Spring of Culture

26 Feb, '06

This is the first time that I remember something like this is to happen in Bahrain; a month packed with cultural events: music, poetry, dance, art exhibits and theatre all happening back-to-back in breath-taking venues all around Bahrain.

I will do my best to attend as many as I could, especially the Jazz, Tango Flamenco, Hanin Y Son Cubano and the Huroof exhibit at Dar Al-Bareh Art Gallery. I know that Frances and the children would like to join me for some of the activities and it would be a pleasure to have their company.

These events, to me at least, are actually much more important than the Formula One! So it won’t be too hard to choose which event to actually go to… I’ll make sure that I record the F1 though to watch it at a later stage!

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  1. Ahmed O. says:


    Guys you are lucky in Bahrain .. I was following up the news of this event till I got a chance to visit the website (which was well done) and Gosh!!
    Mahmoud Darweish.. Marceal Khalifa .. Tango .. Turkish dance group .. Mohammed Khatami .. etc!

    Maybe you already read about what happened in Riyadh books fair on Friday when some people started shouting at a presenter in one of the events taking place during the books fair!.

    I guess many of these events will be attended by Saudis and other Arabs living in Saudi. I am not sure I’ll be able to attend coz I’ll be busy with classes!

    Enjoy March in Bahrain!:)

  2. Defenately go to Hanin! Lucky you!
    Enjoy the festivities, I think you’re giving me reasons to come to Bahrain..

  3. Rebecca says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Roba says:

    Sounds great.. I absolutely love the logo.

  5. tooners says:

    Aaahhh, tango and jazz – we’d like to see this too. What is Hanin Y Son Cubano?

    Beautiful logo!

  6. Khalidah says:

    Wallah that sounds fun, wish I could attend some of these 😀

  7. Augurwell says:

    The International Freedom Festival in Detroit/Windsor is one of the most fun times a person can have. It takes place in the first week of July and the Jazz is fantastic with the largest fireworks in North America and food from every culture imaginable. Have fun Mahmood. Wish I was there.

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