to be involved in our Gov’t’s expenditure decisions.”

    WTF does this have to do with the prince? He doesnt run the government? WTF does this have to do with Mike?

    Dont be a hater. AND… on the the by and by, FOX News is a propaganda machine nat to be trusted.. but you didnt hear that from me.

  20. mahmood says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    With fame/wealth comes responsibility; that’s why Michael Jackson and the Royals in this case are held on a much higher plain than the normal Mohammed Abdulla in the street.

    Taking this basic concept into consideration, the truthfullness of the report notwithstanding, I do blaim both for misusing that trust and that position which they have gained either through fame or birth.

    In my eyes, it is a betrayal of the trust bestowed on them and it is this betrayal that tastes foul in people’s mouths.

  21. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    People heap scorn on the royal family yet give parliment a PASS. – I didn’t scorn the royal family, which is why I added toward the end of the statement that I highly respect our King and Crown Prince, so don’t put words into my mouth!!!!

    Statements like “That’s the thing with Bahrain’s Gov’t, they expect economic reform and never spend on their citizens. The main reform needed in Bahrain is for our people to be involved in our Gov’t’s expenditure decisions.”
    WTF does this have to do with the prince? He doesnt run the government? WTF does this have to do with Mike?
    – Listen, what I’m saying is that a prince Usually gets money from the gov’t (deewan), and the gov’t should (although it usually doesn’t) spend money on the country and its people (especially if it’s a country like Bahrain that has tons of economics and political problems) and not any Guest! I have nothing against Mike, because quite frankly I don’t give a damn about what he has or has not done, but I do have something against our Prince spending our Gov’t’s money on him rather than on our People! So please, next time you read a statement, just don’t spit out nonsense!

    and By the way, take it easy with all the WTF cuz its just absurd!


  22. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Is Jackson off, finally?

    Couldn’t have said it better Mahmood. You make a very good point!

    Well Done 🙂

  23. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Hey, I saw MJ in a wedding recently at the Gulf Hotel. Nice guy, said ‘hello’ to whoever came up to him. Other than the security guards who didn’t allow any pictures to be taken, he was like any other human being, just enjoying the party with his three kids (who were white too. I mean they weren’t half african american, half caucasian. Its hard to say that he’s their father at all).

    Anyone ranting on the guy would change their opinion once they meet or see him in person. I mean, hey, this is Michael Jackson! A cultural icon who’s entire childhood was spent in abuse from papa Joe Jackson and literaly forced to become an entertainer. Of course the hard work paid off until he hit the stage he’s in right now, not doing so well financially and looking like . . . well, the way he looks right now. Can’t really give it a name, as I don’t think anything in this world resembles him at all . . .

  24. Will says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    [quote]Come on. Despite what anyone thinks of him personally, the guy has a right to come and go as he pleases. I think its funny how so many people hold Michael Jackson to a higher standard than the rest of the human population.[/quote]

    Your right I just assumed that he bought his way out of jail and that he actually is a pedophile. Justice in America has a price as it does in most countries. I do not know if the alleged victims were after his money or his liberty.

    I dont know if he owes anybody anything but if you stand on the pedestal prepare to be judged.

  25. angelo says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    There’s something fishy with the FOXNews report by Roger Friedman… anyways it won’t be long before something concrete comes out in an official press statement (i hope) from Jackson’s hosts in the GDN. Think about it – most of the reports we’ve seen in the press lately from last year as well have been disputed by Jackson and his hosts out in the GDN in the past (, .

    And about the other poster who mentioned Jackson at the wedding in Gulf Hotel, here’s a bit that’s been explained on a fansite by fans who claim they work closely with MJ’s staff:

    “Sources “close to” Michael Jackson told Gulf News that he is becoming more comfortable with his new life in Bahrain. He attended a wedding ceremony at the Gulf Hotel and is temporarily moving into a new mansion.

    Michael had been invited by the Al Gosaibi family to the wedding celebration ten days ago. He watched the traditional Arabic wedding from the sidelines after politely declining to be seated nearer to the stage where the newly weds were seated and musicians performing.

    Michael first lived in a palace upon his arrival. Now, he has moved into a mansion in Sanad. Reports have Michael planning to move to yet another mansion, keeping the Sanad home for visiting relatives and friends. Sources report “He wants his mansion to be by the sea, something that the Sanad residence does not offer.”

