Al-Fanan’s Radio

18 Feb, '06

Listen to Hashim Al Alawi’s original music compositions. Music that touches your soul and takes you to another world. A beautiful mixture of Arabic, Ambient, and Experimental music brought to you directly from the Artist himself. I’ll be posting some of my music here, you’ll find clips from my previous two albums, Desert Beat and Theraputica, as well as few songs that I’ve worked on during the past few years. You’ll be able to find more of my recent work from my studio’s website.
Alfanan’s Radio

I met Hashim over a year ago when he returned to Bahrain from the States, we discussed a few audio requirements he had in mind and he told me of the equipment he already had while studying in the States.

Since then I haven’t spoken to him much, so it is a very nice surprise to learn that he has established his audio studio and is doing well through another Bahraini artist, our own novelist Ali Al-Saeed.

I’ve been browsing his site as well and am very impressed by his music abilities and some of the excerpts he has generously put up for us to enjoy. He could easily create complete podcasts with the wonderful environmental fusion he has created and I think he will be very successful with his art. has a nice write-up about Hashim’s first album:

Born in Manama, Bahrain, Alfanan started playing music at the age of 6. After coming to Texas to further his studies, he composed and produced his first album, Desert Beat, at the age of 20. He now resides in Lewisville, Texas, where he is composing and producing his own music, as well as producing music for local artists. His first solo album was mainly distributed in the Middle East, but has gained critical acclaim since October 1999 through the Internet, mainly on and The album has consistently maintained a high ranking on the top 40 charts in both the world music and ambient genre classifications. Alfanan’s album delivers the intellects of all cultures into one world through the words of music. You will not be able to escape from this journey.

The first part of the album captures you with its Arabic and contemporary beats, hypnotic rhythms, and soothing melodies. The second part of the album, he says, “takes your mind on a psychedelic musical journey”. The third part of the album includes a couple of Arabic songs that he wrote and composed.

Articles and reviews have been written about his music including an article in the November 2000 issue of Sada magazine (an Arabic magazine), the February 2001 issue of Electronic Musician magazine, and in an upcoming issue of The Sound magazine.

as for his second album, Theraputica, this is what another reviewer said about it:

“This music is deep and rich, often morphing Middle-Eastern themes and traditional instrumentation with modern electronics and effects. Hashim is a producer and musician with a magnificent ear whose music creates multiple moods and dazzles the spirit. Get comfortable and listen with patience, you are certain to be satisfied,”’s review

Please do visit his site and enjoy his offerings. I’ve also added his blog to the aggregator.

Ali, thanks for mentioning him in your post and good luck to you too on your film project. Let me know if I can help in any way.

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  1. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Al-Fanan’s Radio

    May I note that Lewisville is the northern part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (and not too far from where Bonnie & Clyde robbed banks in Grapevine). Isn’t it interesting that Hashim found his music groove in Dallas, Texas?



  2. mahmood says:

    Re: Al-Fanan’s Radio


    He found more than that, but I’ll let him fill us in.

    As for me, it was Meacham Field that let me soar, but not into buildings fortunately!

  3. [deleted]0.95776700 1099323586.392 says:

    Re(1): Al-Fanan’s Radio


    Did you know Meacham Field featured an aircraft factory, a tiny one, that has been manufacturing vintage aircraft from original plans? They started out making Me-262s, going bankrupt and being revived. The idea was to sell them for a million bucks a copy to folks to fly at airshows. I wouldn’t mind seeing an Me-262 flying.

    Anyway, my point is Dallas just makes everyone better.


  4. mahmood says:

    Re(2): Al-Fanan’s Radio

    And I can even scream Yeeeaaaahhhoooow in a good accent when I approach Billy Bob’s! (not sure if it’s still goin

  5. anonymous says:

    Al-Fanan’s Radio

    Cool, so basically, Hashim managed to “party” with the best in Big D. Brings back memories….doesn’t it YALL ?.

    Thr Ram of the Manam aka: Big R in Big D

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