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18 Feb, '06

A neat module designed by John Cox, it grabs the tags from an account over the last week and automatically enters them as an article in a Xaraya site. I might as well make this another feature, so how about sharing these tags every Saturday morning?

Shared bookmarks for user mahmood

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  1. moron99 says:

    My bookmarks for this week

    heh, I am surprised it still works. My modules usually don’t stand the test of time after I finish playing with them;)

  2. mahmood says:

    Re: My bookmarks for this week

    To tell you the truth John, I’ve been meaning to use it for a long time, just didn’t get around to it. Now I have and it worked as advertised! Thanks.

  3. chalk66x says:

    My bookmarks for this week

    Ive been using things you have had a hand in for a long time John and they all still work better than my Ford 🙂


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