    How true is that I dunno’ 🙂

    [EDITED: placed in the august 2005 link to the gdn report.]

    [Modified by: angelo (angelo) on February 11, 2006 12:08 PM]

  26. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    This oughta be interesting, as now speculation begins as to what could have possibly caused good ol’ MJ to get booted (my money’s on the public embarassment he caused his hosts during a difficult time for them after losing Sheikh Faisal. I don’t even want to consider what else could have done so) Guess that alleged charity single will be scrapped now as the days count down to his loans being called on Feb 20. I say “alleged” since the only evidence we’ve got of its existence is two different names (one of them, “From the Bottom of My Heart”, being the exact same title of one of Stevie Wonder’s latest…oops!). Suddenly, the song was “delayed” because MJ wanted to “rewrite and tinker with it”, as if he’s suddenly a great lyricist and sound engineer. The new title has its own murky HIStory…). The GDN article re: the recording of the song said nothing new and the fact there’s little to no publicity from the other artists involved makes it seem like it was nothing more than a PR excercise designed to make him look charitable (also telling was that all the names he promised, like Stevie and Mriah Carey, turned him down and did their own charity singles that came out shortly after the disaster).

    Also of interest for conspiracy theorists, Anthony Pelicano, a private investigator who did some work on behalf of MJ and his then lawyer Bert Fields (who also represents Tom Cruise and a load of Scientologists), was recently re-arrested after serving 2 years for possession of explosives. It’s no secret that he has used intimidation and blackmail tactics to help his clients (apparently even to the point of almost running over MJ’s first accuser….twice). So who knows what the mountains of files they recovered his office will reveal.

    It is true that there are much worse things going on here, but does that make his own deviant behaviour acceptable? He publically admitted he sleeps with children (i.e. boys) that arent his own and would have no problem allowing his own children to sleep with a total stranger. He might as well have painted a bull’s eye on his forehead because if there’s one thing worse than a pedophile, is one who commits his vile acts and thumbs his nose at the law because he knows that somebody will protect him. Sometime later, his statements were revised into him sharing a bed with his brothers because (in his words) it was a “black” thing, never mind the fact they weren’t able to afford it in the beginning of their careers. And all of a sudden, anyone accusing him of any wrongdoing was a racist…worked for OJ, didn’t it? Jesse Jackson fanned the flames to the degree that there were fears of a riot in case the jury didn’t rule in his favor. And once he was vindicated, his official website announced (within a day, I might add, in a flash animated intro) that his exoneration was as important as Dr Martin Luther King’s birthday, the fall of the Berlin Wall and Nelson Mandela being released from prison. Next thing we know, he’s over here after Jermaine laid the groundwork for his arrival in the months before and during the trial. Oh yeah, Jermaine’s a friend of Shaikh Abdullah too. Wonder what his status is now? We may be rid of two Jacksons for the price of one 😀



    P.S. Btw, congratulations on the Blender deal, Mahmood 🙂 Looks like I may have to pick up that issue when the time comes.

  27. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    u r in alwasatnews today! with the big doda pic

  28. mahmood says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    I know, but from the 2,172 articles I have here since early 2003, the blasted editor chooses what? The picture of the slug and my comment that I have collected over 100 of them from the garden! But look at the “real meat” that particular picture is sandwiched between, and the moron chooses the SLUG!

    < /exasperated >

  29. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    maybe they wanted to grab attention to ur website indirectly!

  30. mahmood says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    true… there is that.

  31. anonymous says:

    Re(1): Is Jackson off, finally?

    Mahmood, Mahmood … I don’t think you have grasped that you are the fastest rising star in the worldwide Slug Enthusiast community. No less a figure than noted slugologist Professor Vincent Pinsent recently gave you an honourable mention at the Slug-Lovers conference in Baden-Wurttemberg and there’s talk of bestowing you with the prized Slime of Honour of the Royal Order of Gastropods.

    Face it, man: you’re on your way to becoming the Michael Jackson of global slug-lovery. Enjoy!

  32. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Beat it … Beat it.

    You know, awhile back in history Keith Richard was found to be in possession of a bunch of drugs in Canada. The judge ordered that he do a benefit concert for the blind, he did the judge was happy and so was I. Tolerance, eye sight to the blind. ( My brother always points out to me that I make connections that need explanations. Must be that Zen I studied.)

    Keith the anti Jackson.


    PS Do you have leaches in Bahrain, we have them and if you go swimming and they leach on to you it’s a drag, you have to burn them off with the Zipo.
    Relatives of the slug and perhaps MJ.

  33. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Consider this the story originates from FOX NEWS – who owns FOX

    They just love to hate MJ cause he has accepted good ARAB hospitality – and they are as
    anti – as anybody can get –


    O’Reilly Guest: ” … Middle Eastern Islam is so sick that you begin to despair about
    whether there is any hope for it …”
    Thu 05:05 AM

    The title of this post sums up the attitudes of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, who writes an
    opinion column for the New York Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns
    FOX News Channel. Peters is also a prolific author of fiction and non-fiction books.
    His article entitled “The Counterrevolution in Military Affairs was recently published
    in the Weekly Standard, which is also owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    Bill O’Reilly interviewed
    Col. Peters and Danish Broadcasting U. S. Correspondent Thomas Falbe on February 7, 2006
    about the Muslim uprisings.

    “UPRISINGS” – PROTESTS don’t they mean just consider the use and implications of the use of
    the word UPRISING in this context??

    Don’t believe a thing you read from FOX NEWS

  34. Dan says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Yea, yea; SO the King’s son is not (physically) a little boy anymore. Is Michael Jackson maturing? Does he hum off older men now?

    And WTF was he doing in Bahrain in the first place, of all places?


    FOXy Anonymous: Why don’t you get an identity or assign yourself a name.
    Please keep’em comin’ Mahmood!



  35. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    You know Dan your comments are about as much use as your small mind –

    And why should he not be here in Bahrain whats the difference to this place from others
    Has MJ had a travel ban imposed on him by the CIA or the ministry of cockups opps I mean
    HOME LAND security – Has he been convicted of a crime I thought the great thing about
    American justice was that you are innocent till proven guilty – mind you they tried that and failed
    Maybe the little anglels that took him to court were manipulated just to get at his money.
    And since they failed in that quest have be to satisfierd in destroying the man.

    PS YES I DO HAVE A NAME but whats the point of typing it here – I could be Fred, Bert or even
    Cynthia or even god forbid another DAN


  36. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    IS MJ a pedophile – I was molested as a boy by a friend of my Fathers – I still break out in cold
    sweats when I think about it so on the subject of sharing a bed with children – as a father of 4
    and grandfather to 2 – I speak out of experience – I remember many a time when our kids
    were growing up they would constantly climb into our bed – nightmares, couldn’t sleep syndrome
    often any old excuse one would be woken up by a little foot in the small of your back –
    on several occassions our boys had friends staying – parents away or just sleep overs and
    on several occassions I was woken up by even these kids frightnened by not being at home
    climbing into our bed – On one occassion after a party I even had to sleep in the boys bedroom
    since there were more kids in our bed than in the rest of the house. Had the bed been bigger
    would I have moved I doubt it – Does this make me a pedophile – mind you when it was little girls
    the friends of our daughter then I drew the line I most definately moved – but the point is kids
    do this sort of thing in the most normal of household – there is as a parent after all something
    reassuring about being the protector of and the personification of for a child of a sanctuary of
    being able to provide a loving and secure environment. More so if this was lacking in your own

    My Grandchildren are the worst – they if left to stay a few days refuse to sleep in their own
    beds – My wife and I accept it now as the norm. In time they will grow out of it – however
    just because a person accepts children into their bed does not make them a sexual deviant,
    a pedophile, if it does then you had better call me one too. Also remember sexual depravity is
    not restricted to men so what of my wife – she never moved out the bed regardless of the
    number of kids trying to squeeze in SO what does this make her
    OTHER than a loving and caring Mother and Grandmother.

    A Just so story

    Rudyard Kipling

  37. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    الحمد لله الله يبشرك بالخير….. صج خبر ÙŠÙ?رح Ùˆ زين سوه Ù?يه الشيخ عبدالله…. Ù?شلنا هالمايكل جاكسون الله ÙŠÙ?شله Ùˆ اخرتها طالع لنا ببرقع Ù?ÙŠ محل عام حسبي الله عليه…. جهنم انشالله تاخذه اÙ?تكينا منه Ùˆ من رقعة ويهه:)

  38. anonymous says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    I’m sorry to hear about what happened, RK. No, that wouldn’t make you one of those people, but then again, MJ’s a bit of a special case. He believes he’s HEALING children by sleeping in bed with him, plus his spokeswoman (an insufferable harpy by the name of Raymone Bain) kept insisting that they slept in seperate beds (which as it turned out wasn’t the case). Also, there is the whole deal with him giving alcohol to minors which is even more suspect.

    As for Fox News, well, I don’t trust them to begin with, so I usually try verifying the stories myself from other sources. MJ’s departure was actually reported on a CNN show (one of MJ’s lawyers was on to discuss another case and that bit of news was brought up), a few days before Fox picked up on it.


  39. anonymous says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    Oh come on… do you *really* believe that MJ is the father to these kids? He is the adoptive father, that’s for sure. It has been in the media, in the States, that Debbie Rowe wants people to know that he isn’t the father, but nothing has been legalized, so to say. She wants these kids back, and I don’t blame her. If these kids were half African-American, you’d be able to tell it. I know because I have a niece and a nephew that are half and half. And they look African-American – like MJ used to look. Their hair is definitely NOT blonde and their skin is not ivory white, like his kids.

    MJ has made his own problems. Did he have a childhood filled with abuse, yes, he did, but that doesn’t excuse any of his actions. Honestly, I can hardly believe that he’s here in Bahrain or was here. For people to look past his actions, even though he was found innocent, and pretend that he is such a good father, makes me sick. For one, if he is, in the least bit, guilty of doing anything with little boys (which I believe he is), he SHOULD NOT be allowed to have children. Once a child molester, always a child molester.

    Don’t get me wrong, I used to love MJ. I used to watch him when he was a little boy w/ the Jackson 5, and have followed his career through the years, but when he started doing this stuff w/ boys, all of my views changed. It’s known that his father took him to strip clubs and such when he was a little boy, so who knows what happened to him as a child, but I do believe he has major problems. Hopefully, inshallah, nothing bad will happen here. I’m sure he’s minding his p’s and q’s.

    I think he was brought here to boost tourism for Bahrain, honestly. Anything to bring in the money. Now, in the States, anytime anyone mentions Bahrain, the first thing they say is, “oh, isn’t that where Michael Jackson lives”. And then they laugh. It is funny that Bahrain is so desperate to be noticed that they’ll bring a child molester to live on the island.

    Keep your little boys indoors!


  40. anonymous says:

    Re: Is Jackson off, finally?

    I believe that the family that took MJ to court actually were after his money. But… I still believe that MJ did some very unhealthy things w/ children. I don’t believe that just because the kids slept in a bed w/ him – a child molester does that make – but, it was all the other things that people said, including his housekeepers, parents, etc. And… what about the other cases that were settled *out of court* years ago. I guess it’s easier to pay things off rather than go to court and be depicted as a child molester.

    I endured years of sexual abuse from my brother and, later in life, during group counseling sessions, it was interesting to see what all constitutes as sexual molestation. The sweet little sex magazines that MJ had for the boys to look at, and the surfing of porno sites online for the children’s sake – well… these are acts of child molestation. So, even though he was found innocent, he is guilty in my book. Not to mention showering w/ these children – if it were his own children, that’s one thing, but that’s not the case.


  41. anonymous says:

    Is Jackson off, finally?

    Does anyone know where Michael went when he left Bahrain??

  42. Adel says:

    He’s still in Bahrain, and last month he knocked on an ex minister house at Saar asking if he want’s to sell it. Apparently the family invited him to stay for Dinner and they say they enjoyed his company tremendously. Don’t know if they have any kids though.

    Here’s why he was wearing a veil outside a Manama Mall.

  43. Anonymous says:

    hmmmm… what ex minister? al shoala?

  44. Adel says:

    The ones I know who live in Saar are Shola, Saif, and Juma.

  45. Wonders says:

    Adel, that’s an old internet-mistake/hoax. It’s notMJ.

    This track is off a CD by Yousef Islam (remember him? Cat Stevens). He made a compilation CD with his “friends” so I’m not sure exactly who was singing. It’s written by Zain Bhikha (who is actually South African. Look here:

    Here is a link to the real CD @ Amazon (see track 16):

  46. Anonymous says:

    I am a Black american and is tired of American, British and some of you’ll Bahrain people talking about Micheal Jackson. Maybe he is different, everybody is different. Bahrain culture is different from British, and America and vice a versa. Nothing bad was said about Micheal Jackson until he left Motown and went to Sony (Japanees company). A nationaltiy who say that blacks are white enemy. Some of them think we are white man enemy.(I don’t know where that came from). Sony didn’t help Micheal they gave him to the devil maybe the are still mad at blacks for fight with the white man against them. There is a Superior Spirit up there,I call my Jehoavh each and ever one of you’ll is going to answer to the Superior Spirit someday The only pefect person is up in heaven.
    Some of Micheal employee was Policeman they fill they could get away with anything, When his eye start opening , and seening they care about was the money. Ops! Here Joey Chandler. You never find out the truth. You never know who did whatthe Policeman fill they can do anything they want they is the law. Gavin told everybody nothing happen, they just keep picking on him and picking on him. The Teacher didn’t talk to the mother she send a Social worker who felt they could start up a case cause she didn’t speak good English at the time so she dummy but after Investigated it Social worker couldn’t find nothing wrong, they said then
    Prosecute who was trying to make up for the case he lost in 1993. Start saiding the Social Worker wasn’t doing there job.(They were black). Social Worker disappear quietly in the background knowing that they had did there job. They just want to take down a entertainer who was black and they felt he want to be white. The was going to show him, you are never going to be like us.

  47. angelo says:

    MJ is still in Bahrain 😉 that fOX nEWS Report as usual was a bunch of lame jokes… just like the story they published last week that claimed WMDs were found in Iraq (probably in US bunkers or something… :D)…

    bottom line.. i heard that MJ is still recording here… apparently he’s teamed up with WhooKid or something along those lines for a project happening during next year’s Bahrain

  48. Anonymous says:

    Word is he bought Raed Al Mardi house in Hamala, 250,000 sq ft

  49. Wolfwood says:

    Hello everyone, Wolfwood here with the quarterly (anti-) MJ tirade. I just had an awful lot of freetime this morning and saw that there are still posting in this thread, sooo here it is 😀

    Before he gets back to the studio, he’s still got more than a few cases pending and this time it’s not even related to child molestation charges. First off, he’s got to deal with his ex wife (and mother of two of his kids) and the fact that he apparently lied to the authorities to have new passports issued so that he can bring him here (their old ones held by the court till the custody battle is over). And there’s even talk of the court documents proving once and for all that they are NOT his biological children as he claims. Not that there’s anything wrong with adopted children but the fact he keeps saying that he’s the father is just as ridiculous as his excuses for his looks and other problems…

    Then there’s the recent trial that started last week re: his non payment of one of his former business partners (to which Jacko tried to weasel out of paying him by saying that he’s a porn producer…though I’m pretty sure MJ knew about that when entering into business with him and even gave him the rights to his unreleased 9/11 single. MJ, of course, kept the publishing rights to it and to his other charity songs he’s written, so he gets a good percent of the residuals rather than the charities themselves…and he’s set up lots over the years that don’t last long before being replaced).

    Oh, as for anyone who considers prosecuting MJ to be racially motivated, ask yourself this: are you defending him for his race or because he was once famous for some pretty good songs many, many years ago? Look at it this way, if it was Frank Sinatra, he’d still be defended despite his well publicized mob ties because there are people out there who have it in there heads that their own personal wellbeing is being threatened by anyone who tries to harm their idol. Try and look up any MJ fan sites and forums and you’ll find an awful lot of petty name calling as well as huge leaps in logic and reasoning to defend whatever chicanery he’s been up to recently, no matter how insipid it sounds. And it’s within these poor, deluded souls that some men, like the Rev. Jesse Jackson get their power. After all, didn’t he threaten to start race riots if poor widdle MJ was prosecuted by those mean, mean people who are trying to bring the brother down? Add a jury that should have been chosen better and he was free to come over here (thank you, Jermaine) and make us the butt of a number of jokes.

    Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson moved on and has gotten himself involved in the Duke Lacrosse Team Rape trial and has announced that even if the accuser was truthful about the incident (and she has contradicted her own statements an awful lot), he’d make sure to collect the necessary funds to put her through college. At this point, words fail me, so here are a few choice articles to keep us updated as to our “guest’s” wherabouts:,2933,199236,00.html#1,2933,199423,00.html#1,2933,199071,00.html#1,2933,200039,00.html#1

  50. angelo says:

    out here some people flip on Fox News to have a laugh 😀

  51. Anonymous says:

    MJ looking for a house in Europe he just can’t stand in heat in Bahrain anymore, am surprised he lasted as long as he did.

  52. moclippa says:

    Im melting IM MELTING!!!!

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